Being with someone has benefits?

There's a scientific proved reason to have a gf or being married, like some psychological, health or any effect treated as a benefit for a man? Or it's better to be a MGTOW for a STEM's dude (and have casual sex if you're alpha enough to achieved)?

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Yes, and this is common knowledge.
- Serotonin/reward chems are up.
- Social survival goes up.
- Sometimes economic survival goes up.

Alright, but how hard is to get a woman that can really give you all that and in an acceptable form?
The modern woman is a pain in the ass sometimes, so you can waste time finding a woman to settle down instead of approach that time in STEM and be functional and independent (specially if you are oriented to research).

yes weak men crave the validation of their existence and get depressed if they fail to feel relevant, responsible.
The best way for a man to cater his need for approval is to serve some woman (and some of her children) through emotional&financial support.
Men are pleased to contribute to someone else life, to support their family.

Why women are a good way to feel relevant? Because women love to be provided for and each woman will always find a man ready to please her.

THe problem for men is that they are disposable in the eyes of each woman, since all men wish to serve the few women who talk to them.
Men must thus invent several ways to please women, invention and creativity which strengthen their feeling of being worthy, relevant, in tough with reality.
Men are too impotent to find other way to feel real.
Once that the a woman replaces a man by another provider, the man gets very upset and depressed.
THis leads men to think that they are better than women, stronger, smarter and that they must built a life outside women. Some men manage to indeed built an empire, but they will always loos it for some women.
Women give meaning to men and betas, no matter how successful outside women, will always give up everything for some relationship with some woman who claim to fancy them.


No they aren't just dont look in cities for them

I honestly have to wonder if there isn't a grain of truth to stuff like Obviously it's blown out of proportion, but Men without Women don't have to be alone
During my time on /r9k/, yes I know, I've met several individuals who were just as interested in cohabiting with a bunch of guys they had a ton of things in common with as they were in getting girlfriends

Does an intense friendship provide the same needs, emotional and mental, as a relationship?

you realize that joy can be acquired in many forms yes?

Sure, but as humans we have needs and I'm asking if it's for the better to suppress the need of being with someone (at least in our times).

Are you aware of the fact that men can't make babies by themselves aren't you?

Men are the disposable sex. That's why men fight in all the wars and perform all the dangerous jobs. The death of man is far less consequential to society as a whole so men can take far more risks - risks so big that failure mean death or worse.

But the rewards to those few who actually succeed are the stuff of legends.

I wonder about that (friendship), I suppose it works with persons you don't see in a sexual way, but for a heterosexual men the friendship between him and a woman can be kinda different, idk.

Men accept to delete their porn folder because some woman ask them to
men accept to (try to) be faithful because some woman ask them to
men accept to not look through their GF's phone and handbag, because some woman ask them to

>I'm 22, will be graduating, and I'm still a kissless virgin. I'm literally tearing up as I type this. Its fucking 2 PM and only a few weeks left and after that I'm done m8s, completely done, no more chance at college. I worked out, went parties but my autism was too strong and never cured. I just don't know what to do.

lower your standards

You look for positive traits:
- They believe in actual equality with no favoritism and stereotyped based demands
- They acknowledge differences between you and them
- They take the good and the bad
- They're realists
- They lack narcissism and histrionics traits
- They work to support themselves
- They believe logic supercedes magical thinking
- They're not hyper-political but care about how politics affects their life
- They can admit they're wrong without having to bargain or get something in return for an admission
- They will take time to give you affection

God, what a fucking dirty slut. Just look at her face. The smile of a slut that knows she's going to get fucked good tonight. The subtle covering of her cumstained mouth so as to not alert her wooing man of the fact that just minutes earlier she took four shots of cum to her mouth from Karl, Sheen, and the two cameramen.
And then we have our gentleman attempting to win over our pretty little lady's heart. He seems so sincere, doesn't he? His eyebrows pucker upwards into a display of dear affection and he tenderly strokes her forearm and takes her hand into his. He gazes into those eyes and sees pure beauty - an omen of only good things to come.
Yet he does not know what awaits him on the other side. Before his time with her is up, she will have stripped away his confidence, trust, and very soul as her cold, dead, eternally cum glazed heart makes contact with his.
He will lose everything to her.
He will become a husk of a man.

