Is this the smartest person in the world?

is this the smartest person in the world?

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No, but I like him
He makes people interested in science in an easy to understand way but without getting shit wrong

Crash course is goat

And his brother's books are absolute pottery

>absolute pottery
Not sure if compliment...

>absolute pottery

>not browsing /tv/ - tired memes and jailbait waifus
Shig a digga doo


I'm a superior polymemer, like what the Greeks (who I started with) would aspire to be






Woah, totally raaaaandooom!!!

I like him. He has a lot of enthusiasm for science and I enjoy Crash Course videos.

scishow is ok. crash course with Hank is ok. crash course with John is horrible. and Hank too is pretty biased. I think you're right in that he makes young people interested in science i just hope that this also leads those people to more critical thinking and question even Hank Green himself.


I would like to drive by Hank and insult him too

He's not smart enough to get a decent haircut so I'd say no.

you gotta give me a tldw on that, nigga

Not much wrong with that desu

I only watch the Science crashcourses
I realise they're biased, so I try to watch the more objective
I don't watch anything with hank green because I'm not a preteen girl

7 expression, 4 soul urge, 3 personality, 2 life path, five attitude.
No. But he's cool.

Ayy senpai, what youtube player is that?

>Proceeds to spout unsubstantiated claims and predictions about the end of the world to alarm his millions of loyal viewers about cult pseudo-science trash.

Pop-sci YouTubers are incredibly dangerous.

NewPipe, pretty slick if you don't care about google account integration

I'd rather have people know absolutely nothing than have them misinformed and led into thinking things are much simpler than they actually are.

Pop-science is a fucking cancer.

Good to see another sci-lit poster

He literally says things that *could* happen

And they could

When Scishow simplifies things they usually say something like "in reality, it's not as simple as that"
But they still cover the breadth of the topic, without oversimplification

>"yo, Green! You're bad at applying the scientific method to your own biased views which rely heavily on hearsay and popular oppinions found in liberal internet forums and have no real connection with reality as it is. You should consider examining more critically where and how you get information as well as your own thought pussy!

Obviously you have to either drive by very slowly or scream really fast

Yeah, this is probably my least favorite video of his. It reminds me of something I would say as an overly-emotional seventh grader. 'Holy shit, some random hick called me a pussy, better make a four minute long video to fight off my insecurity.' You're only proving his point.

Other than that, he's pretty okay. I like John better though.

Are you implying that climate change is pseudoscience?

Anyone with an IQ above 145 knows that it is a hoax.

So, 95% of scientists have an IQ under 145 then? Okay, sure.

Climate scientists definitely do. They're too dumb for theoretical physics or pure mathematics.

I'm pretty sure NASA deals with a lot of mathematics on a regular basis.

The IQs of climatologists are not very high. Also, I said pure mathematics, not statistics.

Thank you for completing my collection

You don't have to be a climatologist to be aware of climate change. Ask almost any physicist or mathematician, and they will also tell you the climate change is fact.

They just take the word of climatologists because of ideology.

But many of them have an IQ over 145, and don't think it's a hoax, which disproves your first point.

I should have qualified that anyone with an IQ of over 145 who has bothered to look into the subject knows its a hoax, or is lying to mislead others.

Fair enough

Climatologists are physicists and mathematicians...

I once watched a quiz show episode where it became apparent that hank is dumb as a bag of hammers. He is just reading lines off a screwn without ever knowing wtf he is talking about. It's so obvious imo

Doesn't help that he's a sjw too.

and your mommy is a chef, a nurse and a prostitute.

I remember when it was expected of people to be sufficiently secure as not to dwell for days on some impersonal insult casted without thought from someone one doesn't even know and who likely didn't remember having said it for more than 5 minutes.

You get people interested -> they learn more advanced stuff

No one in the world is going to look at the Navier-Stokes set of equations and be interested in mechanical engineering.

Get off your high horse, freshman.

Ever heard of half-truths?
Problem is that the 90% who aren't that interested in the topic will remain at the misinformed level and then go on and vote for politicians accordingly.
I'm pretty sure you will not be quiet when a completely idiotic law gets passed as a result.