REQ bro's, how fuckin' comfy are you?

>t. All in with 40k REQ

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still got 35k tokens since ico

im not really comfy anymore, seeing this go from over a dollar to less than 30 cents has taken a toll on me. at least my linkies recovered for fucks sake

Buying REQ was the worst decision of my life.

30k from ico, never sold
70k REQ in total comfy af

Mainnet is just around the corner. REQ is a sleeping giant ready to take off. Most undervalued project in crypto..

35k pretty comfy, bought at the bottom

you mom giving birth to you was the worst decision of her life

Sold on the spike the other day, waiting on a good entry point. I have a feeling this week's update is gonna suck, so I'm fine with waiting a little while.

Sold my position recently for btc right before that req pump. Waiting for 2500 sats and getting back in. Hodl strong bros.

You should get in for the pre-news pump. This is a good entry point, shouldn't go below 2800 sats.

I love REQ as an idea but even when mainnet releases it needs people to actually use it for it to matter - we need adoption. otherwise it's useless

Same simply because it seems like they're conducting an AMA because they have nothing of value to add at this point

imo quite the contrary. They're doing a AMA on fagdit on March 2, basically to provide definitive answers to kill ALL fud in the wild. There's only 1-2 updates left between this one and mainnet. They're seriously gonna go ham. Doubt we'll ever see this price level again. For real. I dont normally say this shit

I sold the little bit of REQ that I bought at 70 cents yesterday to buy more ZCL on the 'dip'.


Got it for below ICO price but was fed with this shit coin and sold it for NANO. It was the best decision ever.

The embodiment of Veeky Forums. Congrats on this, seriously.

Just hodl until mainnet, shit is gonna fly, My hodl for this month at least after I rode the VEN train.

Just trying to get a 10k stack before mainnet release.
Please stay low for a little while!

Got out on .00039 avg, looking to get in at .00031.
Im pretty sure it will bleed out further like it always does

300k REQ
the waiting drives me crazy to be honest

All in on REQ since 11c. Ever since crypto took a shit i've just stopped being so obsessed with crypto and only check prices maybe once a day. I don't care too much about trading and I was never going to sell before $5 anyway so i'm pretty comfy

What's the realistic price expectation by EOY? 5-10 dollars?

Everyone's saying this will dip further means that it most likely won't. Early mainnet rumours, AMA, bi-weekly update. It's to pump either today or tomorrow.

Triple dubs. Your gonna be loaded and heavily rewarded for being patient. The prophecy is real.

Hi everyone. I hope this isn't flagged as begging because it's certainly not what I'm wanting to do. Recently my family's home was intentionally burnt down by some deranged youth, and whilst nobody was hurt, all of our possessions, photo memories and important items have perished. We are currently staying at a friend of my father's and we have not stopped crying since.

If you'd be willing to help us, feel free to donate here >

We thank you with all our hearts.

Just sent 100k memories to that address Kaitlin.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

REQ $11 EOY.

give me proof and i will send 1k no joke

How is this not begging exactly?

Hello guys i dont want to beg but i have an ingrown hair on my left nut and I just might lose it, pls send eth 0x31bb37cd31b5b1dc47d95acdba338c0ce73b3b34

Post a pic and I will send 0.0001 ETH

10$-20$ in my opinion.
5$ around August-September, then with adoption and token burning mechanism, it will skyrocket.
I predict a peak of 20-25$ until it bleeds to 10-15$

comfy as fuck with 24k req. this will make me rich before i know it.

>pay $.30 in gas to send $.10 in ETH

Post your father's friend's address and I'll send some of my family's old photos. They're nice, my sister is a cunt but pretty photogenic still.

Coinbase kill Req

Move to $LINK


based on? fucking absurd prediction made while making poopoo

why is it absurd you fucking child?

Shoo pajeet


trip dubs checked. yeah honestly this dip has made me just check crypto once a day max, just too boring to obsess over it anymore. can the bull run start already? The weak hands have been shaken out by now, what are the bogs waiting for