Post the greatest scientific minds of our time

post the greatest scientific minds of our time

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>greatest scientific minds of our time
>posts muskman who works engineers to pulp as it

I wish prophet Musk (PBUH) posters would just go back to that place that cannot be mentioned.

Go back to /x/ you fucking unlearned shit bucket.

Don't fucking reply to me again unless you're contributing to the thread

Fuck you Elon musk worked hard to get where he is you stupid fucking fuck get the fuck out

He is the hardest worker there is and that makes him the greatest scientific mind of our time, praise prophet Musk (pbuh).

Fuck you, fucking Elon musk fucking worked fucking hard to get the fuck where he fucking is you fucking stupid fucking fuck get the fucking fuck out


>Elon musk fucking worked fucking hard

He was born rich you retard. He was literally given a small loan of a million dollars.

His intellect is at the level of Trump. If you believe that Trump is a genius then fair enough, but you have low standards of smart.

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>this thread

expectations met

Haven't seen that copypasta in a while


What incited you to post this, user? I'm genuinely curious, respond why/what went through your mind as you pasted this pasta into the text field and hit submit.

Then get this: The only logical response is this:

Why does Veeky Forums suck this guys dick? At least pick someone that actually changed the world. As much as I hate Bill Gates, he's done way more than your shitty pseudo-scientists.


>got a small loan of a million dollars
>developed paypal, which granted seems pretty obvious in hindsight but ended up making him a billionaire.
>invests in creates two high risk, high tech physical object startups in the age of digital
>tesla has 300k+ preorders for a practical electric vehicle
>spacex is primed to be the first corporation to fly a reusable rocket, launch costs are already half of competitors

what would you do with a million dollar loan user, and would you end up a billionaire changing multiple major industries as a result?

maybe he's not a genius or a truly self-made man, but its hard to deny his accomplishments.


>got a small loan of a million dollars
>developed paypal, which granted seems pretty obvious in hindsight but ended up making him a billionaire.
He didn't developed it, he invested in it.
>tesla has 300k+ preorders for a practical electric vehicle
Same hype as for apple. Products are still shit value for money in both cases. The door handles are falling off the car for fuck's sake
>spacex is primed to be the first corporation to fly a reusable rocket, launch costs are already half of competitors
Competitors are more expansive because they have more powerful, more reliable rockets. The falcon 9 literally has the performances of a 70's launcher, and that with all the support they got from NASA. Pretty shitty tb'h.

>maybe he's not a genius or a truly self-made man, but its hard to deny his accomplishments.
>people still fall for le self-made man meme
Stop embarrassing yourself by letting everyone know you fap to him, you fucking asswad.

>He didn't developed it, he invested in it.

he's a rich guy who actually cares about human progress and gives smart people the money and utilities to make things happen. Fuck him right?

So? That's irrelevant. Being a nice guy and a smart investor doesn't mean you're adept at developing technology.

It's totally relevant

>Competitors are more expansive

GTFO brainlet

But Elon is an engineer.
Has he even made one scientific contribution?

This guy is literally just some autistic little contrarian who gets bullied at school, don't mind him.

You people are fucking bizarre. I swear every time I come to this board there are 3 or 4 bait threads on the front page. Like, holy shit, all of the joking pro-Elon posts are obviously from one or two guys

Elon is sometimes a cock-muncher while simultaneously making pretty great progress (through his engineers which he can advise with expertise in the field, thus making him a better and more effective CEO). He has done some pretty great stuff and inspired a lot of people with the help of others.

>meaningfulness not available
sounds about right

>>greatest scientific minds of our time
>posts businessman
guess you believe steve jobs and bill gates are great "computer people", too...

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came here to post this

yep, i guess justin trudeau wasn't worth pointing out over elon musk

kill yourself

also, terence tao


Now fuck off with your shit bait

how does this man qualify as a scientist exactly? I'm not disputing his "gr8 mind", but his scientific credentials are pretty shallow. BS in economics and physics plus 0 scientific contributions (that I know of) doesn't make one a scientist

fucking forgot to sage sorry senpai and fuck you op

>greatest scientific minds of our time

Musk actually never did a damn thing.
He didn't invent anything nor envisioned anything.
He just bought things and promoted the things he bought.
Like Edison.

