how is it possible for a drug to make you "want to get things done"

is "getting things done" some sort of mental-muscle you can train and improve consciously? if a chemical can do it, why can't you?

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Chemicals can only form habit in relation to those same chemicals. You'd need a fungi or bacteria for any reasonably advanced control of habit formation.

Some drugs can induce a state of mania though.

From what I heard, those drugs makes things that you would normally find boring to be exciting and fun. If you were to find studying to be boring, then taking that drug would make it not boring.

Not sure though if you could train yourself to find boring things to be enjoyable.

>those drugs makes things that you would normally find boring to be exciting and fun

I can confirm this to be true, if you know how to use them.

You have to "intend" to study to some degree, crack open the book and start reading for a bit, and if you take ritalin it's gonna make it just way more enjoyable and interesting.

But if you're watching a movie and you take it, it's not gonna mind-control you into studying, you'll probably just get really into the movie and afterwards want to write a big ass post on /tv/ about it

It's because they push the brain out of its regular thresholds for certain neurotransmitters. Dopamine and nor-epinepherine in the case of ritalin if I recall correctly, which is interesting because caffeine does the same thing but it does it differently, using different receptors to program the release of the transmitters. L-tyrosine is the precursor for dopamine and it can have an effect when supplemented assuming you're low on dopamine or it can effectively potentiate caffeine and theoretically amphetamines, though I wouldn't suggest taking the two together as the adverse reactions like palpitations become far more likely. A better application for amphetamines is to do them and use the tyrosine on their awful comedown.

Yeah, it's called adderall.

are you fucking retarded? do you not know how to read a post? Jesus Christ.

Secondarily, the use of amphetamines triggers an enhanced reward for interactions. Anything that you do becomes enhanced through chemical manipulation. Instead of a lackluster reward for reading a page your reward circuitry is handing you over a cake and a celebration. The problem with these drugs is that stimulation can be so intense that the natural mind simply can't replicate the intensity, this can quickly lead to habitual use, then abuse and addiction if you don't watch your doses and consumption. And as far as why you can't trigger this mentally it's because the brain protects itself from ridiculous whims like the idea "I want to be high all the time" because dopamine and nor-epinephrine control other faculties other than the reward mechanism, they also factor into metabolism and nausea and practically everything else too. Putting your brain and body into over-drive like that isn't an evolutionarily compatible mechanism.

couldn't you isolate the mechanism from other vital processes and homeostasis using specific modifications to the chemical structure?

You guys should try out phenethylamine. Amphetamine-like effects when taken at a high dosage, readily available on eBay. I'm not shilling or anything, just spreading the word on this easy to get methamph alternative.

Meant methylphenidate alternative. I find the best way is to snort it. Hurts a bit though tasting it is even worse.

>readily available

kek what

No or big pharma would have. There are a lot of delicate chemical balances that all relate to one another. Even if you put dopamine in a specific area it would be called for in another area and effect it passively. e.g. You introduce dopamine to the prefrontal cortex exclusively, but the parietal lobe is pulling information from the prefrontal cortex which reflects excitement, subsequently the parietal lobe is then excited.

There's a drug for this.
Does the word Adderall sound sound at all familiar?

I have ADHD bigtime. I really want to get shit done, I'm not lazy, it just looks like it. With meds I can actually do shit without feeling crippled when not getting stimuli.

It doesnt magically make me more motivated, it just helps me actually unleash my potential, and it's a pretty huge deal to me.

look at the thread title, genius

Also ADHD here. I take 20mg Adderall twice daily but I have to cycle off every couple of weeks or so. Sometimes I'll take my initial 20mg dose and not feel anything (as in, I can't say with any certainty if it is or isn't working) but when I take my second dose my mind shifts into fucking overdrive. I take them 5 hours apart, which my doctor says is how long it takes to wear off, but it doesn't feel very consistent for me. Sometimes I'll take my initial dose and crash after 2-3 hours and other times (when I don't know if it's working) I can go the 5 hours without crashing as if it's still in my system and augmenting my next dose. Maybe it's due to cycling off when the effects become less noticeable. Is it possible that the drug is still being effective and that I've just grown desensitized to it and accustomed to the feeling?

adderall is the best thing ever if you actually study before taking it. if you dont you probably just start cleaning

Yes it's called willpower

>implying your "willpower" isn't the result of neurochemical processes you have no control over

Shouldn't you be taking out loans to fund Bernie's campaign?

