If there is a Veeky Forumsentific way to build a house, all of them would look the same

If there is a Veeky Forumsentific way to build a house, all of them would look the same.

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>I don't know what skyscrapers are: The post

Why would you cover your lawn

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In one context (such as an environment) there may be one best way to do things but in another context there may be a different way. A best house in the arctic may be different from a best house in a very humid region or a best house in a desert. Even moreso other things may factor into the context like the house's relationship to the city facilities, transportation, and places of employment.

There was an architectural designer several years back who became very influential for his arguments. Essentially he argued that cities, buildings, and architecture in general should be developed organically as needs arise. The guy wrote a series of books on it.

That guy's argument is basically the antithesis of yours:
>Given some context like an environment, economy, society, time period, etc.. then there may exist a best house. However quality of said house will vary as the context changes and so one must figure out a way to build a house that can be easily and efficiently adapted to a changing context.

>no white boards
>tiny little table
How could you ever get anything done in such a place?


terrace, pilotis, balcony, veranda

left to right, top to bottom

>white board
thats what the windows are for :^)

This. Good luck growing grass UNDER A GODDAMN HOUSE

Did you read the katakana, or is architecture a science now?

I think the green part isn't nessarily supposed to represent lawn as much as it is supposed to represent open, outdoor space

lol, it would be fine. you'd just have to orient your house and adjust the stilt height

read it, I had to look up piloti though



Mexico City?

this isnt real is it ?


That's a shame I hate that place.

Just build the whole thing out of glass.



I know it's Hong Kong, but the air looks too clean.

Don't plants need UV light?

Hong Kong air is pretty good by China standards.

Is the concept of an indoor plant actually new to you?

I have never seen them live very long.

they do
a) foundation
b) cap
c) load bearing beams and telepost / columns
d) walls, all rough openings have "headers" above them

there is a line of support from top to bottom.
there is a design of products to use and how to use and fasten them.
fucking engineer reports.

build to plans
build to code


You can generally observe, for example, that the slope of roofs is proportional to the amount of rain in the latitude where a house is built. Scientific construction would produce houses exactly as varied as their locations.

i'd hate to have something so high maintenance like that in a home, can't even take a nap on that couch just so I don't drown on the unlikely chance someone breaks in the house through the glass

Several people have pointed out that different environments encourage different designs.
It's probably also worth considering that different buildings are built for different purposes, and that the local availability of materials differs from place to place.

google.com/search?q=parkroyal hotel singapore&tbm=isch

>local availability of materials

wood is everywhere, unless you easter island it

> in the arctic may be different

guys, do you have the slightest idea how a wall can be build and insulated?

also this:


>wood is everywhere
Wood isn't just wood. There are different kinds of it.
Also there are other materials worth considering too.


Pretty much latitude. Compare traditional Swiss houses to traditional Arabian houses. Latitude is a decent proxy for climate.

All bets are off with modern materials but the pattern is pretty clear in traditional architectures.

Doesn't glass filter out UV light?


>Doesn't glass filter out UV light?

Yeah it hear it's an oppressive hell-hole

There is a bar/island partially obscured by the stairs.

Cthulhu approved.

Literally this is a hell place.

Yes, but suicide jump could be so easy

google Kowloon City

>a Veeky Forumsentific way
There is. The scientific method isn't restricted to a singular output for every environment. Even making a house changes the environment subtly.

>If there is a Veeky Forumsentific way to build a house, all of them would look the same.

That is the least scientific way to build.

To build scientifically, lots of identical houses would be constructed, and then lots of slightly different houses, and then lots of slightly different etc. etc., "different" to examine what works better, "lots" to get a proper sample space and avoid noise in the data.



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Yes, but you first need to define the goals of what you want your house to do, and location plays a huge factor.

Start with researching the ICC, as they are the go to standard for how to build houses. Then look at the reason why those rules were made, it takes some digging as these things have been repeated to the point of blind fact.

Personally I admire the reasoning and decades of scientific research behind them, but think political agendas have corrupted them and we need to reevaluate everything. Because to be frank I should never have to argue with a building inspector about the flammability dangerous of my new high silica bricks.

>no trees

>Honey combs

what about cubes?

> autism.mpeg

>or is architecture a science now?

what is it then, art?

