Anyone holding this coin in 2018 will make it.

how many do i need to become millionaire sir?

Pls sir buy amb. Will make you rich sir.

Have 645.
Am I going to make it?

sir. better than weltom amd cen sir. buy pls sir.

well if you make it i'll be more than twice as rich as you.

Sold of my Ven for this before the Rebrand feel like this could be the next supply chain hype train only 70mm marketcap easy 3x until top 100.

plz buy my bags sir, i promise i'm not a streetshitter named pajeet...

Indian name pls sir

Im 25% OMG 75% AMB
I might sell OMG for it, I'm up 30% on it.


14k stack, lots of good shit happening in the next 6 weeks.


Going all-in if it drops under 4k, which may very well be possible if btc continues its upward momentum

ITT: faggots who bought at $1 and want to dump their bags.

I bought at 0.5$


I've been looking at this token for a while and I don't really understand the point of it. Someone shill it on me good enough and maybe I'll dump $1000 into it.

amb's a good hodl, but i wouldnt put 75% of my folio on it, t.b.h.

Yes of course, them sweet 0% gains.


how many amb for a masternode?

they're releasing the token economic model in spring. we just know masternodes are confirmed