Say, what should one pick his engineering major based on...

Say, what should one pick his engineering major based on? I'm doing an introductory year where we study courses representing multiple engineering disciplines, and it's safe to say my favorites have all been related or somewhat related to MechE, Statics, Dynamics, Descriptive Geometry and multiple topics of Physics.

But before doing this year I've thought I would study Electrical, based off my interest in it's real world applications. I would've liked to learn programming and I'm a huge fan of technology.

Tl;dr: should one choose his discipline based on how enjoyable one finds the courses or simply one that compliments his real world interests?

I know major questions belong to /adv/ but this is a more specific question which I thought it belonged here more.


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I'm an electrical, but pick the one that interests you. I know lots of younger engineers who are ME and wish they did EE, CE.... And vice versa. You can always change horses if you feel your interest waning.

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But 'the one that interests me' should I place more weight on how much I enjoy studying topics or just my real life interests? Because as of now, my 'interest' in EE feels quite superficial compared to MechE

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>Mech E
Car guys and bro dudes

Athletes, lesbians, and the guys who are getting jobs at dads contracting/engineering firm

hippies, farmers kids, and people who wanted the easiest engineering major. sluts.

>Electrical and Computer/Software
legit neckbeards and nerds

mixed bag, all i hear is how shitty it is to find a job.

the ones that aren't in it for the money are weird as fuck. Lots of gays too.

>Aerospace and Nuclear
muh sexy job that really isn't.

autismal, but usually in a goofy lovable way. they know how to bathe unlike EE.

>weirdo hybrid shit like biomed and mechatronic

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No, search the high level courses and learn about them ( in superficial way), in EE some of those may be RSV, DSP etc'

Look at AI, ML, and cryptography, some CompE programs offer those

actually seeing a lot more "normal" types in CS / SE / CE lately. Still like only 10% women tho, lololol

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My uncle backed out of Aero when he saw that all you do all day is design small obscure parts for the plane. He is EE now

Guess I'm studying chemical engineering.

For whatever reason Cal Poly SLO has a surprising proportion of attractive people, including girls. It's still EE and there are still EE types en masse, but its a good place.

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I'm studying civil and we have like 40% girls.They are also cute

You like statics and dynamics because they're easy and make a lot of sense. Electrical has a slightly steeper learning curve but I find it very satisfying once shit starts to piece together.

>I would've liked to learn programming

You don't need to go to college to learn how to program.

>tfw mechanical engineer who dislikes material mechanics
>favorite current class is controls, which is effectively applied simplified complex analysis
>on all levels except physical, I am a programmer/EE

I actually do like thermodynamics, am OK with heat transfer, and did inexplicably well in fluid mechanics, but fuck pretty much everything in Norton's Machine Design.

Manufacturing also sucks but that's just memorizing equations for a bunch of particular cases you'll never use again.


Also is God-tier for getting accepted into med school

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You should do aerospace faggot, it's basically what you've described

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My favorite courses were automation, control and dynamical systems. I never really liked mechanics of materials and I have little to no interest in design or manufacture.

Also I found the heat transference, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics/fluid flow courses to be very interesting and somewhat easy.

Pick one you're interested in. But please keep in mind what industry your country has and their prosperity.

I did chemical, found it really hard to get a relevant job and ended up in banking instead.

Im finishing up chemical now. Sadly I fell for the "get any awesome job you want: meme and im in final year, realizing all that's around is dairy and other shit boring process jobs

Honestly, do not do chem eng. Civil, mech, electrical, just dont fucking do chem eng.

I hear it is easier, but still.

Do software eng. That is the most future proof engineering degree imo, because so many menial jobs will be getting replaced by automation over next decades.

Everyone is doing civil and mech. Keep this in mind. You want a profession that is a bit short on people. S eng is good because many people are scared away by all the coding and geek aura it gives off.

>Do software eng. That is the most future proof engineering degree imo
You forget the outsourcing to India.
I worked in electronics and saw that line of work evaporate and leave for Eastern Europe and then China.
Then I worked in software (programming, testing, quality assurance, auditing, commissioning and a lot more) and even though we gave it out all (*) the pressure was still there to send all the jobs to India.
A relative of mine working in offshore constructions is telling me of similar tendencies there.

(*) We basically worked day and night with crunch time rounds of 6 months, living on pizza. That as not enough, we were over paid they said. And eating too much pizza. Today I cannot see a pizza without thinking it is overtime again.