M O N E Y + S C I EN C E

Say you are very very wealthy ($$$ plays no role), but you really want to pursue a natural science (mathematics, or physics, etc) on a bachelor level and, if possible, up to a masters degree and beyond.

Would you bribe the guys at an ivy to be enrolled in one of the most prestigious schools, or go to a regular uni and just enjoy your time, or hire the best private tutor in the world, or whatever?

How would you do it and why?

Why would I need to hire a private tutor? Self-learning is the best

how is that the best when some1 who is better than you can help you at any given moment/>?

bring up my post

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Ivy League for my degree, but get a tutor to teach me the stuff. Tutor can do all my assignments

>Tutor can do all my assignments
this a thousand times. Other than that I'd do everything else myself.

Also if I had the money I'd invest heavily in research.


go to harvard, mit, and get my bachelors, masters, and phd from them

any job you want making even more money is guaranteed if you get a 4.0, which you'll get since you can hire a good as fuck tutor as well

Eh, if I were that rich I would do cocaine and fuck hoes everyday. I'm only in STEM because I am poor and want a steady job.

Stop this retarded meme

Why would a such a wealthy person go to school just to not learn anything and then get a job?

Look here. A perfect example of an individual that fell for the STEM meme and is now rolling in debt.

I would get the best of the best who can teach me. There's no reason to join the rat race when you have tons of money.

You're doing it to actually learn after all. You're not doing it for a piece of paper.

You can only go so far doing that.

>a natural science (mathematics
Shit, Veeky Forums

dont you want to learn stuff for the sake of learning?

>being this pedantic

Shit, Veeky Forums, just fuck off with your bullshit

>hire the best private tutor in the world
Unequivocally this.

The only reason I go to an uni is so I can potentially work once I have a degree.

If money wasn't an issue, I would just study maths on my own.

TL;DR: Sit and home and study maths, no degree, no tutors, no nothing.

Tutors are a meme and only useful if you are a kid.

i would transfer as many times as possible and take like 9 credits per semester, probably also try to get some time in abroad.

my degree was rushed, and i would have loved to be able to go back and take my time doing it, plus there are so many schools doing so many really cool things. i might even drop it to 6 credits a semester and spend time working for one of the professors.

it would take me like 7 years to get a bachelors degree, but who cares, i'm rich.

Why would you only be able to go so far via self learning when Universities are making all their courses and information available for free?

If you're rich you can just start your own company and do private research.

Martin Shkreli taught himself biology and chemistry.

I didn't say to not learn, but to get the degree from the most prestigious university, as well as gaining all the connections in the world. Then, being able to get a super competitive amazing paying job

Why would a wealthy person want a normal wagecuck job when they could start their own business?

You're missing the "wealthy" part.

i wish education and intelligence automatically guaranteed being a decent human being :( imagine how awesome the world be

>i define decent human being

That part was meant for the guy you responded to:
>Tutor can do all my assignments

Jeff Hawkins did this.

After getting rich as fuck from the Palm Pilot, he just started his own neuroscience research lab, which eventually got integrated into UC Berkley. All while only having a bachelors degree in an unrelated field.

Philosophy students pls go.