There is a difference between need and want.

According to Neuroscience, it has been scientifically confirmed that some "wants" are actually "needs" because the human mind requires certain perceived "wants" in order to maintain emotionally fit, active and balanced.
It required excess and junk sometimes, not just planned activities and stimulation.
It's sad to say, but fun chaos is actually a requirement of the human condition.

This is the transcript of a good more recent talk on the subject surrounding your question.

>casual sex if you're alpha enough to achieved
It's really not difficult if you focus on the low self-esteem whores.

Jesus, Brandon. It's just a kid's film.

>(and have casual sex if you're alpha enough to achieved)?
there is nothing alpha in sex

It's not really good for your self esteem if you're fucking idiot girls

Mental illness general?

Sounds like you're looking in all the wrong places...


Lol. Suppressing. If you like don't have feeling for someone, obviously don't force it. You don't have to have everything "right" in your life user. Don't bother with people if that's not what you're into. If you are doing something that doesn't feel right to you, then don't do it.

The real answer isn't always the things that are objectively better. You aren't science. You are a subject. So do what you want to improve subjectively


I can't believe posts like this exist today. this is the age of information and internet and all that crap. google shit. do some research. look for dating tips. learn how to build your self-confidence. study self-hypnosis ( "The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind and How to Use It" by Harry Carpenter is amazing). read about good body language. all that bullshit. it actually helps. it's much better than asking your mom about how to get women. look up David DeAngelo. this dude changed/ saved my life.

this is stuff that helped me. this stuff changed my life. maybe you'll find some other resources that'll help you become the person that you want.

just stop crying and man up, dude.

I have been in a relationship for 3+ years now, and it definitely has its benefits. There are a couple things you must accept, though.
1. Don't take just anybody. It is important to find the right person for you; if the mental/social dynamics between you and her aren't right, there is no way it'll last.
2. Patience is an integral part of a lasting relationship. You must exercise patience and be understanding or else the relationship will crumble at the first sign of conflict.
3. You must accept that women do not think like men. Women are emotional creatures, and you gotta work with them instead of fighting it.

If you can accept these 3 things, you'll get the long-term benefits of a relationship. Improved confidence, mental support, higher sex drive/more sex, lower stress (if done properly), monetary relief (2nd job, tax breaks for couples), and finally someone to have kids with. As with almost anything, it's an investment, and will pay off in time.

Your post is badly written, but the basic thrust, that it's heathier to have a long-term romantic partner than not, is pretty common sensical. It's one of those obvious things that when scientific studies are actually performed on the question, they confirm the obvious (as they usually, but not always, do in these cases. And it's because the other 5% of weird exceptions exist, that we [society] perform scientific studies in the first place).

Although total/near total social isolation is a distinct and more profound problem, it's clearly in the same ballpark as "no gf" insofar as the afflicted is not participating in society to the extent that they would perhaps like, or really should. And where the former, worse problem is concerned, it /is/ indeed positively correlated with higher/earlier mortality, as one would expect. More common sense confirmed by science. Protip: social isolation is significantly more hazardous to your health than "no gf", but both are to be avoided if you can help it.

t. socially isolated man r9k dweller in his 30s who has never had sex with a woman.

Again with the whole sexist "man up" thing. You're implying I want to change, that I believe I should need to change. I'm great as I am, polite, educated, making good money, have a great career. As it is, it's nowhere near enough to catch the attentions of women unless I pour an extreme amount of extra effort, money and time into it. And at that point, they're simply not worth it.

As a man, I feel I give way more than I get from women. And I've yet to personally experience a stable, balanced relationship that didn't end with the woman going off with another guy or just losing interest the second I stopped being the only one to put in any effort.

All your guidebooks, dating tips etc are useless. It's not a matter of "I can't do it". It's a matter of "I can, but it's a frigging horrible business decision where I get less than a fraction of my money's worth".

Not him btw, and I'm not crying. I'm just saying that while the media and popular media sexy research loves to promote sex, love, touch, and family, the fact of the matter is that for some of us that shit is way more trouble than it's worth. I have never enjoyed a life as balanced and void of wasteful incursions as I did after embracing the idea of MGTOW. While I might change my mind if a single woman showed up and made the effort I have, I know for a fact that's not gonna happen.

