***NEW TOP 100 WALLET***

***NEW TOP 100 WALLET***

>720,405 LINK bought from Binance last night.

These guys sold but are buying back now, so it looks like they sold high and are buying low.

>612,823 LINK
>36k bought from Binance

>600k bought from Binance

>56k bought from Binance

All of these changes were in the last 12 hours.
I'll be back, Veeky Forums.

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>sold high buying low
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Additional observations:

#91 sold 600k a week ago, so he still has to buy back some 550k to have successfully sold high and bought low, while #69 and #70 have successfully increased their stacks already.

based top 100 link wallets poster


My wallet is in this thread.
I am just accumulating. Fuck off.

Show us proof and send yourself 1337 coins.

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91, 70 or 69? I’m watching you.

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#91 Veeky Forums confirmed

Is he the one with the weak fud?

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I'd advise against it. We're all link marines and link marines never die.

you switching ip's or something?


This, there is literally no reason for this guy to get a trip. If you don't want to be anonymous, use reddit.


How many are you Hodling?

Godspeed. These threads are amazing.

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I have 180k which puts me about 205, I think. Now I feel like it's competitive. I want to be top 100, dammit!

It becomes harder and harder to reach top 100 as more new wallets appear. Quite a few new top 100 wallets have appeared in the last 2 weeks. For my future reference, the threshold for the top 100 is now 418080. You have to consider that some people might split their funds between multiple wallets, which inflates the number. So there are likely to be fewer than 100 people holding 100 wallets.

I only have 11k, feels bad man.

>this thread again
>mfw only 70k link

I have 60k

Where would that put me? I'm ok still being in the top 1000

could someone briefly explain what this thread is about? Thanks

who are

everyone else is < 1% excluding the founders who have that 65% premine

i have 14k user. what do you think your wallet will be worth eoy?

It's about a trap loving obese russian teenager named Sergey

You are doing god's work


Feels bad to have 11 million in a year

checked bros. 11k here too.
If we're in a bull market by year-end, anywhere from $20 to $150 is a probable scenario
$200 to $1,000 is possible, but a lot of things need to align for that to happen.
Just content yourselves in knowing that you're probably gonna make at least a year's worth of salary by basically not buying into FUD

$35bn market cap is not a stretch; total market cap is so thin, there's probably only $50bn of actual fiat in the market right now. So I think we'll see $2 to $5 Trillion market cap by 2019, and LINK at $35bn to $350bn market cap isn't so crazy at that point

Fuck you, Ill just find out myself

Binance cold wallet and one of the original dev wallets


You can check where your wallet is on etherscan

It's about this etherscan.io/token/tokenholderchart/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca

This user is correct , in a previous thread I showed how 0xf37c348b7d19b17b29cd5cfa64cfa48e2d6eb8db distributed funds to two new top 100 wallets.

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What do these link whale movements mean though? We're not seeing the infamous institutional investors foretold by AB are we?

35k is top 1000

so you monitor how the top 100 players play the game and use that in favor of your strategy. Me rikey... heres my favorite webm as a thanks.

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I don't think institutions would trade, so those are probably just wealthy individuals.

Any instance where it's a new wallet, or an old wallet that's suddenly acquired more LINK, it's more likely to be an institutional buyer. A new wallet could also be someone splitting their funds into several wallets. But where the transfers come straight from Binance it has to be a simple purchase.

I don't know what the movements from the dev wallet mean, because their previous transfers ended up on Binance eventually, so it could just be one of the advisers selling in a roundabout way, rather than a deal with the CL team.

Frankly none of us except the wallet owners know for sure what any of it means though. We can only logically reason what it might mean.

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I monitor them because I'm obsessive and pathetic.

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My wallet is in this thread.
I am just accumulating. Fuck off.

Don’t read too much into it. Just because it pops up a new wallet with >500k, it’s not necessarily «insider info» or institutional investors.
I have a top 50 wallet, and I don’t know shit. (Except $1000 EOY ofc)

Will you donate some link if I make a dank link meme?


Hey this one I'm working on is taking a lot longer than I anticipated and now that I'm balls deep in it I can't quit. Figured I might be able to beg for some compensation.

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What % of Chainlink is on exchanges?

This is everyone's reality fag. It is called getting older and most people don't realize it until they are 30.

this why the (((elite))) and the (((powers that be))) are into occultism, and metaphysical pursuits. Imagine being ultra trillionare, so rich that by your twenties youve had sex with the most beautiful women all over the world, tasted the best dishes, visited the best tourist destinations, and now what?
Now what? Such a meaningless existance.





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I have 11k too man. Don't be sorry. It's a good hodl.
>$60 EOY ? That's two zeros from now. Check'em maybe ?

Retard, there's a difference between peaking at 26/27 and peaking at fucking 15. Imagine instead of a steady stream of new desires and pursuits and goals, the absolute best thing EVER happened in a singular instant when you were a kid. Getting older is shit for everyone, but this kid basically lost a decade of fun.

Been working on it since Saturday, it better be good. It was an ambitious project, and now I'm in too deep on it. I get the feeling that the subtlety and effort that's going into it will be completely lost on everyone. The level of detail I'm putting into it is completely unnecessary as most of the details will go unnoticed.


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I'm interested

I only have 1k linkies. I'm not going to make it.

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Doing god's work as always op, always interesting to read your observations, once again, unironically keep at it & don't let the autism levels dip

It's hard to believe any FUD when whales are getting half a million worth of linkies at these prices. Since there is zero liquidity if Link tanked they wouldn't be able to sell. Doesn't make sense that they are accumulating to dump afterwards but perhaps I'm a brainlet and missing something

>speaking about whales
>not a brainlet

Idk I have the same thought. Even for multimillionaires 500k is a sizable chunk

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Dubs confirm Linkies survive WW3

you think this could be something to do with info on masternode creation? maybe a dividend announcement similar to NEO and GAS?

whales getting in early to the party maybe?

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