Calc 2 test tomorrow wish me luck!

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Good Luck.

I've got my calc 2 final in one week. Series tripped me up a little but I got a 100 on the first test (only integration) so I should be able to coast and get an A. Good luck friend.

Ugh. Hated this class. Each test I had covered a lot of material, plus each section literally has sooo many cases. Like the hydrostatic force section. Objects in water. Sides of objects in water. Moments of inertia, cent roids etc. all in just one section.

This course disgusted me I'm glad to have made it through alive

why do you have a photo of your notes from high school?

Got my calc 2 test Friday over series, good luck bro!

Got a test on friday that's basically calc 3. Calc 3 was a precursor, got an A in that and so far have gotten an A on every test in this class, despite getting a D in calc 2.

Girly handwriting. You a grill?

Those are calc 1 notes, OP.

Should be doable, good luck OP

Nah those are Calc 2

I thought Calculus 2 was
[math]\displaystyle \int \int \int \int \int \int \int f(t,u,v,w,x,y,z) \, \mathrm{d}t \, \mathrm{d}u \, \mathrm{d}v \, \mathrm{d}w \, \mathrm{d}x \, \mathrm{d}y \, \mathrm{d}z[/math]

I always thought calc II was a much better class than calc I or III.

Evaluating integrals or series is somewhat of a soft skill you have to practice instead of brainless plug and chug like the rest of calculus.

Canonical calculus sequence in the states is something like
>Calc I: limits/derivatives/basic integrals
>Calc II: completion of one-variable integrals, sequences & series
>Calc III: vector/multivariable calculus

>calc I
>highschool tier question difficulty

Is this real life? Do you go to uni in burgerland?

How about complex/hypercomplex multivariable (i.e. multiple integrals, PDEs etc.) analysis?

analysis isn't usually tought in calculus. maybe they'll do some eps-delta proofs in derivative calculus, but the Cal1-2-3 sequence is meant more for all STEM students (including prospective math majors)


>haha my introductory level math class was a little harder than yours
Calculus can only be made so difficult.


You say that's not a part of calulus?


partial differentiation is introduced in calculus 2 or 3, or calculus 1 if you're in a good class
the theory of partial differential equations is a separate field involving some very high-level mathematics, and a first PDE class is usually taken after calculus1&2&3, linear algebra, diffEQ, and maybe analysis, depending on where you take it and who is teaching it

Got my Calc II final in a few days. Currently studying now, series are also fucking me over.

got u covered senpai

Where I am studying Calc II was Calc I but multivariable

I live in Switzerland. In my school we don't have something called Calculus so..what exactly is it?

The term "calculus" is a Murrikan (not sure if British) thing. Given that infinitesimals are considered non-rigorous and thus somewhat "deprecated", they simply shortened "infinitesimal calculus" to "calculus". In German-speaking countries it's still called "Infinitesimalrechnung" though, or alternately simply "Analysis". For Murrikans "analysis" is only the quite more advanced stuff that builds on what they call "calculus". Yea, confusing I know.

(And btw imho "calculus" is a crappy term really, because it all by itself could mean just anything that has to do with "calculation". But it stuck somehow.)

>In German-speaking countries it's still called "Infinitesimalrechnung" though
So Germans still believe in infinitesimals? Is non-standard analysis being taught there?

Not really, it is just a name that stuck. And I can't say I hear it much. Maybe teachers in high school evoke infinitesimals to help students build an intuition for integrals and derivatives, but that's it.
When you enroll in a German university doing maths, you don't take a "calculus" course, you do "Analysis I". It's proof-based (what a word, when is math ever not proof-based?) from the beginning.

You can find nice solutions for some basic forms, but almost all PDE's have to be modeled computationally, and even then it's a bitch to get the parameters right. I wouldn't call doing that hypercomplex, but it isn't childsplay either.

Had a calc 3 test last friday. My tracher literally baby-stepped the test and killed all my rhythm. Hopefully your teacher is not as shitty as mine OP good luck m8

"Hypercomplex" is supposed to mean variables which are quaternions, octonions, etc.

All STEM majors have to take proof based analysis I. that seems excessive.