A Way to Make the Autistic Feel Empathy


Could this be the way to cure Autism? Could Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation be the future of Brain health?

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We can test it on /pol/ and find out

People who can't empathize give me the creeps.

there's none they don't have, theory of mind

>forcing people to do irrational things

My doctor says I'm autistic because I can't feel empathy, but the truth is that I just don't empathize all the time. I only empathize when it's useful. The idea that we need to be empathizing all the time is more harmful than it is good.

Sounds like a pretty good idea, it'd make my job alot easier since they'll know what it feels like to get kicked in the back or get your neck clawed at for no reason.

>I only empathize when it's useful
So you are a psychopath.

>lel such a psycho xDD
So you are a normie

You sound fucking stupid.

Look, if you're still going to troll or act retarded, that's fine.
- Swear
- Ad hominem; Call people names
- Don't provide counter-arguments
- Reject realism and the scientific consensus
That's ok.
Just don't loop.
Looping is cancer.

Personal incredulity and the argument from ignorance are fallacies. You're ignorant.
You imply you have no knowledge of the other kinds, therefore they don't exist.
That is wrong irrational.

Autist here.

Want us to feel empathy? Give us a good dose of magic mushrooms. Worked for me, at least while I was on them. After wards I realized what an asshole I'd been all my life and how oblivious I am and lack self awareness (not that kind, you shits).

I've posted this in another thread already. I'm on the spectrum and my empathy is stupid strong, for people, for my fucking food sometimes.

But I can never express my emotions, so I appear like I don't have any to everyone. I involuntarily project myself to have no empathy.

It's very frustrating to hear "we don't have empathy" from a non autistic person.

I feel you.

I'm not diagnosed but I'm definitely aware of the sharp distinction between the emotions I feel for people and how I actually execute my actions in response to those emotions.

It's less of a problem with people I'm very familiar with, but even then, it's always right under the surface and having an "off" day can make interactions with the people I love still feel like awkward obstacles.

You can't be autistic and have high empathy.

>Feeling others emotions

>being able to read their body language

GTFO fake aspie trash

I'm going to go ahead and assume you're purposefully trying to rile me up

i suppose I have already riled you up but that wasn't my primary intention. my intention was to let you know that you can't be highly empathetic and autistic. that's a fucking contradiction.


I was listening to this today.

This guy's life changed completely. He suddenly realized when someone was making fun of him, when people were lying to him, when he was embarrassing himself, all kinds of shit.

He went from getting fired for being a loner/not-a-team-player, to being a member of the club, a leader in some cases.

Really promising stuff


>being a broken human being

I genuinely think this is great. The only downside is that you won't be able to call someone a raging autist anymore.

>turning regular retards into retarded women

I wonder who was behind this

Dumb guy here, but is it ever possible to, say, "out grow" emotional detachment disorders? I remember when I was young, how I would never be able to 'get' emotions and people, but around the age of 15, I suddenly starting picking up signs and signals while also gaining a sense of empathy that I never knew I had. I'm not saying I have/had autism, but can parts of your brain just sort of 'wake up' after a couple of years of staying relatively inactive?

so you put one on everyone and turn it up full blast and then we'd have a kind of low-grade emotional telepathy right? like a hive mind?


The other person mocked you, but I think it's a funny and acute observation.

>You can't be autistic and have high empathy.

I score uncomfortably high on the pop sci autism tests (haha, not serious tests, right? right??) including cliches like excessive sensitivity to sound.

On the other hand I have excessive empathy (runs in the family) that has a lot of real strange effects.

>retarded women
you mean, you know... just women

And what for people who have chosen to either disregard or trained themselves to not feel empathetic?

Is it really such a cure? Is there even something to cure in those cases?

It can also be used to give normies the 'tisms.

empathy is over rated. Trust me, I'm talking from experience.

sound's to me, like you cant' empathize with autistic people.

you are 100% right. If you empathize non-selectively, then you just go insane; divert your cognitive resources towards that, and since the world is full of evil, and just because you're not looking for it; seeing it, because you wont see something you're not looking for, you'll just spend all your time empathising, and will become a loser new age lets make the world butter with our feeling... faggots.

>to being a member of the club
>a leader in some cases.

implying some of the greatest minds have not been team players.

the KKK is a club

Hitler was a leader.

If they require you to not be truthful with others, then you're not living up to the standards of being a human being. Manipulating people is just wrong. Its not like this person all of a sudden became empathetic, they just censored themselves. How often do you pose yourself the question "what kind of world are we living in?"

>at has a lot of real strange effects.

for the record, its wash the part of the brain that is responsible for empathy that selected for the frontal cortex. So high empathy is a desirable trait to have.