Sex, relationships and family are the most falsely overappreciated things in life, IMO. You have to either be extremely lucky, or more likely extremely enslaved to your sex drive to find one moist hole and the pointless social status boost with all the kilotons of shit that come with it, worthwhile.

Never had a gf but reading romance VNs makes me feel better.

You couldn't say it better.

By the way, the post above is only correct in a general sense. There is scientific evidence that a human population produces autists on purpose who are meant to be foreveralone and function better as a loner. Companionship is the norm, not the rule.

"Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. As he went away, the fox remarked 'Oh, you aren't even ripe yet! I don't need any sour grapes.' People who speak disparagingly of things that they cannot attain would do well to apply this story to themselves."


As a Finnfag, you do know we're taught this shit at like elementary school? I think I was 8 or 9 years old when I was taught about the fox and the grapes. You're spewing barely more than kindergarten level psychological warfare at me, and the way you're doing it leads me to believe you actually think yourself quite smart doing it. I can't quite tell whether that's adorable or funny, really!

Of course, that's not to say that it wouldn't apply here. It absolutely does, as it does for everyone and in all aspects of life. That's no deep secret or surprise, I made it quite obvious in my previous post already that for me the costs are not worth the rewards. Only a fool would keep paying for something of far less value than the money used to buy it. Repeatedly. But women are no sour grapes, essential for life. Their sourness, and how essential they are, depend entirely on the man, and the woman.

And yes, for some of us men, our particular tastes, and the price we specifically must pay, are such that only the fairest of all the grapes could even begin to be worth the effort.

So yeah. I've had my taste, I've found the apples are far more to my liking, and require very little effort at all.

There are 2 problems you overlook.

1. Women are an investment. In the first several years, yeah, you're gonna be in the negative. If the guy won't support and care for the girl, why would she stay with him? It's not necessarily the money that is important. It is the fact that the guy is willing to sacrifice something in return for loyalty and affection.

2. The payoff is not monetary. The money you spend footing the bill at a restaurant won't magically make its way back into your pocket. Provided you find the right girl (and not a gold digger), they will return the investment in affection, loyalty, sex, and other things to that effect. Looking at it from the standpoint of "eh, its gonna cost me too much money in the short run" is a sad way of looking at it.

This all then would be a difference of perspective and opinion then.

1. I expect every bit the same sacrifice from the woman, as I expect of myself. I was raised to a world of equality after all, and disillusioned as I may be, those attitudes don't simply vanish. My experiences thus far have been exclusively such that I sacrifice a whole lot, and she sacrifices nothing. Loyalty and affection should be a default value, mutually given and received. If one needs to buy them in any way, shape or form, then something is seriously wrong to begin with.

2. I wasn't talking about the cost just in the economic sense. Rather, in more general terms of resources invested. Affections, time, help, love, support, trust, and yes, money.

Your tone and wording here leads me to believe that you consider it normal that guy should do the work, give the sacrifices, and pay the bills (by paying bills, I'm now referring to expending resources in general). While the woman reaps the benefits, and uses them to consider whether the guy is worth giving any effort back to or not.

To me, that's an incredibly cold, one sided and quite frankly disgusting way of thinking about it. It's not the world I was raised in, it's not the example set forth by my very independent, extremely direct and capable mother.

If a normal relationship really was as you make it out to be, just a more eloquently versed form of prostitution, then I want no part of it. The sad part here is that for a lot of my friends, it does seem to be a lot closer to that than any real shared, mutual love.

Point, once more, being that being alone is a helluva lot better than being in a bad relationship. And if all relationships you've ever had have been bad, despite your best efforts, then maybe it's just the mature thing to do... admitting to yourself that they're not your thing.

Try getting laid and you'll realize that if you're gonna hang out with the same person for the rest of your life, a woman would be greatly preferable.

I see this in /r9k/ all the time
>"fuck roasties!"
>a wild fembot appears!
>"pls b in london"
MGTOW, wizardry, whatever it's all compensation, deep down they will always yearn for a girlfriend.

