How can you tell if someone is truly intelligent?

How can you tell if someone is truly intelligent?

I think you must have published at least one paper on quasilinear elliptic cohomology of baxterized affine Hecke algebras in wrapped Fukaya categories on projective exceptional flag manifolds. Else you're a low IQ pleb.

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You can usually tell within 5-10 minutes of talking to someone if they are intelligent.
Their mannerisms, cadence of speech etc, it's pretty obvious.


No you can't. You can think you can though, but people are pretty bad judges of character.



What about turbo autists who have really fucked up mannerisms and stutter and struggle to find words but are maths geniuses?

Being socially awkward isn't the same as being a retard

this. i always hide my power level

>truly intelligent
You can't. Only they can choose to exhibit higher intellect. If they don't bother showing you that their intelligence exceeds yours, you're free to believe that it doesn't, and thus isn't "true" intelligence as you define it. (Which is competitively.)

>people are pretty bad judges of character.
I never said that!
But I did say that!
>specialization is relative
How rude!


Example: one of the smartest men I ever met had a southern drawl, spoke slowly and dressed like a typical guy. How did I find out he was one of the smartest men I ever met? Shortly after meeting him, I applied for a job, got it, and learned that he was basically the top dog engineer at the company. 2 PHds (Chemical engineering and mathematics), all kinds of published work and awards, all kinds of experience in the field, very diverse knowledge base from theoretical math to molecular chem to how to fix a car. Brilliant man. Nobody would think this man was smart if they met him at a grocery store like I did.

Have you actually met someone truly intelligent?

I have. And if you are sober you will notice "little" things like an abnormal learning capacity and an ability to quickly draw conclusions once sufficient basis is found or make a hypothesis if parts are missing. Or learning a new language in a few weeks and be able to publish a scientific paper in this language.

Writing equations on a window with a whiteboard marker is the ultimate sign of intelligence.

>being southern means you're an idiot now

this user is an idiot.

>Example: one of the smartest men I ever met had a southern drawl,
This is obviously a fatal character flaw I was not familiar with. Amazing what you can learn on Veeky Forums.

>spoke slowly and dressed like a typical guy.
Back to serious: the extremely intelligent ones I have met in my time as a researchers go out of their way to appear as anyone else, normcore and all.

kill yourself tripfag

Dumb stereotype. You can tell John Nash had hints of a West Virginian accent.

Nice black and white comparison


There is no such thing as geniouses. There are only those that understand things. There are those that dont understand and its completely natural because of evolution. Unfortunately we all have different ancestors that passed on different survival knowledge. Some had to focus their energy on knowledge and some on strength. The wealthy have had both so they have time for many things. The thing that makes you a genious inh our society is wealth. Because when you have money you have time. Time rules everything. I hope someone challenges my idea :) Self made geniouses search for answers, they work hard, and dont let anything get in their way. Which are you?

I will not listen to someone opine about genius when they cannot spell "genius".

Here is the difference between someone who is
> Normal but educated
> Above average intelligence

They seek information and test information rather than just agreeing with everything thrown at them. They also have a knack for figuring things out.

That's it.

Intelligence isn't how much you know, but what you know, and how you apply it.

>maths geniuses
so being a math genius = true intelligence?

is this what you math virgins believe? heh

People like you are ruining this world, by choosing radio speakers instead of truly skilled engineers/programmers/doctors/whatever.
Fuck you

I don't know how to explain it but you can sense something in the way they look at things that makes you feel like you will never understand their world. You just know.

>but what you know and how,you apply it

Ding ding ding ding ding

I find intelligence as just a word to other charateristics releated to it in some way: Knowledge, Memory, Logic, Sharpness... And other, this is a malformed answer but I don't have the vocabular capacity to specify my answer and plus it's a pain in the ass writing from a smartphone

That's not what he's talking about you dipshit. You're acting as if he's a scooby-doo villain in a meritocracy, relax.

There are clear social markers/signals in conversation which indicates a degree of that person's mental temperament. For example, people with higher margins of intellect are often refined in conversation, in that they are not overly-assertive in their body language. One good indicator which I've picked up on over the years is that usually someone who's not simply 'book-smart' can reason through a concept you are explaining to them before you say it.