Now whether its a useful trait to have in our modern world, that's for time to judge :D the "lizard" brain has served people just as well

he he

it's a myth that autistics don't feel empathy, and in fact some of them feel it more strongly than the average person

Not going to ask me if I have a criminal record? Whether I killed animals when I was a kid? How often I misbehaved in school? How sexually promiscuous I was? Are you even using Hare's checklist? No, you aren't. Your diagnostic criteria is at the level of a gossiping woman who reads Psychology Today and tells you your horoscope at the water cooler. No one likes that woman.

I am one of the dumbest people I know. Many people consider me to be stupid. When I got my IQ tested (before they diagnosed me with Autism), they said it was about 90. Life is very difficult for me.

>if you empathize non-selectively, then you go insane

Exactly. I used to do this and I ended up feeling horrible all the time- the weight of the world on my shoulders, everyone's problems were my problems. I became unbearably depressed and anxious. I don't do this anymore- which is why I said before, I only do it when it's useful- when it's needed. Which contrary to what the previous user said, doesn't make me a psychopath. I am far too socially retarded and obedient to be a psychopath, even if you ignore the fact that I've never broken the law willingly, which is one of the main criteria for a psychopath. Being practical doesn't make me a criminal.

By who?

You're probably going to dismiss this as "just /pol/ shit", but radical Leftists are often obsessively empathetic and altruistic, to the point of it being pathological.

There are two kind of emphaty: cognitive and affective empathy. Healthy people have both.

Cognitive people enable you to read expressed emosion, facial and body languange. Without affective empathy, you can't actually relate to what they feel. Person on front of you looks sad, you know it even with just subtle expression, but you can't understand why. Having only cognitive empathy is one trait of psycho/sociophaty and other similar disorder, might come up as manipulative.

Affective empathy enable you to relate to other people emotion. If they feel sad, you too feel sad, if they happy you can be happy as well. When you lack of cognitive emphaty, you can't take hint subtle emotional expression, or not at all. Might come off simply as dense. Observable lack of cognitive emphaty may help to diagnose autism.

>radical Leftists
Well yes, if you use /pol/ terms and categories rather than an actual source that bothered trying to find where those traits actually occur in a given population, it's only heuristic to dismiss it as /pol/ shit.

But nobody disagrees that SJW bloggers are pathological. Not even SJW bloggers think of themselves as anything but pathological. We're only a single post away from the entire SJW blog community taking pride in being pathological and your /pol/ shit isn't taking us any further from that.

Literally the entire internet is one post away from mass pride in having pathological traits. Veeky Forums is how we assure this precarious mode of existence.

> muh SJW boogeyman
back to faggot

>for the record, its wash the part of the brain that is responsible for empathy that selected for the frontal cortex.
I have no idea what this means.

>So high empathy is a desirable trait to have.
Sure but not always for laudable reasons. Psychopaths can read emotions and use these to manipulate people for their own gains. Lacking moral compass and care for their fellow human beings they rise to the top with wrecked humans in their wake.

What I meant by strange effects is that I rather often experience people looking for help, walking through a crowd of others to reach me and ask me for help. I can often get people to do things I would not expect them to do for total strangers. I can be rather persuasive to a degree I wonder how this is possible. Fortunately I have a working moral compass. This too runs in my family.

>radical Leftists is a /pol/ term

You don't get out much, do you?

>muh empathy
Can you actually provide one single evidence (Other than your feelings, of course) on why this is a good thing?

>inb4 some whiny cunt ignores the feelings part

I take it you don't have high reading comprehension?
I can post a test to check your knowledge of scientific principles and you can share the link of your results, timestamped of course.

You have offered zero counter-point, zero counter evidence.
Therefore I see no reason to continue with you if only I have something to intellectually contribute.

Your denialism is fallacious.

Veeky Forums is for 13-25 year olds.
Reddit is for 22-35 year olds.
Very rarely are there any top level graduates online in forums anymore.
They jump to conclusions, straw man and contradict well known consensus-based concepts, and in some areas, they even reject axioms.

They don't seem to understand the importance of coherency or source.

In this case, user straw mans and then refuses to point to a source, just dictating anons memory justifies anons emotional retort and denial.

Debate etiquette calls for references, which I posted, and logical arguments without presumptions, which I posted, but I doubt anyone will take LOGIC for what it's worth when people can try to rely on self-serving biases and interpretations.

> way to cure Autism
i know 11 year old boy who supposedly had autism and was "cured"

>he went from being a walking wikipeda to little ADD minecraft faggot

>I am one of the dumbest people I know

But your grammar and sentences are on point. this be a lie, yo

But your definition of rational is just as subjective as everyone else's

Ayy, its the loop guy.

Test it on corporate executives and politicians first.

Take away his minecraft for a day and see if he doesn't go full autist mode.

>your definition of rational
>your definition

Construct a proof showing that you can know which definition of rational I'm using from the post I made.

How do you know you can't feel empathy?

How would you even communicate with us or enjoy a book if you couldn't feel empathy?

Sounds like bullshit.

haha don't think too hard about it senpai!

>reddit for 25-35
fucking where I go visit that place and it is bernie activists + children discovering atheism