You give me that shit, I'll take them fucking pills apart, smash them little beads up, get that powder and snort that shit. Then I'll masturbate, and that's ALL I'll do thank you very much.

Which is why I don't take that those pills. I just deal with it.

>muh tired determinism argument

You know that repeated thoughts and behaviors can change the RNA expression patterns of brain cells, correct? You do have control over your behaviors, and to a lesser extent your thoughts; and both can be re-programmed with enough determination. This is the basis of therapeutic techniques used to treat mental illnesses like OCD, such as exposure-response prevention (ERP) and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Philosophical determinism is a bankrupt and useless ideology.

>implying bernie fags have will power and determination
>implying bernie fags aren't all pro-drug: 420 blaze it! pro gay-sex and morphine enemas

>nd both can be re-programmed with enough determination.
and your determination is something you have no control of, QED

Drugs don't actually make you want to get shit done, they just reduce the amount of motivation required to get up and do them.

>you can reprogram yourself to have more determination
>with enough determination
how does one short on determination muster the determination to make one more determined?


Ritalin didn't do shit for me

so you say willpower is the result of chemical reactions, could you write down the equation for us

You use willpower to get things done, especially when you don't want to and it is like a mental muscle that can be exhausted and trained according to some studies.

Drugs don't temporarily increase your willpower though. Well, except for meth, maybe?

Read this from the APA

Willpower can be trained, it's a behavior like any other.

>how is it possible for a drug to make you "want to get things done"
It makes you feel like shit unless you get things done. You can test this yourself.

>is "getting things done" some sort of mental-muscle you can train and improve consciously?
Yes. By the same logic, if you train yourself to feel like shit whenever you don't "get things done", or basically, if you exercise a general sense of remorse, a sense "that you made mistakes" etc you will eventually act, just like every desire is painful until it is fulfilled. On the other hand, if you do shit all day, then by the end of the days and weeks tell yourself that you are alright, you won't have any initiative beyond what you already do.

>if a chemical can do it, why can't you?
It takes time. People with ADD, or generally just lazy people, have brains wired to be satisfied with a NEET lifestyle. And telling people to feel remorse, to exercise remorse, is, funny enough, exactly the same as telling them to "repent", like Christians do. So in all sense of the words, you either take ritalin or caffeine or any effective drug, or you become a Christian.

pic tangentially related

>But if you're watching a movie and you take it, it's not gonna mind-control you into studying, you'll probably just get really into the movie and afterwards want to write a big ass post on /tv/ about it

This is my biggest laugh of the day. Thank you, user.

He probably couldn't concentrate long enough to discern everything and became bored.

Keep taking your meds.

ADHD is not a real condition. It's unfair that people like you are granted legal dextro-amphetamine while others can't because they don't have a fictionous ailment.

I'm actually surprised that it took so long for the conspiracy dipshits to get here.

The guy who 'discovered' it even said it wasn't a real condition.

ADHD is not real. Same way social anxiety and dyslexia are not real conditions.

[c i t a t i o n n e e d e d]*
*(a reputable one)

Is it worth it to take Adderal/Ritalin on a daily basis to boost productivity?

Shit, I am asking this question when I myself have been on Dextroamphetamines for a year. I could get more stuff done on a week than I could in a year without them.

But the idea of mental impairment in the future and being dependent on the substance, plus the stress of knowing you might build tolerance is too much.

try modafinal, its like super caffeine but it helps you focus. Although it can be easy to misdirect it and end up getting stuck doing something else.

Dyslexia has a genetic component tho.