Investing 3k, help me choose

So I’m investing 3k soon and thinking about going like this:

25% in each ETH and NEO
25% in promising low coin (possibly enigma)
25% in shitcoin (rank > 200) like trinity for gains

Help me out, what do you think? Open for all suggestions

ain't nobody shitting on this?

Trinity is insanely low right now

Never heard of it, will google

yea that's what I think. Getting some for 750$ should be a good chance of making some x5-x10 I think

Just using the 1.5k in ETH/NEO cuz in my eyes they're pretty safe

I bought as soon as it entered the market at 22 cents, rode it to 40ish, rode it all the way back down. I'm fairly certain this is the lowest it'll go unless a bear rapes us

yea right I feel so too this is just a damn good price for a good project. What do you think eoy for this?

I am 50% down on it because i forgot to sell.

>(rank > 200) like trinity
Back to elementary school

are you drunk?

I should be so I could find your idiocy humorous instead of sad.

god damn community college fuck you're poor education makes me wanna kms

213 > 200 user

No > means "above" and if you look at CMC Trinity is clearly BELOW 200
Fucking brainlet

50% neo 25% eth 25% eng

Stop studying fucking philosophy you damn hippy do some business

So, 9>7 is read as '9 is greater than 7'. The less than symbol is

100% LINK btw all in

It's literally pink. This is clearly an omen for the coming wojaks.

I never was good at math. How could symbols carry meaning beyond what words can describe?

>you're poor education

user, I...

hot damn, subtle

I already fell for the link meme Veeky Forums brother - got around 500 bucks in link really my most uncomfortable hold

don't worry I studied business and am miserable with this decision. would prefer to do something else desu

At least you can make money, whenever I'm broke life is a bit worse.

just remember the symbol always points to the smaller number