Another day and more bleeding...

Another day and more bleeding. Feels good knowing that this shitcoin is going to make a lot of poor people even poorer and JUST anyone who actually put a lot of money into this.

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Guys, guys you might want to sit down for this.
I have a friend who works in the SEED fund, nothing too fancy, financial analyst, no lambo yet but doing well for himself. I've been pretty excited about Jibrel, so naturally I told him about it. He gets back to me yesterday, and get this: he's never even heard of jibrel. He asked around a bit and found out the sad truth.
It was the info about Jibrel's office being in SEED HQ that finally led him to a supply cabinet in the basement, with the jibrel logo printed on a sheet of paper, glued to the door. Apparently this Talal fella does work at SEED, but as a member of the cleaning staff. He is good natured but very simple. When he heard about bitcoins he got really excited, he had to go lay down so he could calm down. The IT guys took pity on him and made him his very own ERC20 token, so he could pretend to be rich. They threw a website together, filled it with generic mumbojumbo (asset tokenization, lol). Someone even spent 5 minutes in photoshop on the logo. They had some pull with palmex, so he could "trade" his little tokens over there. But it got to Talal's head and with some friends from the cleaning crew (affectionately called the "poo boys"), they have been writing jibberish and spreading misinformation online. This has got to stop, for everybody's sake. There is no big reveal coming, it is all going to turn out to be a sad misunderstanding. Get out while you can.

Oh and nice SEED announcement fuckos.

holy fuck that buy wall

They know it's coming

whew lad that is impressive

not fake either, they just moved it up to 0.00055 and it ate 6 eth


holy shit


there's also a new buy order for 50k at .005 on kucoin

jeeezus look at the size of that.

lol, its eating all the sells, now its up at .00056

It's a fuckin nightmare..

I just sold like 5-10 min before this 170K wall appeared to buy back lower. All my fuckin stack..

And this stupid guy instead of accumulating slowly is non stop pushing up his wall

The bogdanov meme is fuckin true for me...

Can you guys ask unban me from the telegram?

@tyrron lue


well he is gone now

you can buy back

whoops its back up

LOL get rekt

pm the based god himself, he usually unbans if you ask nicely

Why the fuck did you do that, at the first place... It wouldnt drop until 1st of March at least due to the anouncement expectations.

Yes goyim, jibrel is dropping, sell all your jibrel! dont fuhget to pay yah taxes and donate to black lives matter!

I'm not even kidding... It also happened to me on REQ, sold my stack to buy MOD back in october at the bottom, 2 days later, it was listed on binance..

at least he lowered his wall, I might be able to buy back at the price I sold

dumb fuck how much lower you think this gonna go? you risk your entire stack, for what, a 5% gain? dumbass

Dude just scooped up another 75 ETH worth at .00053, and has another 75 ETH wall up at the same price point.

I'm so happy I filled my bags on KuCock when it was 42 cents

It's mooning though.

So going by what they've said... this announcment should be tomorrow shouldn't it? Last day of February.

Idk... I'm so stupid and hate myself for having bought this at 0,6-0,7 cent (almost ath in sat/eth).

Didn't sold or tried to scalp all along because of annoucement coming and possible binance listing, saw the price bleeding and all the fluctuation but holding strong missing so many coin pump... Until now.

Tough luck jibroni, hopefully you can get back in.


You're literally this

>Some guy puts up a 140 ETH wall that goes eaten through by devs dumping bags
>Somehow it's mooning

devs can't dump their bags until 2 years from now

Yeah it's a bad thing that it's going up in value and that volume is increasing. How could I have been so foolish.

Should've waited for the KuCoin dump.

>Going up in value
>The day chart is a straight line downwards
>Volume means anything on a shitty botted exchanges

Jibroni set to explode EOY

>It's going to go up
>Just give it until next year and miss all the moon missions on the way
>It's going to go up just give it until next year I promise it's going to hit $1

fucking kek nice one

Forget all of these shitcoins. Buy CND and hold for a week it will be the best decision of your life. I promise you that.

I literally shilled a retired investment banker on this yesterday night. Sorry mate. That's what you get for selling a coin with great fundamentals that already bled hard.

>Up 8% in BTC in 24h.
>Up 12.5% in USD in 24h.
Guys it's bleeding so hard.

I unironically think this is going to 0.0006 eth by the end of the night. And depending on how over or underwhelming tomorrow's news is this token may double by April. Or slowly bleed again.

The chart has been downwards for weeks. It's probably going to keep going down.

assuming you're not larping what did he have to say about it?

I'm giddy with excitement we will have the last laugh.



>Desperate bagholder intensifies


Im interested in this as well

Why would anybody ever trust a name like JIBREL
it's going to be the next JOOST

/biz level TA

He liked it, but he is a bit older, so I had to explain some things to him. "I don't instantly understand all these crypto terms, but I'm willing to learn". He is a big fan of crypto and has a lot of money in the game.

Basically, he instantly understood what adoption would mean for token price. Once he understood the token economics he bought like 25 ETH worth and told me he would look into it more.

His biggest doubt was whether they would get the ball rolling, but I showed him the MENA connections and the fact that Yazan managed a 1.3 trillion fund beofre and that Talal managed 3 billion+ of Saudi royal money, that kind of helped disperse his doubts. In the end, he bought 5 figures worth of JNT and told me he would look into it more and also pass it along to some friends of his, hoping to get some feedback from them.

The best part was when the token economics clicked for him. Whole change of tone, from skepticism to genuine interest. After that the entire conversation was simply risk management (buying in after the first tokenizations when they proved themselves or getting in at ground floor, right now). He actually expects major speculation after the first few tokenizations, he said he expects people to pump the market cap in anticipation of Jibrel partnering with large institiutions after they got the ball rolling.

TL;DR: He sees the potential and agrees that holders will make very good gains compared to other tokens IF Jibrel manages to tokenize significant assets (100m+ worth). He also things sepculation will play a huge role once people learn about the token economics.

don't fud jibrel they're gonna partner with chainlink, dumb shit

They're not.

that's actually pretty cool

I never really considered buying more after they start tokenizing things because I imagine the price will spike a decent amount but then again if the team succeeds then getting JNT $1 or $2 would still be a good deal in the long run.

You know it.

Yeah he berated me for having full bags already. Not all in by any means but I have a very large position.




Of course, audited, regulated stablecoins are like real money. You guys need everything laid out, don't you?