Why are animals so stupid?

Why are animals so stupid?


millions of years of evolution and they get spooked by mirrors

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don't have the processing power to run the latest version sentience.exe

so their self awareness is limited

animals are so dumb

Human like intelligence isn't the end result of natural selection, other animals are just fine doing what they do.
Natural selection equipped humans to understand and comprehend medium objects moving at medium speeds.
Our natural ability is to avoid being eaten by predatory animals on the African plains.
We were not equipped with the ability to understand things like quantum physics and rocket engine design, those things are a fortuitous happenstance of our larger brain and physical attributes that are tailored to facilitate building things with our hands.

It's difficult to say how "stupid" they are when we don't have data for how humans with no prior exposure to mirrors react to them.

Animals certainly don't get scared by their reflections in water when they go to drink somewhere. It's like seeing water standing up vertically, it's weird.

And we know that animals with lots of experience with mirrors stop giving a fuck about them.

>why are humans so stupid
>millions of years of evolution and they cannot stop destroying themselves and failing to accomplish anything efficiently

african children have failed the mirror test until they were 6 years old.

Dolphins know the thing in the mirror is them.

last i checked, you haven't tried living like a leopard or gorilla. try surviving in their niche and see how you do. this is literally instrument invalidity; or, "are you testing what you think you're testing?" there is neither reliability nor validity in the design of these awful experiments. these animals aren't adapted for use of mirrors. why the hell should they consider the function of a mirror?



I'm sure white kids have too. I can think of plenty of developmental disorders that might cause this problem.

what happens when you ask one of these african kids about it though, or try to explain it to them


some apes do recognize themselves

who gives a damn if dolphins are intelligent
they cant build shit with their fins

> as smart or possibly smarter than humans
>lose evolutionary race because of your shit tier body
>can't even become master of the deep blue because you need to come up for air frequently
Being a dolphin is suffering

Kinda looks like the chimps figured out what was going on.


Ignorance is not knowing about something. It can be cured with a little knowledge or experience.

Stupidity is knowing about something and doing it anyway. Like knowing fire can burn you, but you keep sticking your hand in anyway. You can't cure stupidity.

Lack of a level of intelligence is not having the mental capacity to learn a concept.

Guess which one humans excel at?

>hurr durr humans are just dumb violent primates

Human are animals. OP asked, "Why are animals so stupid?"

Despite our lack of claws and teeth and all that shit, our bodies simply weren't destined for that. Our bodies were meant to create and build (not to mention destroying too). We have thumbs and a bodily structure that works a specific way. All that is powered by our extremely intelligent brains (definitely relative to animals *cough* dumbass people) to aid us. Even if Dolphins were more intelligent than us, they don't have our capabilities because they weren't built to change the environment. Chimps broke off on the more monkey like evolutionary branch, and we eliminated Neanderthals and such so that's why we are the kings of the world by all means.

>tfw animals are just their lives at max graphics so they don't have enough frames to understand what's going on

We didn't eliminate them entirely. There is Neanderthal DNA in modern Human genomes. If you think of it from an evolutionary standpoint we simply thoroughly and repeatedly decimated their total representation in the world's gene pool.

Not every human is smart, OP.

What you may see as stupidity is a maladaptation to an anomalous entity. Humanity has only existed for a small fraction of the time life has been present on earth. That said it's easy to imagine that perhaps we are the ones that are evolutionarily deficient. We've destroyed hundreds of manhours in a single fell swoop and we continue to do this everyday. War plagues us, plagues that have been cured for nearly a century still destroy our bodies, our environmental support is continually weakening and we still push it further. The apes, the cows, the wolves may be "stupid" by our standard but they are at least logical in their existence unlike humans. Sapient or not the majority dictates the broad strokes and they are painting a picture that resembles nothing but arrogance and greed.

They get laid all the time though.

They clearly won the succes-in-life-contest

They are smart, for what they evolved to do.

Most humans find survival without society difficult and taboo.
This is why Survival shows exist, as well as why survival is considered provocative in fantasy/thriller series.

Yet wild animals just survive everyday.
It's their day job.

So they seem pretty smart for creatures that never developed complex societies... probably because we're the apex predictors that claimed the planet for yourself and keep fucking shit up.

And to top it off, we're only this smart because we "stand on the shoulders of giants" because we invented a record keeping system which allowed us to build on our forebearers knowledge.

It only takes a spark.
There are monkeys and crows that steal money to buy food now, so they're not really all that stupid after all.

>dolphin twisting around like an idiot in front of a mirror

Zoologists are beyond fucking retarded.


