Math for someone who hates it

Hello, Veeky Forums. I was hoping you intelligent people could help me with this issue. I have a life-lasting hate for mathematics. Even the mention of it or the thought of making exercises and making them wrong makes my day cloudy even if it's sunny as it can get. I'd like a solution to this crap since I can't afford to hate it now. Thanks in advance.

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Look e*pi^i = 1.
It's beautiful m8.

Mental exercise is similiar to physical. If you're a fat fuck you hate exercising. But if you keep at it long enough you eventually start to enjoy it.

Why do you hate math? Do you hate logic? Do you hate thinking?

>e*pi^i = 1.

Nigga, I don't even pre-calculus right, man. I'm struggling at it.
Well, I have to admit I never was trained to study after school or any of that shit. Sometimes I think mathematics should be extinct from earth. Ugh, I should have chosen a non STEM graduation. First semester and already that.

That shit won't enter my mind easily. Probably because I had absolute crap math teachers at high school/before that, and as well because I don't like making mistakes. Although I know no one can make a math exercise and get it right on the first time.

You should stop trying to view math as something to "get right"
Errors are natural. When you do some calculations and find that you get impossible results it's fun trying to find where the error was

No one is trained to study after school, it's a choice you make because you either want good grades and can't get them otherwise, or you're interested in the subject.

Nobody can just instill in you a love for math. That has to come from you.

What's your major? Are you enjoying studying it? What about it do you like?

Math describes the universe, sure, but the really beautiful thing about it is that it can describe any number of universes. Mathematics serves as a basis for the rest of our scientific thinking. It takes hunches and allows them to be turned into quantitative predictions which can be tested with great precision. The problems you have to do to understand math are just a stepping stone to deeper facility with the formalism.

I guess what it comes down to is that you shouldn't feel bad for getting problems wrong. Unless you have some sort of cognitive disability, you're going to get problems wrong roughly as often as everyone else. Even math 'geniuses' will get a bunch of problems wrong the first few times they do them. The point is to learn, not to get the problems right. Getting them right is just a symptom of learning.

At this point in your education, you shouldn't be looking at these assignments as something a teacher is imposing on you, but instead as a set of challenges you should face up to if you're going to become a competent professional. Don't be afraid of getting stuff wrong, just ask for help if something doesn't make sense to you. Just spend a bunch of time alone doing problems with a pen and paper, and quickly, I promise you, the anxiety and low self-esteem will fade away.

It's a process, but this is a trait all technical people have, and it's something we all must go through at some point.

Good luck.

That is what I was 'trained for' all my life. I had to get things right or else I wouldn't have enough scores. I guess that concept allied with the 'need to get it right' got me real frustrated to math to the point of making my mood horrible when I need to do calculations.

And I have recognized that. Sometimes because of a minus the whole thing gets wrong, that I recognize.

I'm on the first semester of mechatronical engineering. I chose it because, well, I do want to reach greater places in my life: a good career, something to be proud of. I know i'm not that guy who is going to live a miserable/okay life until he dies, because I would feel like shit every minute for not choosing to face those challenges. I know the pain of regret for not doing something is bigger than the pain of getting it wrong. And what I like about it is the fact i'll be able to build great things, things that will get me a good profit and help people too.

I guess it's because of that 'need to get it right' mentality that is fucking me up. Plus a little of my own fault (not studying after college and that kinda stuff). I didn't ask for help as well, but after today I sure as hell am going to, my college has tutors for that and i'll seek them.

Like I said once to a buddy of mine, I guess i'll have to learn to love math. I know my hate for it is a consequence of my traumas in school (bullying stuff and all). Guess my problem is that lack of making exercises as well, even because before doing it I think i'll get all of them wrong and therefore I shouldn't do it. Perhaps this 'blockade' I put on myself is the hindrance that's making my potential 'sleep' for years. But thank you for your post, user. I have sabed it in a notepad archive and i'm going to read it every time I end up on that mentality again.

Just start over from arithmetic and then go on. If your foundation is unstable you're going to always hate math. Go on sci wiki and go through the recommended text books starting with arithmetic

Hating it is first mistake! When entering your values, "like a giddy little kid waiting for Christmas morning" in an attempt for a correct answer to a problem, you invest time and energy for, and then...wait for it...the blessed answer! Hold it in your hands OP, like it's that Christmas present! Oh I'm getting excited just thinking about it!!!

your problem is that you're afraid to be wrong. this is probably a manifestation of pathological anxiety of some sort. I advise you to do what I did about my anxiety: see a therapist about it so you can learn to manage it.

The line about "take chances! make mistakes! get messy!" still holds true.

When you first use actual math to solve a problem in your life without being made to, it becomes clear just how fucking awesome it is. it also required being naturally curious of the answer to a problem.

Try other areas of math.

Maybe something like graph theory.

Here's some vids:

It won't require too much highschool algebra (ie no trig identities you need to remember, etc), more an open mind and the ability to be logical, at least for the intro stuff.

>Veeky Forums

>I can't afford to hate it now
Why ?

I think you meant e^(pi*I)
This would equal to 1

>No one is trained to study after school,
This is just a flat out lie.

[eqn] e^{i\pi} = -1[/eqn]
you casuals

you're a fucking retard

Stop blaming other people you asshat.
It's not that nobody forced you to study as a kid. It's not that people trained you to thing you had to get everything right or fly into a melodramatic depression. It's not shitty teachers. It's not bullies (how the fuck does bullying even make one hate math?).

It is right now, 100% your own fault for being a faggot who blames other people for why he feels the way he does.

So you're afraid of making mistakes. Face them!
Take a pen and write something obviously, intentionally wrong, say, 2+2=123456789. Feeling bad? Try to ridicule that feeling. Who could make such a mistake? It's not possible. This doesnt even look like a real attempt of computation. Feeling ok? Congratulations! You made your first mistake you're ok with.
Now try to make your mistake more real-looking. How could one mistake here if he had no idea about what addition is? Maybe he could write something like 2+2=22; write it too. Analyze you feelings. Make yourself feeling ok with that.
Keep making your mistakes more realistic, and making the example more complex. Make intentional mistakes within a real computation, say, replace plus with minus, swap or duplicate or throw away digits, etc. Then make a mistake within some computation that you're not sure about, within something you dont really know how to do. And finally do it without an intentional mistake. Now realize that it feels ok even if you're not sure about is there a mistake or not. All the anxiety about mistakes comes from teachers and other people who judge you, you knew it, but now you can see how you can do things without thinking about those people, without letting them see and think and say. Now there is your personal math where you write your own rules, where you decide what you gonna do and what you wanna get (and it doesn't have to be correct), and where you allow yourself to make as much mistakes as you want, even unintentional ones.
Hope this helps.

>Look e*pi^i = 1.
The formula isn't even correct.

Math we don't need it only power!
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>"math is beautiful"
>not "math is sublime"

>afraid of making mistakes
>doesn't like math

That is THE reason why I like math, because you can only make mistakes if you either:

1. don't know the rules
2. don't follow the rules

Since the list of rules per subject is usually finite, it is easy to learn any new subject. Even proofs have rules, and proofs are supposed to be the "creative" part of math.