Well said user. How is it that a man can be financially successful, takes care of his looks, intelligent and social yet when he fails to find a woman he is told to "improve" What the fuck more can he do? At what point do we say "maybe modern women's standards are getting completely ridiculous?"

1) learn when/why to greentext, lurk more
2) fuck bitches. We're taught from an early age that unless you find some woman to serve, you're a loser. Fuck that bullshit, serve yourself. (source: married man)

>It's really not difficult if you focus on the low self-esteem whores.
..said the guy born with 8/10 looks

Celebrity *I* resemble the most?
God-damn, Steven King FML.

So, I went through the numbers one day and heres what I came up with.

I went through my expenses and saw that i spent ~10k$ a year more being married than I did when i was single. Then I calculated what it would cost me to have a full time maid, nanny, cook, and personal assistant and it comes out to like 45k$+ a year.

Like, where does shit like this come from? The "le leeching wife" meme is unfounded, i'm making out like a bandit on this marriage gig.

>There are 2 problems you overlook.
There's one problem with your response:
1. A good partnership shouldn't be one-sided.

>Then I calculated what it would cost me to have a full time maid, nanny, cook, and personal assistant
I do all the cooking and shopping.
Unless you move to the 1950's, you're still doing half or more of the work.
You're just plain down $10k/yr.

>Unless you move to the 1950's, you're still doing half or more of the work.

i guess i moved to the 1950's, because almost all of the work i do is career stuff. i come home to a tidy house, with laundry done and dinner made.

there a re women who want babies and since their boyfriends cannot provide them with some, they go on tinder and choose to be fucked by multiple men as long as they are not pregnant. When a man from tinder makes them pregnant, they pass the baby as the one form the boyfriend. Of course, the boyfriend believe that her child is his.

>>i guess i moved to the 1950's, because almost all of the work i do is career stuff. i come home to a tidy house, with laundry done and dinner made.
When you go back home, do you remove from her cunt the semen of her other lovers, before fucking her?

also, you do a financial analysis only because you misunderstood the initial post and because you know that only this analysis makes you hide the truth (and because you are poor enough to care about money).


>le all women are adulterous meme

can't really argue with someone who makes sweeping generalizations and believes them to be true.

Yes shacking up makes your life easier (and you love this) and you can afford more things. This is the whole point.

There are numerous studies that proclaim both positive and negative effects, though many are highly disputed. It would be best if you look at all available data and make a determination for yourself.

It's all about confidence

Yeah after reading what I wrote earlier, it does sound very one-sided. The point I'm trying to make is that having that partner is an excellent thing, which has many benefits. If you get past paying a few dinner bills and buying some birthday presents, it really will pay off.

To each their own, I guess.

Men who never marry on average live to about 58. Being single elevates your testosterone levels and that in turn suppresses the immune system and accelerates aging. Don't let PUA fool you into thinking it's actually a good think to be screwing around until old age.

prostitutes rig the game for women

be kind and kys.

>And this is fact, because user here said so.

>It's all about confidence
Jesus fucking christ with this meme. This is about as truthful as all the memes going "be real, don't pretend to be anyone but what you are". Plot twist? It's easy to be fucking real and who you are, when who you are is a normie. That's the worst advice imaginable to emotionally stunted autists and virgins though.

What you normies here keep missing, is the fact that the game doesn't work by the same rules or the same scoring card for everyone. For someone who's used to spending time with others, is used to compromises, is so damned normal that there are very few compromises required to begin with, and due to their looks, sociable skills and living area find dating mostly easy... well of course a relationship is the obvious answer for someone like that.

For someone who enjoys their time alone, who is completely different from anyone else, who has to do fucking ten thousand and then some times the effort to reach any results at all, and whose life experiences of women have all been 100% exclusively negative... well for someone like, a relationship is not just a distant fucking Superman fantasy dream. But the reality of it would be a fucking nightmare of constant battles and bickering for little to no gain at all.

There is no one truth to this. Relationships are like hobbies, work and friends. People tend to focus and excel on the things that they're good at. Things that come easier to them.

This most of all. We're in 2016, and most men still are fucking monkeys who measure a man's worth in pussies. Never mind if he's 10 times more hard working, in better shape, more rich, more accomplished, more intelligent. The only thing that counts, is the number and quality of pussies. Those people insult the male intellect, proving that most of you are still basic fucking monkeys barely fit to even read. And it paints a very ugly picture of the worth of women to boot.

