Dead coin i guess?

dead coin i guess?
i remember when it was shilled hard, and it hasn't moved up for like 2 months now
thank god i never listen to biz

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Remember when they revived a dead project and had an uncapped ICO where they said "the more money you give us the more we'll do?"
My only regret is that anyone made money off this piece of shit.

It moved... downwards. But it was up by a lot anyway. Dragonchain will organically grow.

It's not dead. They have a new office and shit there's pics out there. Doesn't mean it's worth fuck all it's still a shitcoin but it's not dead yet.

This is a good af coin. All coins haven't moved up in 2 months lmao.

ICO's for USA
Brilliant HQ position
Disney ties
Only exchange is pretty much KuCoin

This is a fucking gold mine. I can already imagine it getting pushed to $10 if they do a news piece on it like they did Ripple

This is my 2018 retirement coin.

This is literally a feel good normie coin.


This is textbook normie coin that additionally has value to us USA coin dudes because it will allow us to legally partake in US ICO'S. Just drop like what $150 and get like 100 or so DRGN and you will undoubtedly get a x3 within 2 months.

>Disney ties

I have it for two reasons;
1) When normie money comes in they'll love the Disney shit.
2) Dragon Slumber Score is going to be so worth it. ONE solid ICO and I'll make a fuck ton with my DSS.

It probably won't have anything like a moon until September (when they have their Seattle blockchain conference). Dragon is the closest Americans have to the NEO model: "Ethereum for Business." It has first mover advantage, and right now it's the only game in town. If you can't handle making a speculative investment and waiting a year or five to see what happens to the company, then you should be day trading, not buying into nascent companies.

It does have Disney ties there is no implication. Just look at the website for like 10 seconds

>betting against Disney
how retarded do you have to be?
not buying into a Disney project would be like passing on Amazon or Google stock

They'll be releasing ICOs (hopefully good ones, nothing has looked great yet) throughout the year and have over 400 in the pipeline.
Plus mainnet starts selective rollout in March based on slumber scores.

Almost everything's dead moron

OP the market has been dead for the past 2 months you dipshit. This coin is not dead and will have its day in the sun once again. You must have the patience of a gnat.

you should buy link though

Thanks Veeky Forums. Everytime I see someone posting a thread about a "dead" coin, I go take a look. Incredibly active development and community, nice project, and really cheap price. I think I'll buy.

Most people on the board realize that shilling is a reverse indicator and so is FUD...

Make sure you move it off the exchange to generate DSS for rewards in their ICOs.

>bought at $1.80
>sold at $4.50
forgot about this coin completely senpai. lmao if you didn't sell when it was around $5. enjoy your bags

Every coin shilled on this board destined to die. This is a place where bagholders and pajeets dump their shit on newfags. Prove me wrong you can't.

>muh eth shilled here when it was $10.

It's shilled as much as anywhere. Just come here for lulz and nothing else biz bro.

yeah shitcoin confirm. CEO is a NEET.

woaah, TWO MONTHS, man you are one keeper. I guess you 'd have died of boredom if you had waited 6 years for BTC to reach its current level.

Fucking millenials.