If only it was this easy

if only it was this easy








>where are all the prime numbers
In the set of all positive integers. It is that easy, if you aren't a stupid fuck.


>where are all the prime numbers

[math]P \subset \mathbb{N}[/math]

[math]1[/math] is NOT prime.






[Last 2 digits of my post number]


holy shit

check my primes

Prime roll thread


>3, 19763
>3, 73
>11, 911, 8019911
>23, 20023
>3, 73, 373
>7, 8020387
>41, 20441
>7, 47, 547

Rolling for that Grothendieck

Rolling for 2 prime: best prime

2 isnt a prime number, dingus


check it

Lrn2prime fgt pls

Check em


I guarrantee my post is going to be composed of prime numbers

Kek. Then it's divisible by 1, itself, and what else exacly?


check my postnumber faggot

2 is even so it cant be prime

Zero is a prime.

Then why is (2) a prime ideal?

I have a 50% chance I get this right, either I get it or I don't

2 is prime number

Check em

check my prime pls

Prove it


holy shit.

1 is not prime

Then why do they hand out huge cash prizes to anyone who finds a new one?

Misread never mind

grothendieck pls leave


Please let prime rolling spread to other boards


Let's make a thread in

>every prime must be odd

You pulled that "definition of a prime" outta your ass when exaclty?

The actual definition is pretty much what said (i.e. if a number is divided only by 1 and itself, it's prime). 2 happens to satisfy that condition, thus it is prime (no other even number can be prime though for obvious reasons).

But [math]2|2\Rightarrow 2\in 2\mathbb{N}\not\subset \lvert \operatorname{Spec}(\mathbb{Z})\rvert [/math]

last 3 digits = prime

why would you even reply to that..

got a couple of primes here

If 2 is not prime, then what are the prime factors of 2?

Checkmate, atheist.

>Wut is da biggest number?
If only it were this easy.

there literally exists a polynomial whose range is the primes.

I had no idea prime numbers were so common between 8,019,763 and 8,023,101

Roughly every 15 numbers in that range is prime.

>eyo cracka where da prime numbas at


Prove me wrong. Protip faggots: you can't

Not prime, divisible by 2

>divisible by 2

Prove it faggot

Not prime, divisible by 123419081459012735129037589730458170925891024590218357901248597012459910245709120954781098245901254098719081245798019280457901295047819802578901245798012359809102453897012390587128903509821359801235908123905812398051928035980123590123419081459012735129037589730458170925891024590218357901248597012459910245709120954781098245901254098719081245798019280457901295047819802578901245798012359809102453897012390587128903509821359801235908123905812398051928035980123590781980257890124579801235980910245389701239058712890350982135980123590812390581239805192803598012

how can you fuck up this badly...

it ends with a 2:

So? 1093210409812342 ends in 2 as well, and that doesn't mean it's divisible by 2. You can't just look at a number and tell if it's divisible by 2 you moron

This isn't even funny shitposting

you're trolling a bit too hard now

Let me guess: you're an engineer

come on, you can't even pretend to be this stupid.

So what if I am? How does that have anything to with thsi?

Dude you know how Veeky Forums views "pretending to be retarded"

Factoring is a hard problem you dipshits. If you could just look at a number and tell what it's divisors are from the last digit, factoring would be easy. Plus, counterexample:

23 ends with a 3, but it is not divisible by 3

>Factoring is a hard problem you dipshits
Not if it ends in a 2

Okay factor that number I gave you then if it's so easy

stop this charade

>I realized he's right, better accuse him of trolling

Veeky Forums sucks since the high schoolers came tbqh

Okay guys a I googled it and it turns out it's kind of right, but ONLY for 2. So you all still look like a bunch of morons for claiming you can look at the last digit to tell if it's divisible by something

No, it's just that you misread their original point, then I missed that first time round.

They were saying that being able to tell whether a number is divisible by 2 is not an issue. You then somehow misinterpreted that as them saying that factorising any number is easy, because you're a complete retard

Fuck off, like you never make mistakes. And so what that I never learned that fact about 2? It's a piece of meaningless trivia probably regurgitated by popsci idiots

Actually, you can instantly know that any number that ends in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 0 is not prime because they will be divisible by 2. All even numbers are divisible by 2, and therefor can not be prime

this is the most basic of basics to finding a prime number

divided by 2 equals exactly

did it in my head btw

Ohhhhh because 10 is also divisible by 2 so you only need to look at the last digit. So it works with 5 too. Neat. Sorry I was rude user

>so what that I never learned that fact about 2? It's a piece of meaningless trivia probably regurgitated
I'm going to stop you right there and point out that divisibility by 2/the concept of even number is literally a grade school concept. Either you're trolling, literally autistic, or you just plain don't belong on Veeky Forums at all. I haven't read the thread.

Please tell me this isn't serious.

you did it in ur ass

you can also add up all the digits and if the sum of digits is divisible by 3, the number is divisible by 3. that only works in base 10, but that's okay because every base is base 10

Well you were right about the fact that I'm in High School, so at least you've got that going for you

I've met people that would employ this exact type of trolling. It's easily not serious.

All even numbers are divisible by 2 you fucking faggot. That's the definition of an even number.

in this post number

>if only it was this easy

Nobody said it would be, should be, or even could be.

Rolling for a prime

I don't want a prime

The pic is so fucking clever... I never thought that.

>shits on engineers
>lives in a house, drives a car, drives on roads and streets, use a cellphone, use a AC, use a heater,....
Cool, brah

That is literally what defines base numbers. How can you know about base numbers but not know that?