>The Mark Test

Really interesting, thanks for posting

dolphins have passed the "dot" test, which is a pretty damn good indicator that they actually know what's going on. That video of a dolphin spinning around is just cute

>tfw can't pass the mark test

I'm just terrible at standardized testing

checked & respect'd

Imagine if Octopi were as smart and social as humans. We would be fucked

the mirror test isn't really a test for intelligence... ants have passed the mirror test.

Also consider that reflective surfaces exist in nature (such as pools of still water), so it's not surprising that some animals have evolved to recognize this phenomenon, even if they don't mentally understand it (such as ants)

octopi are actually incredibly intelligent. They're capable of some complex actions and planning

the chimps figured it out after a while
is correct it's just about familiarity

dogs and cats figure mirrors out when they're really young

Humans are shocked/confused by mirrors too before they know about them, you probably were too at some young point that you don't remember and are too stupid to admit/comprehend .

Like you! Must make you more comfortable around them with the familiarity, huh?

Most figure mirrors out by 2 or 3 years. 4 and beyond for tards.

No user, dolphins have the capability to be smarter than us is what he's saying. If we raise probably 50 generations of dolphins we could probably ingrain some level of culture in them to the point where they start teaching their young and passing down lessons on their own. Mind you they'd never actually build anything because of their useless fins, but they'd get damn good at telling stories.

i dunno, the idea that we can even "test" animals to see how they understand mirrors is dubious to me.

we only get to judge their behavior, not their understanding.

even the dolphins or elephants with "marks" on their bodies don't suggest what they understand the reflection to be

mirror test is bullshit without language to express what they "understand"

African kids consistently fail the test at young ages, whereas Asian or European kids do not. This pattern carries over into White and Black populations in the US.


no problem.

No species has come to where it is by some magical sense of natural balance. They don't appear to destroy or distort their ecosystems simply because they either can't or because they've already done so, to their equilibrium point. Prey is kept in check by predators, predators are kept in check by availability of prey and so on. The emergence of intelligence has simply pushed back this point of equilibrium so far that we'll either make our place or go extinct. All is as it should be, humans aren't exceptional in this regard.

Indigenous tribe members flip when they see a mirror

octopus are already pretty intelligent. They just don't live long, so they can't learn things and pass them on to their offspring.

Or maybe they're smart enough to not run an exe installed at startup with no agreement

What about octopuses tho, aren't they about on par with dolphins? They could have mad underwater building skills with their 8 arms full of suckers.

>animals that jump out of the water (a reflective surface) and see it from above recognise mirrors

If they start grooming or looking at a mark put on them by researchers that's strong evidence for self awareness

yeah the elephant also didn't seem phased by the mirror. Wonder if it realised what it was or just didn't give a shit about another elephant being there

>I can think of plenty of developmental disorders that might cause this problem.
Like "being a nigger"?


If I had to guess, the most intelligent non-human animals probably have an idea of reflection -- such as how they don't freak out when they bend down to a vessel of water to have a drink and see a low-resolution image of themselves projecting off of the surface. But man-made mirrors are too reflective and project a much too similar image that they have trouble differentiating it from reality. And of course, they have no concept that objects could have been created or modified with specific purposes.

Why has the age-old adage of "don't feed the trolls" fallen by the wayside

I blame the influx of reddit users

We as primates simply lucked out.

How does it relate to the post ?

The fuck are you on about? Neanderthal DNA is in the majority of the human population. People without Neanderthal genes are much rarer, and are believed to originate somewhere in central Africa.

We need an Opposable Thumb Day to celebrate opposable thumbs with all our other fully thumbed primate friends

I want dolphins as refugees, and let apes stay among themselves.

They did the same thing with an elephant a few years back. The elephant looked in the mirror and then poked at its forehead with its trunk. IIRC some octopi have have also passed the test. Apparently dolphins can recognize their reflection too; not sure how they rigged that up.

Shouldn't all animals that drink water from ponds, rivers, or puddles be familiar with the phenomenon of seeing their reflection?

Humans are apes you idiot

>I am an ape therefore other anons must be too

Read up on the theory of mind.

>Why are animals so stupid?
Because they have no need to be smarter than they are. Having a brain as large as humans (relative to body size) costs a lot in terms of energy. So there is a selection pressure to be only as intelligent as necessary but not more than that.

refer to post below, water is on the ground, the mirror was vertical. I'd like to see the same thing they did with a mirror on the floor, to see if they though it was water.

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Ants have also passed the dot test. Does their 100 neuron brain imbue them with super intelligence also?

Humans are animals.

>Karelian Bear Dog
Then why do I see this when searching for it?

Because animals are closer to women than to humans.

>not understanding taxonomy this much