Additionally, you'll find that while not all 'intellectuals' share similar hobbies, most have a fascination in music - beyond simply as entertainment.

It's not intuitive though. You can still be extremely wrong about your judgement of a person's intelligence.

I once wrote a rap about computers, does that count?

but he was Hungarian

I'm a brainlet, what about you?

I made up my own equation to quickly get the amount of material decayed after x half lifes by dividing the starting mass by x^2. Probably my proudest achievement under age 20 because I did it without any help.

Problem solving is probably the best test of intelligence.

Being a math genius is narrow intelligence. True intelligence can be applied to anything.

>Don't care if people think I'm smart, just don't want them to think that I'm dumb
>End up making myself look like an idiot just about everywhere I go

Actually I already consider someone intelligent if he has the ability to discern who's intelligent or not.
Black Science man memers for example are all not intelligent by this definition

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

The biggest thing I ever did was figuring out derivatives without hearing about it before when I needed it back for physics class back in middle school.

Shut up Becky

how would you classify someone as Pele?

he was considered the best sportman of the last century and it's considered the best soccer player of all time.

he has three times more goals than the second biggest scorer in soccer history.

If you enjoy soccer, you'll see he was a genius, even while it's not science, he's still is a genius in his context.

He had done many things nobody else in history has been able to even imitate in soccer.

>inb4 soccer sucks

i don't remember anymore


Soccer sucks, though. It's meaningless and if you spend a lifetime on that rather than the development of the species, then, in the grand scheme of things, your meaningless too.

Enjoy that.

yeah, but how you would classify him.
He is leagues ahead anything other human was able to archieve in history.


Didn know such edgy shit could come out from Veeky Forums. It must be because Iḿ a newbie here.

>he doesn't solder his cpu regularly

Black science man IS intelligent though, sure he's developing novel approaches to solving previously unsolved problems but you can't fake your way into a PhD in astrophysics like so many Asians do with their engineering bachelors

He had extraordinary athletic ability

Genius refers to intellectual ability and the two are mutually exclusive, although obviously there's smart athletes but Pele wasn't one of them

*hes NOT developing novel approaches


>not probing all your circuit boards with a hot soldering iron to test durability

>Genius refers to intellectual ability
I too looked up genius on wikipedia

>I'm a brainlet so I'll just call myself a genius cause I have some aptitude at something


that would disregard things like painting or playing piano or cooking.

acording to your new definition someone like van gogh or Dali weren't a genius.

>inb4 painting takes extraordinary intellectual power

I have almost no interest in music, but in highly intelligent. Most people that seem to have grown up in an upper middle to upper class household has been taught to appreciate music from an early age. I grew up poor and was never exposed to it and never really developed an interest in it.

>competing in a teamwork-based sport requires no intellect

he's saying that physical dexterity is not some part of intelligence.

he's saying that playing a piano is not intelligence nor dancing.


You've gotta stop taking yourself and everyone else so fucking seriously.
We're the butt of a fucking joke, when you think about it. Our society and lives are based off of absurdity and narratives that are peddled to us through these little idiot boxes.
>Nothing's more important than family!
>So leave home at 18, and if you're poor, you just need to work to pick yourself up by your bootstraps.
>Having a degree is very important to doing this job.
>Just don't expect to learn any of the skills that you actually need to have for this job.
>And admissions have to be competitive at ANY level of work or education. If you can't go above and beyond the call of duty, don't even bother.
>Unless you're black or a woman.
>But it's bad to be racist!
I've seen people run through this entire diatribe in the course of 3 weeks, forgetting what they said previously, or changing their mind after the box told them to.
We're all assholes, son, and we're all flailing about in the bottom of a dark hole with little to no idea of how we fucking got here, trying to build a ladder with our own flesh and the bones of our ancestors. Don't sit there and feel bad about your intelligence, when you're already ahead of 90% of the species by just being able to read and understand a basic fucking math text.
Hell, even our geniuses are kinda fucking dense. "I have an IQ of 180+ and my life alone has proven to be more beneficial for the species than those of hundreds of thousands of people combined....let me just do everything in my power to not fucking breed."

>most have a fascination in music


People who have high general intelligence figure shit out on their own and have an intuitive grasp of logic and critical thinking.

