Can I be an academic scholar and part of the academic institution but without having to teach?

can I be an academic scholar and part of the academic institution but without having to teach?

yes, research professors, post docs, there are tons of people like that

... you are in grad school and you arent aware of this?

just going to enter college user.


the answer is yeah, you can also work in national labs, other things like that, lots of places do research and dont require you to teach

planing on going for humanities, like economy.

economics is a pretty cool major desu
also i dont think its that much of a humanities, i mean you can take more soft econ classes but its still pretty math heavy maybe

idk ive never taken an econ class

good luck in college

If you don't do a hard science your a faggot

I've never being a hard science guy.
I love humanities.

econ is pretty much a hard science user

its as much of a science as bio

>>If you don't do a hard science your a faggot
found the undergrad from the middle class


there are different econs those who focus ond math the the other who focus on social science


>research professors, post docs,
These people all teach.

econ is sociology for how people spend money


What is it then

Haha, nope.

what's wrong with economy and humanities?

OP here, I was planning on studying economy or literature and doing a minor in philosophy and do some history courses.

why do you assume I have low iq or can't get into math.

math is boring.

>math is boring.

But you're going to be bored no matter what you study. Even the humanities. Trust me, I was in the "honors" (quotes because shitty state school) program in my uni, and to stay in I was required to take one honors class per year, so I elected to take history and literature courses in particular to supplement my major.

There will come many points where you are working on a paper, a presentation, or some group project and you will be bored. The material may be engaging, but the process of finding secondary sources, lit review, making up outlines, and the general act of engaging with a subject beyond that of an interested layman will be boring. The experience may even ruin some subjects for you: the luster of naivety and wonder will be gone after you gain enough knowledge and aptitude. It's even worse when the material *isn't* engaging: I remember busting ass over an essay on Tristram Shandy thinking to myself "what the fuck am I doing with my life?"

This isn't exclusive to the humanities, either. All majors get bored and do boring things. Although, in my opinion, mathematicians and physicists have it easier: not only would their literature be less full of research methods outlining data collection, their training in statistics would make analysis of this information easier.

>why do you assume I have low iq or can't get into math.

I didn't see anyone assume this.

>what's wrong with economy and humanities?

Well, for your original question: it will be much, much harder for you to get an academic position in the humanities that does not require teaching.

my goal is to sustain myself as a writer.

You're going to have to write a lot of stuff you don't have real interest in if that's the case.

was planning on making some cartoon/comic about a populist socialist that implements socialism in a rich oil country and destroyed it while explaining basic economy principles about why socialism doens't work by example.
(It's about chavez).

would be cool to make cartoons that aren't retarded garbage for little kids.

Well, if you're thinking about ''applied math'' you should do a math course focused on economy, not the other way around.
Otherwise you'll end up reading a lot of Karl Marx and other ''economists'' feelings and opinions