This. Like I said
Companionship is the norm, not the rule.

>Jesus fucking Christ with this meme etc..
Fuckin kek
Why don't you get rid of the self-loathing 'woe is me' attitude, it'll do you good in life. Coming from someone who has been in a relationship for the last few years, confidence is a big thing. Women don't want to date a weak bitch with no self confidence.


>People tend to focus and excel on the things that they're good at.

hate to break it to you m8, but most men are shit at picking relationships for themselves. its where all these divorce horror stories come from.

like, i get it. your dick can make some really convincing arguments about why its okay that girl is fucking crazy. men in general will put up with an unbelievable amount of bullshit as long as his woman is 8/10+ or if she does that "weird thing" that you like.

try rearranging your priorities. look for a partner, not a fuck puppet.

Un - be - lievable. Are you reading anything of what I'm saying? Are you quite sure you're even old enough to be on this website?

Where the hell did I say I'm a weak bitch with no self confidence? That's just you, again, projecting your insulting ass attitudes. I have a fucking huge amount of confidence. I'm smart, tall, make great money... I came from a fucking factory worker family, passed Uni in the group of top 3 students of my year, and I have a great job with a great pay in a great company with awesome colleagues. I'm not a selfish dick with a need to look down on others - unlike yourself, evidently - but I sure as hell have confidence.

But - and let me say this one last time -, IT'S NOT ABOUT CONFIDENCE. For some of us, confident and capable as we might be, women are a thousand times more trouble than they're worth. I have never ONCE been hit on by a girl, only ever had to put a huge amount of effort to get the attentions of one. Every relationship I've had has been completely one sided, and every time I stopped putting in the effort, she left with another guy, or just left.

That's not my weak confidence. I can admit when I do mistakes yes, and I can also learn. But I can also tell when I was not the fucking problem. THIS is the point. And the only logical conclusion is that either too large a percentage of women are assholes, or too large a percentage of men really do think with their dicks, and don't see anything wrong with the shit they have to wade through every single day just to get to that moist hole.

This world where women are these tender, loving and cute creatures, all cuddly and wonderful... I don't live in that world. I was raised to believe in it and for 25 years I did, but I've become disillusioned.

Women are deeply self centered, flawed, duplicitous beings that look pretty, have pretty gestures, but are quite ugly below the surface. I'm not saying men are any better. Difference is, I'm not interested in men.

>And the only logical conclusion is that either too large a percentage of women are assholes, or too large a percentage of men really do think with their dicks, and don't see anything wrong with the shit they have to wade through every single day just to get to that moist hole.
>This world where women are these tender, loving and cute creatures, all cuddly and wonderful... I don't live in that world. I was raised to believe in it and for 25 years I did, but I've become disillusioned.
>Women are deeply self centered, flawed, duplicitous beings that look pretty, have pretty gestures, but are quite ugly below the surface. I'm not saying men are any better. Difference is, I'm not interested in men.

I was on your side until this. Now you sound full-on fedora tier.

>your insulting ass attitudes
Learn to take criticism you bitch

Secondly, if it's not confidence, the problem is this:
>every time I stopped putting in the effort
That is condemning your relationship to fail. I don't care about your job or how much you make. That is irrelevant. Blaming all women for your bad experience and lack of effort is your own damn fault.

Well you know I'm really fucking sorry my life and the experiences it has given me, aren't to your liking. Also, fedora and virgin faggots play the victims. I'm not a goddamned victim. I'm just saying that this is what my life has been like. I didn't ask for it, nor do I feel victimized by it. It just is what it is. Different for every last fucking one of us.

Right. Ok. So uhh... you really don't have any reading comprehension abilities at all? Or, you know, you really do think that it's perfectly normal for women to just hang back and not do jack shit, while the guy does all the effort.

You should come to 2016. You know, a world of equality. Or not. To quote myself:
>... too large a percentage of men really do think with their dicks, and don't see anything wrong with the shit they have to wade through every single day just to get to that moist hole.

Good on you then. I just can't do that.

