Looks like it would probably stop eventually right

looks like it would probably stop eventually right

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it's not infinite

Howcome when the ball gets to the joint, the metals get back up ? Are there any magnets in the system ? or like an explaination of its mechanics ?

I think when the balls move in the wieght on the becomes enough to flick it back up. It would reach equilibrium after a while regardless

I know this is BS.

what science should I study to learn and design these machines as toys?

I think I can make a buck over designing shit like this as toys.

Ostensibly because of the secondary oscillation of the free weight. But not actually.

Just going to leave this here.

Oh, you're no fun.

which science? probably physics

although mechanical engineering would be a better choice

Too bad all those machines stop more easily than they start, so you can't attach an electric generator. If you build a giant version, the energy you put to make it move will be greater than the energy you'll take out. It's really sad.

they would make great toys sempai.

Now that's pretty neat, I'd buy it.

>55 seconds
get a life nerd

First law of thermodynamics doesn't prevent this.
Second law does.
[math]\displaystyle dS\ge0[/math]

>[math]dS \geq 0[/math]
It's [math]\mathrm d S \geq 0[/math] nigga.

>Being this autistic

Haven't you got Linear algebra 1 to study for?

too bad you're a bullshitting contrarian and you don't know what you're talking about

what if the d was in comic sans, would that imply a different meaning as well?

Why is there a huge delay when the ball moves to each side and it takes like a second for the lever to pull down and up. I think there is a magnet under the small step at the end of the bottom plate that pulls the lever remotely, and someone else is just pulling it down after the ball reached to the far end.

Sometimes fonts are used to denote different things. A capital script D represents a path integral (in the sense of Feynman, not a line integral).
Being autistic about [math]d \ vs. \ \mathrm{d}[/math] is a waste of time, but sometimes it can be useful to use different fonts for different things. Maybe one day we'll see comic sans integrals...

Actually, yes. It's not uncommon to use [math]A[/math] for a ring, [math]\mathfrak a[/math] for an ideal of the ring, and [math]a[/math] for an element of the ideal.

>babby's first second law of thermodynamics

Wow, the big oil shills are out in force today.

>infinite oscillation
>30 seconds
And even the 30 second is fake. There's always a hidden energy source in these kind of vids. Usually batteries.

calling something fake doesn't make it fake. I bet you believe moon landings are faked in a studio as well

Classical Mechanics, including Statics, Dynamics, and maybe Kinematics

If it quacks like a duck, it's a quack.

I'll make this real simple.

If you were to attach some contraception to it that would somehow harvest energy from it, and fuck me if I know what the fuck you could use that for, maybe for a pump or something, it wouldn't be able to ''power'' itself and do it's task. That is why they say perpetual motion doesn't exist. It does but it does fuck all.

Basically what I'm saying is smoke more weed you'll understand.

Nah its magnets under the table.

You could create particles and anti-particles and then throw the anti-particles in a vacuum.
That could provide for (practically) infinite energy but really it's just a net zero.







Be prepared to be asunder and otherwise stupefy.


Magnetic fields cannot do work. I love these con artists though, always coming up with new ways to glue magnets to things.

But it clearly works so where is your rhetoric now?

That's it, I'm dropping out of my graduate program, put on some clown makeup and pursue a career in rap music.

g-guys, I'm scared I wasted my life

what the fuck is going on

is this the matrix


can someone explain why this wouldn't work? Is it because the magnet can't actually cause the rotor to spin?

Search up Newton's third law of motion. The same reason why we have not switched our electricity generation via giant magnets propelling wind turbines.

Why exactly would it loose it's motion, it's not consuming energy at all.

I've seen some vids like this that at least LOOK convincing... this is just retarded.

Things like this can work on the small scale because magnetic losses over time are small enough and the actual propulsion required from the opposing magnetic fields is next to nothing. Now think about a giant, metal turbine with magnets. The force required is enormous. You would need chunks of rare earth magnet entirely too massive to be economically feasible; and not only that, but the magnetic loss would occur sooner and more noticeably since the threshold of torque needed to generate rotation is a lot higher.

Every time the magnets on the turbine pass by the coil to induce EMF, the polarization of the magnet becomes less and less "sharp." With larger magnets with more force involved, this would also occur sooner.

A lot of things are great in the small scale but fail miserably once more mass enters the system. It's like a model rocket. The weight of the solid-fuel engine is small and moves the relatively light rocket very far. As you increase the volume of fuel, you increase its mass and therefore need more and more energy for propulsion -- and you're also increasing the mass of the rocket itself to house the larger fuel supply, so even more mass.