Could someone with halitosis breath fire?

Halitosis is caused by sulfur producing microbes. Because sulfur just sort of burns I theorize you would need to chew on a saltpeter charcoal mixture for a while before you're saliva would be volatile enough to actually burst into flame.

I know explosive powders usually only work because they're in powdered form, and watery liquids tend to be bad for fire so I am bit concerned with that.

But in general, could you effectively spit fire if you have halitosis?

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You are a retard.

Yes, I am. But I am also wanting to know what it would take to turn halitosis into dragon breathe if possible.

>could you effectively spit fire if you have halitosis
someone should make a rap lyric out of this

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spitting rhymes like a gentleman men with halitosis spits fire
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That pic is a barrel of laughs, thanks user.

If only OP were here to learn.

Oh poor sweet naive user.

I leave this navy crab as a sacrificial offering to the people smarter than me in hopes of getting real answers


>Because sulfur just sort of burns
what? no it doesn't

It does this thing where it kind of burns, could possibly be described as melting

>stuff mouth with flour
>light a lighter in front of your mouth


ah i see what you mean, i thought you meant like it would just burst into flame on contact with air.

Pretty much. I need something you could mix with halitosis saliva that when sprayed as mist would burst into a fireball on contact with fire. Like if you put gasoline in a mister bottle then sprayed a match with it.

Nothing could do this. The levels of sulfur that would be present aren't anywhere near what you would need.

Off the point but dragons if they were real could have produced light petrochemicals in dedicated glands and storage pouches, ignited by stones they took into their mouths to grind together.

Interesting that some birds (possibly descended from dragons) take stones into their gizzards to grind their food.

I am topping my sides with kekkeroni.