Whether or not someone has these traits can become apparent through as little as a conversation, but you still shouldn't heavily judge intelligence based on appearance and mannerisms.

why do we value so much something that doesn't matter in the end?

try to live without farmers, seriously, try to make a society that has no farmers or people who make food.

I agree

Well, I can definitely tell you're not intelligent.

You can take a good guess. But to think if somebody is truly intelligent, I would say you must get to know them deeply. How well can they regulate their emotions? How well do they understand why they believe in what they claim to belive. However, if somebody is dumb, you can usually tell in 5 minutes

you can usually tell they're dumb when they think you're smart because you talk about basic shit anyone on high school knows.

>can't fake your way into a PhD in astrophysics like so many Asians do with their engineering bachelors
Why not?

More like a good hour.

>How well can they regulate their emotions?

How can a person regulate his emotions, when our consciousness experiences reality as it was in the past?

i mean, managing anger and frustrations as opposed to suppressing or exploding them

>you can't fake your way into a PhD in astrophysics

Are you sure about that?

I usually compare them with how much they look and sound like that guy in your pic

>been told im articulate and bright
>everyone thinks im really intelligent

>actually have below average intelligence
>mid to late 90s IQ
>have never done anything of worth with my life
>tfw people think you're smart because you learned to talk fancy

>always avoid the chance/opportunity for my lack of intelligence to show
>am like a hyena of intellect
>only strike when it's weak

>tfw pathetic husk of a man

>implying this isn't the norm

people fail at it because they can't even do that which shows how useless they are.

I think that's just autism, not intelligence

Painting does not completely require intellectual ability. You cannot just sit a smartman down and tell him "paint the figure". He may be more inclined to do so, but art requires intuition which takes nothing but sheer practice (and study, which can help you along).

>because they can't even do that which shows how useless they are.


That's pretty neat user. Can we hear how that came about?

I tried figuring out acceleration in a way that actually makes sense that doesn't involved blindly memorizing all the formulas.

I essentially figured out the definition of the derivative using the dv/dt thing for average acceleration, with dt being equal to zero.
Since you can't really divide by zero, I knew I had to get it out of the denominator somehow, so I did just that.

The fact that this is actually the derivative of the function is something I didn't realize until I heard about it at uni.

you are a retarded american that believes my salesman skills are what make me smart kys.

i used to know a fucker who used everybody around him as stepping stones and even told me it to my face. he has no friends, lost his wife and thinks his masters in science and his bachelors in bio engineering is everything and know that he owns a house he thinks hes a god. A real fucking loser if you ask me and he has the tounge of the devil to manipulate anyone.

But the real question is when you put someone under pressure how they react. that is a good way to test intelligence also how they go about solving issues in real time. simple things as maneuvering your car around obstacles, a chess game, solving social problems, etc oh and a IQ test wont hurt anyone

pic related: read this book

You probably would develop an interest in music if there was some genre/artist that caught your interest in a way that spoke to you personally.

I like a lot of romantic and modernist music (Berlioz/Beethoven/Mahler/Wagner/Verdi, then Glass/Adams/Stockhousen/Schoenberg), not only for the texture of the music, but for the picture it paints. In the romantic era, programmatic music seemed to reign supreme, at least in some cultures (more the russian composers). I like the modernist composers for the picture that it lets the listener paint, so rather than implied imagery, the listener can create their own world.

While it doesn't take a genius to enjoy music, I'd say it does take some measure of intelligence to be able to understand what the music is saying, beyond the notes on a page.

>pic related, go listen to Shostakovich Symphony No. 7, "Leningrad"

Actually, fuckit, here ya go

Tell me this doesn't put an image of terror in your mind

I would agree only up to a point. By spending a while talking with someone you can rule out most kinds of idiots. But not all.

I'd say the process is similar to filtering job applications based on their education. A decent education by an of itself is no guarantee that the person is actually capable, smart, hard working, and fast learning. Similarly, the lack of said education is by no means proof that the applicant couldn't be amazing through experience or raw talent alone. But obviously, you get at least some kind of basic guarantees and weed out most of the trash by opting on the side of educated people as opposed to the uneducated.

