Anyone else bought ITC? The chinese IOTA. Binance coming this spring

Anyone else bought ITC? The chinese IOTA. Binance coming this spring.

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this doesn't need to be shilled
stay quiet and comfy, user

booght, but not sure if comfy, looks promising

Delete this

Dude don't shill this

Its not the chinese iota. Its a whole different tech. They combine dag with blockchain.

does this have no transfer fees as well

IoT Chain is tier 3
CPChain is tier 1
also enjoy your bags this shit is going nowhere.

This coin is absolute garbage, can't believe I fell for this hype.

No thanks Jared

Someone please shill this coin

Kind of the point of DAG desu

no shill
buy cpchain

uh wait.. t-this video isn't amazing??

>Opens door
>And here's Mom who works in the closet
>Shuts door

Does any new coin even do anything in the market we're in? seems like all they do once they're listed is get dumped to hell since the ICO holders release their bags


>binance coming this spring
>binance would list a copy cat coin and not the original

Just buy INT and not one of the 2 copy's ITC/CPC

I wish we had pajeet shiller army. I am bagholder

keep stroking that angry horsecock, user

This is even worse, lets just face it. Chinks can't do anything

Yeah you are even more fucked than us with your fake partnerships and 350 mil circ suply ( in the whitepaper it says so )