Is there an accurate estimate on when Yellowstone will erupt?

Is there an accurate estimate on when Yellowstone will erupt?

95% Within the next 1.2 million years

How the hell can you tell if an estimate is accurate pre facto

Tomorrow at 3:45pm EST

>"Some of you are alright, don't go to Yellowstone tomorrow"

A large eruption in the Phlegraean Fields is more probable. (can't wait!)

Why yes, don't we all love waiting for the destruction of the earth

The Earth is getting cooler by the day. Yellowstone releases lots of heat via steam. It has its own water cooling system. So long as that does not fail, things should be fine.

But it's not the heat that will blow it up but built-up pressure

America is beautiful.

America was beautiful.

I suppose you don't mean the scenery, but rather the people and ideologies?

More like:

>some of you are alright, don't go to North America tomorrow.

Where would you guys rather be? Getting cucked in Europe?

>destruction of the earth
the earth won't be destroyed, just shitty civilization

crustal stretching..

Miami looks good, or southern Texas.

Jesus Christ.


will i survive if i live in dallas

Just finished a 9 day road trip through the west...Just wow

I'm amazed the Russians haven't secretly dropped a nuke in it already.

Ole Faithful will shit lava for a few days before it all goes giving plenty of warning to clear out.

Wouldn't work

What would work?

Just askin...

Just be worried when the animals start fleeing the area. they always know a few minutes in advance.

nuclear weapons don't have enough energy.

RIP Billings, MT

>not knowing Dallas in north-northeast of Austin

Humans are animals.

and here im thinking nukes would have too much energy. holy shit

It'll be fine.

"Nukes" can be very different there are sub-kiloton ones and 50+ megaton ones, theoretically even bigger ones can be built.

what makes yellowstone different from the thousands of volcanoes on Earth ?

It's really fucking big.

There is like a 0.00000000000088% chance it will be tomorrow

guys satan got quads

yellowstone is going to erupt today

>1-3 mm of ash

as long as you stay indoors and seal off your windows and doors you should be fine.

i'd imagine wearing a gas mask if you need to go outside would be fine as well

i'd be more worried about the climate

>worried about the climate
Al Gore pls go

as in the climate change the eruption would cause you fuckwit

When do we build the vaults

Humans have incredibly dull senses when compared to 'real' animals.

>Real animals
When did humans become fake animals?

More like:

>some of you are alright, when the tsunami/dust cloud hits Europe and Asia go to Africa. I'll meet you there.

It's a bit long though.