There are three kinds animals.
Leaders, Drones and Outcasts.
Leaders and Outcasts invent and discover things.
Drones always paint Leaders as misunderstood genius Outcasts, even when they're not.

In this regard, Musktards are no different than Mactards or Politictards.

There is no reality in tardism.

Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet.

>0 results

Oh, don't mind me. Just being an engineer and better than most physicists around at the time.

It was a real shame what edison did to him

Maryam Mirzakhani

>this fucking thread
I don't know why I'm laughing.

>mfw people unironically post bill gates and steve jobs itt

Most autistic mind, maybe.

He's a poster boy. Don't get me wrong that's an important job too. Channeling kid's excitement so they want to study science and engineering is super duper important. But it's not Necessarily the same as being a great scientist or an engineer. It could be, but doesn't have to be.

The best of the best.

>better than most physicists around at the time.
If clinging to Aether theory and denying the existence of electrons makes you "better than most physicists", then Ken Ham must be better than every scientist, ever.


Thanks for not being a Tesla cuck.

It's easy to ensure not to make any silly or embarrassing mistakes at all. Just sit around and do nothing. But that doesn't make you great. You can't judge peoples work by their rock bottoms all the time. If you do, then what you do is efficiently to encourage skilled people to actually give up and then you are acting the brake-pedal.


No but Ken M is.

>"If we don't study the mistakes of the future we're doomed to repeat them for the first time"
- Ken M

I think this quote is amazing, simply profound.

Obviously John Gabriel, creator of the New Calculus.

That's fucking Sabretooth

Avoiding mistakes, then how are we gonna learn?

Had to be done :^)


Nice trips, but the objective is not to learn, it is to avoid the pain of mistakes ;o)

Don't fucking reply to me or my son again

i got two words FUCKYOU

i love you so much

He's exposing the truth


the banksy of science array

>a scientist

Tesla ftw

Dat money, dat no stress

Oh wait, that was FaceCuck

You know ya gotta best science man when he's not a filthy causal like all the others.

>born into 1%
>given anything he wanted
>got lucky in dot-com bubble
>hasn't invented anything
>hasn't discovered anything
>companies only exist because of billions in government welfare
>can't even make a fucking door work right
>even if tesla is successful it will be raped by the real manufacturers when they decide to start making them
>spacex has limited market, and blue origin has more money so will eventually overtake them

>his father gave him like 10 grand to invest

No u.

Please tell me how it's normal for someone to causally gift 10k for "idea guy the company".

>>his father gave him like 10 grand to invest
That probably makes him top 1% in SA.

Seriously though, I think he came from a middle class/upper middle class family, certainly not extravagantly wealthy.

Also, say what you will about him, he really worked his ass off when he could have just taken things easy and fucked lots of whores.

My parents are dirt poor and even they probably could have put together $10k for me if I had a really good idea.

You'd be surprised how many middle class kids in the US get cars from their parents or help with college that amounts to much more than $10k.

Well that pretty much confirms me for either pleb-class or yuropoor - (you) decide!

It's just I'd never strain my parents for risky investments.
All of my family and friends think that I've the occasional good idea.
Obviously they lie of course, that's why I don't run off with bags of investment money
I'd inevitably lose in this harsh competitive economy. Let's face it, he won the startup-lottery and cashed hard. There is no American dream.

>noob detected
I'm aware it's a pasta, a very very old one at that. I was curious as to what he hoped to get out of posting it, but he didn't answer. They never do.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think I could ever risk that much from my parents either, just stating that it doesn't necessarily make him rich.

And yeah, he definitely won the startup lottery but he took that wealth and decided to invest it in two very high risk ventures rather than simply put it in some hedge fund and retire off the earnings. That alone wins him some points in my book.

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