XLM cucks

Where is the bottom?

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No one gives a shit about this or Ripple. LN will blow it the fuck out.

in the mud huts of nigeria

They'll reach the bottom when the devs run out of xlm to give to niggers. I had a bag which I made a small profit off of when I dumped that shit when I heard the news. People who invest in social justice retardation and african aid gibs deserve to lose money.

I just jumped out at -$250 fuck this shit coin. I'm never looking back

I got in at 365, got prerry deluded so sold 3800 only. Will rebuy at 1500 or thereabouts. Really enjoying this fud lads.

>selling at a loss
Never going to make it.

post FUD

free XLM giveaways to niggerland

make people research if it's happening

DYOR results in positive future for XLM

make people buy XLM

nice reverse FUD pajeets

XLM is manipulated AF
There is a 20BTC sell wall on buttrex which is never touched. It’s been moving since yesterday at least

Truth. Same here, slight loss. Not gonna hold that shit though.

just sold this piece of shit at a 15% loss, i don't even care if it moons. nothing but DOWN since the sjw blogs

> buy high sell low
Big whales thank you weak hands user

yes don't buy this its awful and I'm not done accumulating

Waiting for another bump
>t 10k bag holder

yeah i don't care, it was only a stack of 1000 anyway. glad to be out of it and can put that into something good

LN also works for stellar

What is good rn?

thats happening if you stay with marketing only coin

wtc, eng, amb, etc

post more fud please

I’m considering killing myself because I lost 15000$ because of this piece of shitcoin. Anyone to convince me not to?

Unless you sold you're guaranteed to make your money back if you just HODL.

If you did sell meh, it's only money.

why do so many retards blame the coin for their retardation? Is it because you're retarded?

I bought XLM when it was around 550 sats
Then it dropped to the 300 sats range during BTC bull run in December.
But I held it with my iron hands.

Be patient user!

top kek it will only bleed. Wait untill you are completly BLACKED and you will commit sudoku

loosing $500 makes me want to kill myself

You should be happy knowing your money went to niggers in Africa that got xlm for free
It's your white male privilege to fund niggers

>its fucking dead
>shitcoin lmao

Around this time last year Veeky Forums said the same thing about XRP and I bought anyway and made a crapton of money. So yeah I'm buying more XLM because I dont care about the cucks in charge of the coin, I care about the potential the coin has to buy me lambo's and hookers. Which is a lot imo

Well i lost 250$ of my initial investment and already feel bad, but i would never kill myself since all coins are going to moon hard very soon.

XLM is shit for niggers but it will 4 or 5x the value this year so dont kill yourself yet.

0.000000000000000000000000001 after they gib them all away

all this low level FUD makes me want to put even more money into XLM.

Don't worry boys, we goin to the moon after the rest of the 80% total supply is given away to niggers in africa.

when the market goes down, XLM goes down with it

when the market goes up, XLM hardly goes up at all

what did he mean by this?



bottom is 1500 sats I guess. I am not selling my 300k though, its in cold storage collecting free inflation lumens. I will buy more at 1500 before the next bull run to new ATH, probably around when fairx launches in a couple months

Is your life only worth 15,000 to you? If you were accused of a serious crime you didn't commit, you'd spend way more than 15,000 on a lawyer to defend yourself. It's not that much money, but the circumstances around losing it are what make you hate yourself. Fuck all that. It's just money.

$100 eoy for sure


>Hodling like a cuck
Biggest meme ever

Sad to see people investing in this instead of things like Cardano.

yeah what a shame, I mean come on-- why are you investing in XLM that actually has utility and a working product? everyone knows you go all in on hopes and promises like ADA

>tfw sold at a 5% loss
not even mad, fuck this shitcoin


>make people research if it's happening

It's on Stellar.org. That's literally the source of the "FUD".

Enjoy funding the "more inclusive digital economy"


making you rich is not its utility

didn't say it was, but clever way to twist words-- kind of sloppy though, if I'm being honest. if you're trying to outwit a sociopath, you best clean up your act. You want elegance; nothing shoddy with holes in it. But, the utility I was referring to was the facilitation between cross border payments for the fraction of a penny. Nice try though. You'll learn, kid.

>outwit a sociopath

he already did by not letting his money touch XLM

goddamn what a fucking edgelord

Not all sociopaths are intelligent, as you just demonstrated.

We’re all sociopaths here.

Top kek
They give lumens if you build project on their network

post more fud
I'll tell you guys when I'm done accumulating

The giveaway to Africa was not charity or politics or whatever. That's just the spin they put on it for free pr, magnified by all of the people it triggered. The real reason is that African banks etc. are shit and Africans use alternative methods of payment including shit like paying by text. If they want this to catch on, giving people free coins is a good way to do that, it's the same way banks often give a bonus for signing up. It's easier for this type of thing to catch on in developing countries.
It's a big gamble but if it pays of it would be huge
t. not even in this coin

>millions of indivduals

source: stellar.org/about/mandate/

this. cryptoniggers gonna make me rich with XLM. I for one am glad /pol/ will miss out, kek

Yes they gave token to xrp and btc hodlers when they created stellar
But you won’t receive free tokens anymore user

It's on the very image in the post you are replying to. The amount to be distributed among individuals is 50% of the total supply.

It’s 50% of the token allocated to the sdf program

and the sdf is only 95% of the total supply

Here is raw footage of XLM's future performance. I have come from the year 2020.

Lad I'd hate to have to say it but don't you think that doubting a coin's success based only on the fact that it uses an autistic rocket as its logo and ignoring any gains it achieves might just lose you money? It doesn't matter to me what the logo is because I think all of them are shitty attempts at digital art that I could shit out on paint.net in 10 minutes, all I care about is what they make. If a shitcoin I don't like is making gains and I have reason to believe it might do so for a little while, hell, I'll buy.

Have you tried to subscribe to the direct signup program?
I bet you haven’t. Because you can’t. And average boubakar and fatous can’t neither.
As far as I know they give a few tokens to people attending to their events
At the end I x10 my initial investment and it will at least x4 as soon as fairx is released
You should buy the dip user instead of spreading fake FUD

>Have you tried to subscribe to the direct signup program?

No, because it's currently closed. More to come (pic already posted, last sentence )

>As far as I know they give a few tokens to people attending to their events

Why don't you do some research instead of relying on what little you know?

>fake FUD

Again, the information is from their website.