Well the OP didn't even make a serious topic, so I don't know why bother... but obviously the only way to truly tell someone's intelligence is to test them in the exam that is life. Give them time, a goal, and resources, and see what happens:

In short, I've known several friends and acquaintances who've surprised me and many others one way or the other with regards to their intellect. Someone who always seemed smart by their demeanor and sheer hard work, and who was actually quite average. Another who always seemed simple, never interested in anything and with very bad general knowledge and learning ability in anything at all. Until some day he got really interested in something and in a few short years became a fucking rockstar in it, at the same time becoming so much more aware, so much sharper in all other areas too... basically all he needed was motivation.

There's a reason us eurofags laugh at the American obsession with IQ: While one's IQ score generally correlates with real, natural IQ, it's ultimately an inaccurrate and simple tool for defining something so complex as real, general intelligence.

Humans are still adapted to slow life in Africa where work means stretching out an arm for a banana or two and the rest of the day is social stuff.

Then someone invented society and we still have neither recovered or adapted.

>I think that's just autism, not intelligence
Oh. So what is the difference then? I never saw any of the pop sci signs of it.

It is unfortunate that evil and intelligence are orthogonal.

I don't think there is a way beyond being socially intelligent enough to intuitively know. People who have high social intelligence can tell from monitoring your mannerisms and facial movements how well you understand something. People who are just listening to the argument or words being used could very easily underestimate or overestimate someone's intelligence. Obviously eloquence doesn't equal intellect, even if there is some overlap.

Thanks for replying to my comment. This was an enjoyable read. I'm listening to this tune while doing some math with my windows open to the nature surrounding my room. Very soothing.

>How can you tell if someone is truly intelligent?
>can you tell if someone is truly intelligent?
>if someone is truly intelligent?
>truly intelligent?
Look up the definition(s) of said concept then check whether they apply to said individual. Done.

I'd say resourcefulness and utility is what one bases their decision on. And doesn't include science, one can be intelligent but have a limited innterest in science. Take cats, they're generally thought of as more intelligent then dogs because although dogs are very susceptable to social structures and orders, cats have excellent problem solving abilities.

Narrow-minded definition of genius.

>the two are mutually exclusive
>although obviously there's smart athletes
Stop using words you don't know the meaning of.

If I'd meet you I'd probably think you're a dumbass but not say it out loud because I know there are people who think people who can use smart words actually are smart.

But this is another indicator of how I tell wether someone is smart. If he's capable of putting complex concepts into simple words. The other way round if someone can't explain simple concepts without boasting with his hubris and using "big words" I know he's a dumbasss who either thinks he's smart or knows he's an idiot who tries to hide it.

Soothing wasn't what I was going for, but I'm glad you enjoy it!


>grow up in a povvo neighbourhood where everyone uses primitive slang
>get into top uni
>still sound like a moronic pleb
>people try to sound smart using big words incorrectly
>point out their idiocy
it's a bit sad tbqh

Fuck you. I hate people that label all music with strings as "soothing". You didn't get it at all you're just trying to be smart.

Fuck you, you subhuman garbage.

same here, i used to worry about it, but nowdays it makes me weirdly calm and comfy.

jesse eisenberg would have to d-d-disagree with you on that

In Finland you cant really tell anything about person you just met, its all smalltalk, or stricktly business for atleast few days, sometimes months.

Intelligent people use "five-dollar words" to distill complicated ideas down into concise statements, for the sake of brevity

Stupid people use those same five-dollar words to hide their lack of ideas.

>criticizing someone far more accomplished than you when you can't even use the right form of "you're"

>realize that I'm much dumber than pretty much anyone around me
>mfw I finally accept it

I don't really think you can, I feel like everybody has their own niche of intellect. Maybe a skateboarder can't do complex equations but (s)he has the kinetic intelligence to flip the board 3 times and land on it without eating shit, and the ability to determine the amount of friction between a board and a piece of rail so they can quickly accommodate their posture to prevent eating shit. Conversely a mathematician probably couldn't push a board let alone initiate an olly. Or you could have both kinetic and mathematical intelligence. Linguistic intelligence or visual, or both. Maybe you're intelligent in all the facets possible but equally inept. Granted some people will be outliers and just dumb as shit, generally they're fat and immediately outed by things like poor hygiene and wild, blithering outbursts of totally un-insightful remarks.


im intelligent at feeding and trolling on dota