It's time to end ICO scams once and for all

It's time to end ICO scams once and for all.

With thots.

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I want to eat the one in the middle's asshole

I actually like the sound of this project! sketchy as fuck but let's be honest if it is a scam and they run off with our money it'd be a pretty smart way to do it.

I'll rape them if they do it
they're all in LA

I doubt it’s a scam but it would be funny if it was. How the fuck do I join this presale? Is it over?
they got rid of the pre-sale form but I got in late by emailing them kek

If we rated ICOs based on how hot their marketing director is, this would get a 7/10 from me

How much have they raised already?

3 > 1 > 2

just under 27 ETH

No fuckin way these sorority whores are running their own shit.

I’d do some unmentionables to those brappers. Srs

Looks like everyone who’s sending ETH gets tokens no matter what. What would happen if I just sent them ETH? Would I get in for presale price?

Idk who the other 2 whores are lol
one in the middle is the marketing thot
I wouldn't risk it

Probably lol

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Center: I want to tongue punch her fart box
Right: I want to shove things inside her mouth

Blue Jew Nose

...why is he horny

this is the correct order and dubs confirm

i really think we need to retire the nose meme and create some dope ass shark memes

4 million hours in photoshop

The shark that eats pajeets


replace the blood with shit and you're golden

This indeed works

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Wtf. Is this real?

of course not you daft cunt

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