Hey Veeky Forums my roommate told me weeks ago he isn't growing weed in his mini greenhouse when I confronted him...

Hey Veeky Forums my roommate told me weeks ago he isn't growing weed in his mini greenhouse when I confronted him. What plant is this?

No fucking clue but it's not cannabis.

That is pot 100%

How do you know? Pot has 5 leaves right but this is still early in growing. I wish we had a plant expert

Bro I have grown pot. That is fucking weed.

The plant has 5 leaves on the higher branches. The first couple branches usually only have 3 leaves.
Trust famigla, it is cannabis.

Is there anything I can do to confirm this?

Brother I am telling you 100% that is weed i have grown it several times.

Here is 100g a-PVP HCl

Call the police into your house, and wait to see if they arrest you or not.

Kek thanks man. I guess I'll have to go to plebbit then feelsbadman. You guys are 10x smarter though than them

That's a blackberry plant you dumbass

that's definitely weed, but leave your roommate alone

google "picture of a young cannabis plant"
you fucking retard, would've been done in 2 seconds but instead you had to create this thread
and please stop fucking with your roommates drugs, you'll catch a beating sooner or later

That's totally weed, haha. If you want confirmation, ask him what it is then google pictures of whatever he says.

Confirmed weed 100%
Source: work in a grow lab in Colorado

I have an IQ of 197. I have a PhD in plant gender studies and I can assure you with 100% certainty that this is in fact your normal stinging nettles.

Instead of asking such a dumb question in future why don't you you learn a real degree and not fall for the stem meme. I'm just about to start my new job on a farm

there is no subtlety among people these days

What is the point of a-PVP?

Delirium and hallucinations just sounds like nightmares to me. not a good trip.

Do you live where this is a legal issue? Are you on a college campus?

If yes to both, destroy it immediately.

If yes to the second question only, then pretend it isn't happening. Stick to it no matter what. Seriously.

If yes to the first question only, why the fuck did you move in with this guy if you are so insecure?

>he never ate seeds from a datura plant growing outside his dorm
>he never had to explain to his dormmates why he was acting so strange and vomitted all over the showers when they wore off

baka desu senpai

that's A LOT of a-pvp, goddamn

snorting/smoking/injecting it every 30-60 minutes, fapping and categorizing porn for 4 days and then going in to a psychosis, more like

Do you really think pvp is pcp?

no, though i'm not him
but is 3-meo-pcp pcp? i haven't tried the real deal but 3-meo-pcp kind of felt like it could get out of hand at times, really fun though

Dear OP.
You want proof its cannabis? Cut it. Watch his reaction. Then you will know.

is there a better feel in the world than frantically sorting porn while wired up on stimulants?

i work in the legal pot industry.. and that's definitely weed.

and ya as was said before, chill out.. it's just weed.

Um...jerking off to said porn while sorting it and having your mother walk in on you just as you ejaculate?

> PhD in plant gender studies
fucking hell, there's more shitposting and lies on Veeky Forums than /b/

Now what?
Grass your m8 or destroy the plant and you are asking for a major beating.

Try to talk sense into him, but since he didnt tell you in the first place he will probably just laugh at you. (what kind of roomnate are you for him not to tell you that? )

Or you can act like a normal person and be okay with it

The guy is a dick

It looks like cannabis , but before you jump to conclusions about your roommate - it could be non-THC producing hemp strain. Maybe your roommate is growing hemp for fiber to make his own rope cloth or paper.

Just dump a bunch of saltwater in the soil and be done with it, OP.

Smoke it with him faggot.

That's actually kind of clever, you could also infest it with spider mites by bringing in some plant material from outside and shaking it over the pot plant.

That is a cannabis plant, there are 5 leaves. The reason they're so big is because that's a very indica-leaning strain. You'd be dumb not to indulge in it, strains like that are quite rare.

That is actually poison ivy.real weed has thc crystals on it.pic

>plant gender studies
>stem meme

This is why I love you sci

Oh shit, that's my photo hah.

Took that years back.
Strain is called Church OG
Got it from a place called Green Cross Wellness Center

Rat him out and fuck his mother

>Has never seen "into the void"

You should never fuck a dealers mother

>dat concentrated dank

tell him to move the light a little closer to the plant, it's a little stretched, once it reaches to 1 1/12 - 2 times the size of the pot, switch it to a larger pot. Shit, your'e room mate is inattentive as fuck OP

It's pot you retard my sides

Why not smoke some and find out?

worst case you die from smoking deadly poison or some stupid bullshit, but it's a risk I'm willing for you to take in the name of science.