Evolution stopping in Humans

Evolution naturally occurs because of selection. Really, it occurs because nature favors specific traits.

Since humans are now removed from nature, and develop tools and items specifically for their already evolved biology, how are humans going to evolve further? We've created a world specifically designed for traits we already have, so how is it possible for us to evolve different traits over the course of time like we would have in nature?

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>removed from nature
Nothing short of bioimmortality can stop evolution.

Honestly I think human evolution is happening a lot faster than most people realize.

Sexual selection


Actually the Neolithic revolution has sped up our evolution

It is happening significantly faster now than it was 10000 years ago

You have got my attention. I understand, that you wish to know where we are going as a species as we continue to make life easier for ourselves. I do agree that evolution occurs naturally, and I would like to think; that we as a human species will continue to get smarter. In other words using our brain to understand reality and not false concepts in our mind. Essentially the brain would be getting more efficient over evolutionary time. Apart from that I would also like to know what you mean by "nature favors specific traits" You seem to speak of nature as if it is a living entity. It is to my understanding; that the 'selection' you speak of about evolution is created by plants and animals, because that is how they wish to further their species. Survival of the fittest. The fittest tend to go out in the world and then find others that are essentially have the same genetic make up, and if that happens naturally then nature must favor evolution. Now that that is out of the way. My question to you is: How would nature favor a trait when nature favors evolution?

Not OP

>How would nature favor a trait when nature favors evolution?

This is a bit of a non sequitur in that once certain traits have been found to suit a niche, natural selection will keep going after those traits

Take for instance the horseshoe crab, which has remained essentially unchanged for 450 million years

Human evolution is now favouring lower intelligence because those with average or higher intelligence don't breed enough to propagate their genes. Nobody said evolution was a good thing

We built a world around using the traits we already have. Unlike nature, where things we have might be used in unintended ways
(for instance, for some reason, someone may start using their tongue to grab things more and more and eventually give birth to offspring with longer, more prehensile tongues)

That's not going to happen in our world.


Quite clearly I'm not very educated on the subject, but I'm glad to have asked that question hereinabove. I sort of understand the concept of natural selection a little bit more. Thank you.

I don't think that evolution ever favored intelligence, rather intelligence came about in populations that required a greater deal of planning and formal reasoning to survive (Europeans and East Asians) and the people who could not plan to survive the winter died out, which is de facto selection not evolutionary selection

A high degree of facial symmetry is what is sought after by mates as it is the best indicator of genetic fitness and no correlation has been established between that and intelligence

I see what you mean now, or hopefully. I think that you are saying that we created our world in such a way that we tended to our needs and there may not be a need for evolution at all? Something along the lines of, in this created environment (which we may or may not improve upon) we will continue to naturally select the current physical form and genetic traits we have now... ? yes? no? am I too stupid for this?

Seeing now that if I simply would have read the question in full and also had some prior knowledge, I could have answered this question properly................. sorry that it is clear that I'm an idiot in high school.

>am I too stupid for this?
Bothering to ask questions at all is all the qualification you need to be a real scientist.

You're doing okay so far.

Never apologize for asking a question, after all that's what the basis of science is, asking a question and then finding answers or not finding answers

The people who are either too afraid or too full of themselves to constantly ask questions are doing themselves a great disservice

It is not supported by science to suggest that race=intelligence. Just because you have a white or yellow skin, does not make you more intelligent than a person with a black skin. The human genome is understood, and all the genes for all the human characteristics exist in all humans. It is simply which combination of genes are switched on or off. The human migration out of Africa occurred about 70 000 years ago. A mere blimp in evolutionary time. Natural selection merely means that where mutations in the genome favour the organism, then it is likely that the mutant will survive and be able to spread this mutation by breeding. Our current humanity allows weaker specimens to survive, but we are still massacring millions of humans in wars. We are also heading towards a mass extinction brought about by climate change or microbial pandemics. When this occurs, it is possible that a few humans will survive. Those survivor's genes will become the foundation of the future race. There may be volutionary pressures to evolve, but we won't be around to see it.

Mindless grinding is the opposite of science. Not all questions are going to produce testable hypotheses.

You are projecting onto my statement the connections that your own mind forms rather than considering other possibilities

Europeans and East Asians are not more intelligent because of their skin color they are more intelligent because they evolved in the most difficult places to survive on the planet, lack of melanin was just one of many other changes that took place in order to ensure species survival

Also the past mass extinction events took place over timespans of 65000 years or more
We will easily be an intergalactic species within that amount of time

Drift occurs regardless of selection though. And aside from that, the sole mechanism of selection is differing reproductive rates. So long as different people produce more or less viable offspring evolution from selection will occur

Lamarck pls go

We'll eventually reach the point where we can just control our evolutionary process and become whatever.
We can make ourselves 5 meters tall or as tiny as an ant or become robots or a hivemind or dragons or godd or whatever.
Eventually we'll recreate our human form again after we get bored of that

We're not removed from nature. We've fucked nature up a bit, but it's still there. We'll still be subject to selection as long as we keep reproducing.

Reproducing diferentially*

We are competing with each other, not the environment

I disagree. You should think about it more.

Your opinion doesnt matter, this is basic evolutionary theory

>Europeans and East Asians are not more intelligent
But where's the proof?

Er, rather, drop the >not
I quoted poorly

All they have is those shitty population IQ pictures

With the advent of good healthcare humanity is evolving to become ever increasingly stupid and genetically broken. People that did stupid things 1000 years ago fucking died before they could reproduce. Now they shit out 2-4 kids.

Stupid people have always outbred smart people

Basic evolutionary theory that you're incapable of applying outside of Darwin's back yard, by the sounds.

What are you talking about? Competition is by definition between individual members of the same species, the mechanism it works by is differential reproduction due to natural selection

Being "selected for" means literally that organisms with that trait have a statistically higher average number of offspring who go on to reproduce than organisms of the same species who do not have that trait. This is stage 1 stuff

>how are humans going to evolve further?
OP, you posted a pic of software that effectively reduces a person's chance of reproducing, and yet you think evolution is only associated with nature?
I smell a troll.

>implying my APM doesn't get bitches wet

Well duh, what was your point again?

You, or whoever I was replying to before, disagreed

> a mere blimp in evolutionary time


Using this

directed evolution via genetic engineering


the white race has a total fertility rate well below the 2,1 required to sustain itself

its disappearance will have a great impact on the evolution of the other humans, and yes, its a negative impact

>We've created a world specifically designed for traits we already have

Humans have no way to survive without oxygen, farm land and fresh water. We have no ability to survive the poisons we've created, which will slowly leak into the environment.

We'll have to evolve into something which can suck down radionuclides and swim in hydrocarbons. And in a few million years, the new biosphere would be as diverse as it ever was.

different races and religions are going to become more commonplace because of sexual selection. Because sandniggers are spreading out and enforcing their religion violently, we are all soon going to be arabs and muslims

Our civilisation will outlast our ethnic phenotype, and its our civilisation that is impressive rather than our genes