Thinking Satoshi could be a female

>thinking Satoshi could be a female

Could be a woman AS WELL. Satoshi is a trap confirmed.



feminine benis

Just like muh anime

dont know anything any woman ever invented


yep, they should come back to earth, they got way too much praise(?) in the last years. I don't even know a women that is good in anything techrelated.


Peanut butter.

.tt we list things that will never be

true if big

Women don't have natural inclination towards things like not bitcoin. It's not a bad thing, but the modern narrative is women are men and men are women.

Equality between the sexes has been achieved, but now we need an answer as to why women aren't doing x. The logic is as follows: if women are 50% of the population, why aren't 50% of CEOs women? If women are 50% of the population, why aren't they making the same as men and a whole myriad of other stupid questions.

Here's the fucking red pill: men and women aren't the same. They are not capable of the same things.

Doesn't that seem obvious? Well good luck saying that in the modern workplace, or to any person under 35.

Media, culture, and society have this incredibly skewed version of reality and it's going to take a lot of profit loss and literal bloodshed before the narrative flips.

I embrace feminism because it's self-destructive, anti-intuitive and ultimately self-correcting. It's a fast path to a return of state where sexes (mainly modern women and beta males) accept that gender stereotypes and roles exist for a reason. It doesn't make men better than woman, it just means we have different areas to succeed in.

Unlike men, women are risk adverse - a huge quality required to succeed in business. 97% of bitcoin users are male. Why is that? Because women don't have the same internet access? Give me a fucking break.
Hypothetically, let's pretend an oppressive patriarchal society exists. All the instruments of oppression they claim exist are non-existent on the internet. It's faceless, nearly anonymous, and no one cares who you are: only what you can offer or sell them. Why hasn't there been an explosion of female entrepreneurs with the proliferation of the internet if all the restrictions of a patriarchal society exist?

My final thought in the next post:

You better not be talking shit about my nigga Grace.

Modern rhetoric regarding equality for women is a feel-good measure to explain their "shortcomings". Instead of actually working on solutions (like men when they encounter problems) they point the finger at THE PATRIARCHY which is a faceless and ultra vague oppressor.

They don't have solutions. They have finger pointing and a "give me this i'm entitled to it"
mentality. Find solutions to your problems instead of whining.

ultra kek thinking satoshi is a fucking female lol

I was at devcon this year and there was one female presenter. She did a live demo with blockchain and an RC car. It was cool. THEN

we had some SJW tranny get up on stage and the first thing he said in the best female voice he could muster (the voice is always a give away) "I'm so proud to be one of the few female presenters on stage today"

The fucking audacity of this cunt. That's incredibly insulting to the actual ONE female that presented. Like c'mon.

Honestly, if satoshi was a woman all media would hype BTC up and we would go back to 20k in a week.

Maybe we oughta start spreading this rumor then?

Lol I find that shit hilarious, just like that Jenner fag who surgically transformed himself into a woman and now regrets the decision.

All those ladyboys are suffering from pyschological issues they don't deal with and thus find it necessary to change their appearances as if it will make them happy.

lol yes they are fucking crazy but pretty fun in bed