If you don't get it by now you're probably better off alone, especially with your attitude.

For hanging out in the science board of all places, you seem to have a lot of issues understanding the correlation between what is cause, and what is effect. My attitude being the effect, and the cause being the thing that you're so insistently ignoring.

But I digress. I am better off being alone, there's nothing probable about it. I've yet to meet a single woman willing to put a fraction of the effort on me, that I've given the women in my life. And I just cannot get over the fact that to me, that's not fair. That's not normal, it's not the way it's supposed to be. I shouldn't have to do all the work, just because I was born a guy.

Thank you for reading, peace, and have fun with your lives how ever different or similar they may be compared to mine. May we each enjoy our lives our way.

Define "joy"

What you view as the effect I see as the cause. The sooner you realize that the sooner you'll improve your situation.

What you see doesn't matter. You weren't there to see the happy easy-going, hard working free and blissful spirit that I was before life slowly taught me these lessons over 30 some years. I was. For most of my life, I was a very different person from the one I am now.

But you and I are done. Clearly you're not interested in discussion. I've been telling over and over that people are different and have different views based on their experiences, while you have - like any control freak lacking in wisdom and experience - insisted that you can single handedly simply up and decide a person, their life, or their problems to be whatever you want because you're you, and you have your limited, subjective experiences. Well keep at it. I'm not gonna waste any more time with you.

The problem for women is their menstruation giving acne, fatness hysteria, and in general the hate of their body.
Men begin to hate their body too, so they take lifting seriously, now that women explicitly claim that they want chads.

You've argued your points well for the entire thread. The people responding to you are fucking retarded and are coincidentally not putting as much effort as you are into posting. It's too bad that this low effort horse shit is the norm for most things. Normies are awful

Bro I think you're right and you've identified a very real problem with women. One cause of this problem is, very few of them develop mentally past a certain point. This includes not developing valuable skills, interesting hobbies, and other traits of a real adult human being. As a result most of them have no basis for their self-esteem except the fact that they have guys lined up wanting to serve them (for a time, anyways), which results in an inferiority complex and therefore a lot of mind games.

In addition to having no skills, most women also have no energy or stamina to be independent and have a career, so they need a man to be their provider - which makes the equation more about money than love.

TL;DR The male-female division of labor that evolution created in humans ends up being a shitty deal for both men and women in the setting of modern civilization and modern intelligent non-caveman humans.

>gets mad at normies enjoying a relationship
>can't get a girl
>normies are retarded
Come on now. The dude writes a fuckin blog post about his unsuccessful dating attempts and how all women are the problem. Then he says confidence has nothing to do with it, and then won't consider his own attitude as a contributing factor to his failures.

This may just be anecdotal but I think there is a point to this. Lots of guys I know now find better girls outside the city

I'll take your greentext as directed at me (the guy whose post you are replying to, not the guy who has 10+ posts in the thread)

I'm not at all mad at normies for enjoying a relationship. I said or tried to say that I'm often frustrated by their mediocrity. The rest of what you're saying are assumptions. I, too, am making assumptions (that this guy is not totally full of shit, that his assessment of himself and his situation are accurate). I don't remember and don't care to re-read all of his posts, but I'm not sure he said anything as unrefined as "all women are the problem". In general I agree with his perspective that most people don't really care to put effort into relationships and that this is potentially because they are very easy for them to form. It just gets tiring not being on the same page as "normies" sometimes and when that happens, cue posts such as my previous one.

>Lots of guys I know now find better girls outside the city
because they move out of the city?

Alright, it would appear that you're largely misogynist. That's alright, you can in fact get over yourself! Here's some fun facts to help you get laid with a great woman:

>women are not one person
There are as many different kinds of women as men. Varied opinions, some materialistic, some not. Drop the thought "women are all like this" because no decent lady will want to fuck you if you actually think that.

>research and being in a relationship are entirely unrelated
If your woman isn't garbage she will respect you work and your boundaries, just as you should respect hers. If she doesn't, that's not indicative of women as a whole, that's just one shitty person, the world has a lot of shitty people.

>if it seems like all women are terrible money grubbers, you're probably the problem.
If you are convinced that all women suck, then you're probably the one with the problem. A large number of people are decent and friendly and willing to low stress date. If everyone seems bad, it's probably just you.

