Come to this board so i can join the wealthy class

>come to this board so i can join the wealthy class
>fall for the link meme magic
>lose all my fucking money

Because you decided to trust in a pajeet coin

In Link We Trust

Based user buying high selling low

>fell for the drumpf meme and the LINK meme

Good goy

How can you lose money on LINK? Wait, did you sell already? Before there were use cases and a product launch? Lmao

You came to this board for the wrong reason. We are here to make others loose money and make meme's off it. Thank your stars you didn't become a meme.

It's time to cut your losses.

>votes for Trump because muh meme magic
>gets fucked
>buys LINK because muh meme magic
>gets fucked

What's next?

/pol/ and linkies are stinking up this board.

It's not even doing that bad right now user. That said, if you were expecting 1000 EOY I have bad news for you.

Just saw a thread on /v/

ty for the monies

Given that you're a MAGA, have you considered that you enjoy being buttfucked by idiots despite ample evidence that you were a stooge? Is it a humiliation thing? Masochism?

HAHAHAHAHA holy shit, /v/ is so mad

>implying half the board wasn't made up of /pol/ regulars in the first place
>implying that the numerous users coming out as /pol/lacks isn't the merely result of the meme magic and all the /pol/+Veeky Forums friendship threads and they weren't just here the whole time

That's the problem. OP still thinks getting buttfucked is "winning".


Hey if he's into getting pegged by fat old men who want to use him up for his money that's his business, it isn't my ass/wallet getting reamed.

grab em by the boipussi

Don't worry man trickle down economics is going to help you survive with just enough to continue your pathetic life.

i come here to see what not to buy. ez

literally no way to lose money on LINK unless you bought at SIBOS and sold at 15 cents like a cuck or something.

>buying coins based on repeating digits
getting 77777777 get was not that impressive when you realize that 85% of the board was spamming link

anyone who doesn't get this doesn't understand probability.

you deserve to lose all your money.


Fucking retards pls kys

> thinks saving the white race and western civilization
> thinks we're getting fucked
Ask me how I know you're a subhuman