What causes homosexuality?

What causes homosexuality?

Is it a genetic problem or a mental disorder?

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i don't know. do you consider yourself mentally impaired?

What causes shitposting?

Is it a genetic problem or a mental disorder?

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it is hedonism exacerbated in liberal and libertarian societies.

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Attraction to the male form comes from relating the shape and textures to good feelings

attraction to buttsex comes from a weak digestive system that needs to be prodded around

An attraction to asses means a weak digestive system that is looking for a place to get the enzymes it can't produce.

attraction to dicks means your lower lip is underdeveloped from not tit feeding and developing those muscles

It seems a lot more common than body dysmorphic disorder (an unquestionable mental disorder). No clue.

I heard one theory that claims it's related to the lack of a strong or respectable father figure and not having him bond with you often

From what I can see, this might be true, as my oldest brother in law(half brother of girl friend) lost his father at young age, and turned kinda feminime in his teens.
He's straight now though, but it seems like there's some truth to this theory

>this post

>this armchair philosophy and anecdotal evidence

>this Veeky Forumsany of cancer

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I don't see any science in your post.

I'm not seeing any science in your post.



why do you guys see homosexualism as something bad? i really don`t get it.

Not normal doesn't necessarily mean bad.

>Veeky Forumsany of cancer
Using this.


In all fairness, yes, you probably did.




That's a rare oc, I had to Google the meaning and spelling and everything, don't you dare fucking steal it

it's a fetish for cocks

It's some sort of problem that no one can do anything about so we're forced to live with it

Fair enough

>genetic problem or a mental disorder?
Neither. Homosexuality is as old as sexuality itself. It's an expression of nature's subtle sense of humor. People who have problems with that should first address the mental cause of their problems. Homosexuality is not mandatory after all.

mental disorder

Why not admit to the fact that it's an aberration? I'm not aware if or when biologists have classified the anus as a sexual organ, neither is there any logical grounds to ever do that.

Am I supposed to believe that article hasn't been hijacked by SJWs yet?

Sure, that's why the section on biological differences between gays and straights is full of scientific facts.

It's caused by a fetus receiving the opposite sex hormone in a certain stage of development. Basically, if a male fetus gets a dose of estrogen instead of testosterone at this stage, he becomes gay.
The same thing is true for women: a female fetus receives testosterone instead of estrogen at the same stage, she's now lesbian.

Please go back to the dark ages.

do you enjoy prostate massage?

Mental disorder.


but why this happens is still unclear right?

If this were true it would be pretty easy to test

homosexuality is a social construct and is not measurable.

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They have a better machine that measures boner level.

Would give false negatives due to ED

That's why you measure newfags not oldfags.

humans are born a little bit bi-sexual. being a homo is a matter of choice that is to say faggots should kill themselves.

A hormon disorder.
My theory is that it's decided very early in childhood. You know how kids are repulsed by naked bodies? I think if you rather see naked men as a boy you are repulsed by other men, while if you've never seen a naked woman you're fascinated by their bodies.
The other way round if as kid you saw tol many naked women you're repulsed by women instead.

For my brother and me when we went swimming I always went with my father in the shower room and saw lots of naked men. I never saw a naked woman in my childhood. And I think penises are the most disgusting things in existence I just cannot grasp how people can like dick. Like I don't even get how women can like dick.
On the other hand my little brother always went to women's shower room and probably saw a lot naked women and my theory is that by the same logic that's why he's repulsed by vaginas

I think that works well with my observation

> humans are born a little bit bi-sexual
any proof of this ? or are you just bullshitting again ?




What you think is a theory isn't a scientific theory

I should also mention that my brother went to the women's shower room because my mom took him

Never claimed it was a scientific theory.

>on a science board
>using incorrect scientific terminology

I didn't use the word theory wrong though. It just doesn't meet scientific standards, but it's a theory nonetheless

>Calling a hypothesis a theory

What about in indigenous tribes, where everyone used to walk around naked? Are they all asexual?
Nice "theory" though

how is anyone "a little" bisexual? you like getting fucked in the ass less than 50% of the time? lol

>I just cannot grasp how people can like dick. Like I don't even get how women can like dick.
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Best thread on Veeky Forums

I've heard a hypothesis that it's a genetic response to overpopulation...
Personally I think sexuality is really is just really capricious, take for example furries and bronies, they usually aren't born wanting to bang anthropomorphic animal characters, but over time through associating those ideas with good feelings they can become obsessed enough - in some cases - that they don't even find other people attractive anymore. I'm not saying it's the exact same thing, but it could be based on the same principle.

I'd love to see SJW reactions to this thread


I presume he means preferring one sex and being aroused by one sex more

Nice intentional misunderstanding though

Neither, it's an upbringing disease.

Female brain wiring on a male body. That's why all gay men act like over sensitive pansies and love their looks so much.

Epigenetics offers the best insight into this question currently., and works on the premise of how hormone exposure in natal development leads to changes in neurological architecture, and even some physical traits (look up "digit ratio"). To put it simply:

Females carry epigenetic modifications to "protect" themselves from in utero testosterone exposure. Males have similar epigenetic modifications to protect against female sex hormones. Since we understand these modifications to be conserved, homosexuality occurs when men happen to receive a modification from their mother instead of father, and vice versa for gay women.

Ultimately, it's effective hormone exposure in development. This phenomenon explains why sons born after two or more boys before them are more likely to be gay. The mother's own body and testosterone secretion is quelled after the previous child-bearings, and the latest son receives a less-than typical amount.

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Even there I believe girls rather stick with older women and boys are rather in the environment of older men.
Interesting idea though. Do gay people exist among indigenous people? Is the ratio different than to developed countries?

Good god this thread again for the trillionth time.

This thread is a damn travesty, we are going from Freud to anecdotal to Veeky Forums dumb assery.

Take some damn genetics and evolutionary biology classes and it'll make more sense. Being gay satisfies the equation rB>C in terms of genetic fitness in a tribal and familial structure. As a result it is a trait that is selected for regardless of the epigenetic, genetic or prenatal factors that come into play.

You are all, mostly, placing single papers that gave a relation between certain events and homosexuality on pedestals saying "This is how it happens". Being gay can be the result of certain associations making it more fetishistic, genetic cues or hormonal ones. Those are just the ones we currently know about and they still don't even come close to explaining lesbianism.

tl;dr go take some biology classes instead of trying to pretend you understand jack shit because muh math and physics

>Is it a genetic problem or a mental disorder?

couldn't you ask that about fuckin anything?

just accept it stupid goy

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I mean if having sex with a man makes you a homosexual then having sex with men causes homosexuality. I guess that's a mental "disorder" but that seems pretty orderly to me. Have sex with man=homosexual.