Which one should I put my money on?
I think OMG is the bigger coin and will be the new NEO but I feel REQ has more room to grow

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Omg now, req in 6 months

Look at the J curve for alts

OMG. REQ is a shitcoin.

If REQ reaches OMG's market cap you will have x10'd your investment.
Just let that sink in for a moment.

REQ, obviously. DYOR though, but REQ has a lot more short term potential rn.

REQ mainnet in the next few weeks. What does omg offer in that timeframe?


both are good but REQ is better right now

REQ is a joke. Has any of you even read what it's all about? Protip: that is called wishful thinking.

OMG is a useless token.
Pic very related.


yeah this also, 2x for req = 192mil > 392mil
2x for omg = 2bil to 4bil.
now which is a more feasible situation?

How is it wishful thinking to believe corporations and governments will want to save millions, billions, or possibly trillions of dollars? The REQ concept is simple, but they're the first to apply it to decentralized blockchains. Eventually, all payment platforms will need to migrate to compete. Please enlighten me as to how what they're doing is "wishful thinking" any more than literally ANY project in the crypto space? The only chance they fail is if the idea of decentralized blockchain disappears altogether.

What pathetic FUD.

damn that FUD is just terrible, lol

OMG literally mooning right now

REQ going sideways, meh

Why does everyone say OMG will. Be 100$$ if you say it's impossible :/

So your conclusion is to buy high and sell low like the Veeky Forums way?

REQ it is.

Are you braindead?

Guys these REQ bags are getting heavy, why is it the only coin that is loosing sat value now?

>New NEO

Motherfucker we haven't even seen much more than speculation on potential from the old NEO! Why do we need a new one already?

OMG 2x seems more feasible.

That's every coin though

Such a stupid fucking argument. Market cap fags are the worst.

OMG just broke 0.5 fib from its ATH, fag, learn to read charts. Major support line for a moon mission

but you could do both

When is OMG implementing their skateboards to the Blockchain?

OMG has absolutely nothing in common with NEO not sure why anyone would make that comparison

Will I make it

>but I feel REQ has more room to grow
>implying it would grow


>deep in the sea of OMGoyim
>Not an argument in sight

Probably because noone cares to change your opinion brainlet. Stay poor. OMG doesn't need shilling.

>Probably because noone cares to change your opinion brainlet.

dude I bought $30k omg at 40cents. I have no need to explain myself to a sub 20 IQ savage. Stay poor, goy

>dude I bought $30k omg at 40cents.
I truly hope you sell before it crashes back down to 5$.

I hope you are FUDing in pourpose, if not you are one dumb motherfucker

up vote

lmaoing at your life


is 850 enough to make it bros?

half a million dollars in one year, my dude

OMG is one of the most overpriced white papers in history. No product. No proven development. Just TRX tier marketing gimmicks.

REQ is a total sleeper.

I learnt about crypto in November so it was already too late for me to make it with OMG even if I bought back then

babby's first FUD

Just buy OMG and wait your 100x then.

>Muh marketcap meme.
Stay pink when you dont hold any OMG for 2018.

OMG 1000$ EOY


Nice spaghetti code. I think the OmiseGo team doesn't knows what is dependency injection.

>Just buy OMG and wait your 100x then.

That's not even remotely plausible.

You people are pathetic.