I wanna see a video of this, too. Show us.

You tried that in the 50's, it didn't work. Fuck off internationalist commies reee.


Modular houses can work only if you can easily extend your own part without damaging the others; it's not easy, at all.
If it's a big condo and everyone is on rent, then you can ask the next door qt to move to another cubicle, so you'll have 2 of them connected; again, not easy.


>not having an evil scientists tower where you can cook up your experiments all the while observing plebs with your telescope

Did nobody during the design phase say, "No, that looks too much like two legs with a penis hanging between them"?

>their face when

yfw pants skyscrapers are real:


those stairs don't look like they're to code..

They're not stairs they're shelves that people mistakenly step on to go to the second floor sometimes

>Whops I tripped on the shelf and accidentally ended up on the second floor

And finally this thread earns its worth.


It is safe to say this design caused a few comments.

In actual fact there are 4 legs and a huge pyramid suspended between these. Also there are different models, these scale from 300 to 600 m tall.

am i the only one who finds these kinds of repetitive, cramped buildings really cool?
especially this one

>implying there is only ever one kind of optimal
well for housing, if there is it is clearly a multistory nuke-proof, self-sufficient basement. Never would I have to venture into the outside world again.

>putting your supplies that close to the surface

Its nice to look at but living there might not be as fun.

And, how is that scientific? It's nice design, yes, but scientific??!!

Jacob please go

I always thought of this idea of just a fuckton of layers as a whole city, but damn.. Imagine if these things become commonplace all over the world due to overpopulation.

The concept of ultra density has always fascinated me, but as said, I can't imagine it being very fun. The best would probably be Manhattan where there is still an American standard for living (albeit at the expense of an exorbitant price.)

>I always thought of this idea of just a fuckton of layers as a whole city, but damn.. Imagine if these things become commonplace all over the world due to overpopulation.

Stuff like Kowloon City isn't built due to overpopulation, it's built due to terrible zoning laws. Ain't nobody want to build the seventh apartment wedged in between the walls if there are other options, but if that's the only place where you're legally allowed, then...

Illuminati headquarters?

I am not sure about the details but somehow the structure is surprisingly stable also in areas with earthquakes. I would guess that would take a bit of research to find out of.

This came up a few years ago now but from what I remember there is a lot more to it than just nice design.

That would probably be the Inverted Illuminati.


no they weren't in the sixth grade

I know about those, that is well established tech used for decades.

This is dumb as fuck, towers in between won't get any sunlight thus depressing the inhabitants and raising heating bills

Science keeps finding new ways to make houses and dwellings for different locations. Like this concept for a water laboratory living space for scientists to have easier access to remote lake or sea locations.


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>Like this concept for a water laboratory living space for scientists to have easier access to remote lake or sea locations.
I'm sorry, but that thing's completely ridiculous.
It does nothing that a regular research ship with a moon pool can't do, but is less stable, has less internal space and costs much more to make.

Reminds me of the limitless fortress from "Getbackers"

Then again, that's probably where the inspiration for it came from,

I wish they'd reclaim mines into structures similar to this, once Kinnecott shits itself it could be easily restructured into housing like this and be a very vigorous community for retirees or refugees and the like. All the terraforming goes to waste the second the reclamation begins though, it's a damn shame.

Depends on what you want to build.

First image would be for a traditional suburban lot.

Second image would be for a coastal lot prone to flooding.

Third image might be a denser neighborhood.

Fourth image might have it's deck face the sun and require some extra shade.

What the client wants is different from building to building, and there are of course like aesthetics that make for a variety of buildings. You may also find people do not like the stoic nature of a replicated design you might find in suburban developments.

Overpopulation isn't going to happen.

We're in the midst of a fertility crash right now.

yfw China doesn't stop:


>towers in between won't get any sunlight
That is probably the advantage with the inverted pyramid: lots of light. I hope they will build one soon.

>am i the only one who finds these kinds of repetitive, cramped buildings really cool?
Probably. To me especially looks like a graveyard with tombstones all lined up with great precision.

Fun fact: noone knows how many live in Hong Kong. They just make an estimate based on the tobacco consumption, according to the guide I had in HK.

In case some still have an interest in this you can check up Darkroastedblend in category architecture, pic related. There is a ton of examples of architecture unlike anything else.