Are social people more healthy or are healthy people more likely to be social or both?


Eh, greentext was describing what the other guy was saying, but the post was aimed at you supporting him. He blamed women for his issues several times. Although he writes enormous blog posts, I'd urge you to re read them.

Im just curious: you segregate yourself by making the distinction between 'normies' and people like yourself. Why? Because they are a bit more extroverted than you? I feel like both you and him feel it necessary to categorize men into different social categories, and then get angry because the other 'category' attracts more women. Just try using a bit of confidence and following what you believe a relationship should be like. If you don't find any women follow your standards, they aren't the right fit, and you shouldn't get upset that they don't subscribe to your beliefs. Just keep looking.

I am him. I talk a lot, and I write pretty big blog posts too as you put it. Chalk it up to English being my third language, or because I'm just weird like that. Can't be helped.

For sounding as cool headed as you do, I'm really surprised you didn't assume the obvious that being forced to fight offensive strawmen used against me would naturally make me more aggressive and defensive in return. Nobody likes be slapped simply for saying how they feel.

And yes, while I maybe angry and frustrated, my wording clearly failed to deliver the "why" of it. I'd urge you to consider my point of view simply from the experience I've clearly had in life. Point being, we humans are psychological beings and it's not a matter of personal decision or a flaw in personality, but rather a matter of experience that we WILL react psychologically to traumatic experiences in life.

In simple terms, we all know it's been studied and proven that children who are unnoticed, not cared for, and unloved by their parents, develop issues. It is exactly similar that when a young man spends his entire life up to almost 30 years old without ever once being noticed or cared for by the opposite sex despite his best efforts, then he will develop issues. Unless he's a sociopath, or some fucking robot.

I'm not saying this to play the victim here, I'm simply saying that from a simply logical standpoint, anyone including myself can see where it leads. It's not about whether women or men or God or Santa is to blame. It's the fact that after a life like that for any reason, there's gonna be some pent up anger, frustration, and trust issues. And while I understand where it's from, as a person I'm still susceptible to it.

So logically AND emotionally, going MGTOW it's the obvious solution to make. Whose fault it is ultimately doesn't matter, it's just life, circumstance, cause, and effect. It's not personal.

Sorry for another blog post, and I appreciate you reading this far.

[citation needed]

That's all fine and dandy, but when you go on a tirade about how awful women are:
and also say that any man who puts up with women is doing it purely for sex, it makes you sound incredibly jealous and salty.

Just admit that companionship isn't for you, or that you have an abnormal personality that's incompatible with most people. Nothing wrong with that.

>provided you find the right girl

I'm starting to think I'm lucky to be gay.

Boy I wish all boards had IDs, it makes things so much easier.

If you dont find success, don't give up. It sounds like you've settled for a girl when she may not have shared the same values as you, or has not cared for the relationship nearly as much. In that instance, you should recognize that earlier on. It may take a while, and it does require patience, but find the right person before you emotionally invest in them.

Or, if you're dead set on giving up, there is no point in being salty about it.

is this a real question?

>I'm starting to think I'm lucky to be gay.
it is the same situation with the homos.

Men are meant to be pleased to serve women.

This is what happens once that men do not get those ''useless dumb whores''

i think he was joking but idk

Just use women for getting your progeny, your pride and joy. Teach them, protect them and guide them, watch them grow.

Women don't have this protector - provider instinct and they don't usually take joy in creating something awesome. They're just there to get a male to get em pregnant and then they want someone to take care of all that. That's all they want.

So build your empire, use women to get your progeny and extend your empire to your next generation (your progeny)

Lowkey, don't always try to please these women. Just take care of your kids n fuxk them women lmao (just put on a act to "love" (women perceive love different than men, take note) them)

I choose all my self serving objects based on their ability raise my self esteem.

>Men are meant to be pleased to serve women.

What kind of fuckery is this
You walkin upsidedown homie? Lmao

Haha says the single wretch who has no clue. You just attract women who are predominantly like you.

Pretty much this op, change it up and try to meet women in different environments. It's by no means of a coincidence that you seem to meet 'only all the bad womens'.

Hang in there bud! Read a book.