Looks like the whales are keeping all the HORSE for themselves


8m market cap + divedens. See you on the moon user

the hell is this supposed to be, a shill post? try again you monkey

My first attempt. No good?

I have a serious concern about HORSE. If dividends are given quarterly... wouldn't that mean that there could potentially be a huge dump every quarter right after dividends go out? Just a thought.

I hold HORSE btw not FUD

>8m market cap
f u c k y o u

look at coin market cap. notice the pattern faggot?

I got 40k HORSEs during the dip

I was going to buy in but then I realized you don't get a horse to sell people. I liked cryptokitties better.

hey fuckass, I don't see what the charts have to do with anything considering the coins aren't giving dividends yet. So all I notice is that you are a solid gold bitch.

>solid gold bitch
steady goes it partner

Just gets cycled on IDEX. It’s a volume trap imo.

Thanks, I think I'm going to dump my bags. Shit seems sketchy

Why would there be a dump? you get paid in ethereum.

Mainnet is launching in a few days and you're going to dump your bags now? lmao.

Your reaction tells me it is the perfect time

If you sell your bags now, I just get to buy at a cheaper price before it doubles within a week.

what is this shitcoin. looks full on dodge. pajeet scam!

This is the best fucking gambling coin to date. I have some but would buy more if it dips

can't wait for the fomo in a week or two

Price predictions?