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When you were a kid, did you like space or dinosaurs more?

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Dinosaurs, no contest.


jupiter was a close second though

Space, but dinosaurs were close
When we made our own gel painted shirts in pre school, mine was the solar system.
But I loved those dinosaur! magazines from the early 90s

I used to read lots of small books or magazines regarding both, but I think dinosaurs edged space overall. Space had Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter's great red spot, but dinosaurs were literally terrifying ancient monsters, hard to beat. Especially since you could have dinosaur toys.

I always found dinosaurs a bit childish, and I'm not even a cynical asshole. Space interested me a lot more.

It reminded me of how small my existence was.

>when I was 4, space reminded me of how small my existence was

jesus fuck

I still like dinosaurs more, and will continue until I can roar like an exoplanet or whatever gets astronomers up in the morning.


Anyone else feel like dinosaurs aren't popular anymore?

When I was a kid I wanted to die, so space


As a kid I fell hard for the "be an inventor" meme.
Picture books about intercontinental missiles and spacecrafts were much more impressionable to me than any stupid dinosaur toy naturally.

Shit man, I loved both. Probably dinosaurs more.

I liked volcanos.

I remember in kindergarten we got to choose what subject we did next, so the teacher would put up different stuff from different areas. I remember the first time we did it like 50% went dinosaurs and it won, and I was a little mad because I wanted space but then again dinos were cool too.
We did space next, so it was okay.
There was also some stupid shit like plants or whatever, who even cares.

I wish science was actually that fun

Shit I legitimately don't know. I guess space. I'm more the Star Wars kid than the Jurassic Park kid. I really do love dinosaurs though

Dinosaurs then space.
Got more into space the more I was able to understand.
Remember watching a program about black holes when I was like 5/6, at the time that shit scared the fuck out of me, but hooked me with morbid curiosity.

A-Are pythons safe to touch?

I'm not a snake owner, but I heard most snakes are pretty friendly and safe to pet. Obviously you don't want to fuck around with the ones that can kill people, but that's a very small % of snake species. Also, if you annoy the snake or hurt it, it will probably attack in self-defense.

That said, snakes can bond with their owers, and are happy to be held and touched - particularly since humans are a good source of body heat for the snake. They don't try to attack or anything (since the snake knows it would never be able to eat you due to the size difference).

Check this guy's video out:

When I was 7, I had 5 educational books about dinosaurs and i had 5 educational books about space. I then got another book about dinosaurs for Christmas and decided to leave space behind entirely.

And then they started making Star Wars prequels and dinosaurs got tragically abandoned.

I was always into plants and the life of cells.

By comparison it's definitely space, dinosaurs never really interested me.

lol, I remember I had an existential crisis when I discovered the universe was infinite because knowing humanity or even God could never grasp everything since it was infinite was a very depressing thought back then, it made me cry into sleep from despair. Don't remember the age though, but I'm sure it was below 10.

What made me depressed as a kid was learning that everything eventually come to an end. The sun would explode way before Andromeda even reaches us, and even if we moved to other planets eventually all stars burn out and the universe just keeps infinitely expanding until everything is so far apart that virtually nothing exists anymore

Remembers me of the movie where the child main character once learned from his paranoid /x/-tier teacher about the eventual explosion of the Sun and then this depresses him greatly in his childhood. The movie kinda concludes with him accepting that all things have an end and nothing is immortal, but I don't remember the full philosophy.

I think the movie was the Where the Wild Things Are movie.

Kids probably shouldn't be exposed to existential philosophical ideias.

>Dinosaurs K-1
>Space 2nd grade on.

I went with my class to a planetarium field trip around grade 2.
It was overall a very amazing and awe-inspiring trip. Since many of the numbers used were very high like thousand, million, billion etc, at some point a guy came in and asked up how much do we think 1 million is?
He brought out a simple book with nothing but dots in it. They were very small and there were a lot of them.
He guided us through and showed us that there were 10 here, then 100 here.

I think most every kid there barely even knew what any number beyond 100 was so when he kept going it stupefied a lot of them.
Me, especially.

He pointed out how there were something like 5 thousand dots on each page.
Then he kept flipping through the book and it seemed like there were infinity dots in it.
He said there was only 1 million dots total in this book.
My mind was fucking blown.

At every point thereafter, whenever anyone said stuff like "10 billion years or 2 million light years" I felt goosebumps go through my entire body in awe.

I always loved the fuck out of space/astronomy afterwards.
Though it also helped me understand Dinosaurs/biology more, as well, space became my heart's fascination.

I was completely obsessed with space after a brief stint with dinos in kindergarden, to the point that I begged my parents for a giant space book for christmas (multiple times), and learning about, fantasizing, and obsessing over the space shuttle so much that I remember swamping my 3rd grade teacher with questions about/trying to look like a smartass with my knowledge of the Challenger disaster.

I remember the time in preschool that I actually thought about the concept of death seriously for once, cried for about 10 minutes, then promptly forgot about it. Guess my mind wasn't ready for that kind of deep shit huh

Holy fuck
I'm actually crying

Space. I blame Carl Sagan's DvDs.

I lost it when the spotlight focuses on the monster in the dark, and turns out to be a turd.

Thanks for sharing, been looking out for this ever since I saw a webm of the bear scene.

I preferred chemistry to be honest.

dinosaurs, but i owned a telescope and used it to show the neighborhood the full moon at night.

Up to here, it is

Dinosaurs: 8
Space: 12

And a few notable subjects like volcanos (yes), cells and biology (yes), and chemistry (admittedly i was a bit older before this really caught me).

Dinosaurs easily

I love nature and animals. Shoulda been a zoologist desu.

Now I'm an adult I am far more fascinated in Space. It offers a future and isn't simply looking into the past like Dinos

Space, though dino fascination was certainly there. Nothing quite beats visiting the moon.