Hi I'm not sure if this is the place to ask but...

Hi I'm not sure if this is the place to ask but, how many boxes of over the counter sleeping pills would it take to become deeply unconscious?


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you mean like asleep? I'd say one pill is enough

Thanks. Would a box or two put you in a deep slumber? Would you vomit up that amount?

The OTC sleeping pills come in 3 types:
natural remedy stuff

Melatonin can make you fall into a deep natural sleep. It won't knock you out like narcotics or alcohol and other drugs. It doesn't work for many but it can't kill you and supposedly brings nice dreams.
Take an entire bottle, you'll be fine, at worst very sleepy. You won't die.

The natural remedy stuff is mostly just things that relax you mildly. Very few actual effects, won't/will NOT give you a deeply unconscious state.

and the major one, an actual pharmaceutical: Diphenhydramine
If you take a whole box you won't be falling asleep. You'll be in a delirious nightmare.
2000mg+ can be lethal.

Assuming no tolerance:
>Take 50-100mg.
You'll get very sleepy and have a good, long rest. Not really "knocked out"
>Take 100-250mg.
This is also known as the "fap dose" Try waiting for the effects to kick in. You'll feel sleepy but also a bit "high" Masturbation at this point feels 10 better.
>take 250-700mg
This is the "do not want" zone. Doses at this range trigger a very dysphoric, anxious reaction. Sleep is IMPOSSIBLE. You'll lie awake scared some CIA agents are going to bust in and take you away. Some slight visual hallucination and maybe audio, too.

>A whole fucking box: 700mg+
Okay. You'll be fucking delirious and have no idea what's going on with little to no control over your actions
There will be full blown delirous halluciantion. i.e you can't tell they're hallucinations like psychedelic ones.
You'll talk to your dead grandma. Your dog can grow 14 feet and have 19 eyes and talk to you in fluent German while you respond. Then you realize you don't even own a dog.
Spiders everywhere. Shadow people. Demons. Screaming disturbing audio hallucinations. A wild blown mess.
You can find trip reports at 420chan or erowid.

Diphenhydramine acts as an anti-emetic and most people cannot throw up on it.

Thanks for the explanation.

So to clarify, what should I take if I want to become unconscious? Which brand should I take (UK brands please).

dph is some crazy shit.

Here's a comic from a tripfag on 420chan about high dose DPH trips.

>Take 100-250mg.

Roughly how many pills is that? And will it 'knock me out'?

diphenhydramine is the drug itself

I think maybe Benadryl is sold over there?
It's the same drug in the allergy pill as in the sleeping pill. Compare prices with that in mind.

I looked up and found Nytol and Dreemon.
Might be more...

Not like alcohol/tranquilizers, in that you can be standing and then fall down blacked out.

But if you are in any sort of a sitting/resting position it will EXTREMELY difficult to not fall asleep.

umm use some math here
25mg pills = 4 to 10 pills.
50mg pills = 2 to 5 pills.

Okay, but why would allergy pills put me to sleep?

Is 'Nytol' also a form of diphenhydramine?

Because diphenhydramine is an anti-histamine with a really huge drowsiness side effect.

It's marketed as both a sleeping pill and allergy medicine.

To clarify, what do I need to take to become unconscious?

Would Nytol work?

I see.

Is Nytol also diphenhydramine.

yes nytol is diphenhydramine
It will work.

Depending on your bodyweight, 100-250mg
I'd take 150mg if you're about average in build.
so 3 pills of this

You will be very unconscious.

Great. So a few of these pills will put me to sleep.

But too many will keep me awake but cause me to hallucinate?

Do you know of any other diphenhydramine-based medication in the UK?

No, Google can help. I'm from America. I found Nytol from google.

If you go to a supermarket/pharmacy, I'm sure there will be medicine under the allergy/sleep section. Look for diphenhydramine under active ingredients.

Haha, yes.
People who take large doses for that purpose congregate in 420chan's /del/ board. There's cool trip reports on erowid and other drug sites, too.
Fascinating, really.

150mg should be the sweet spot for what you want, though.

take a blister of clonazepam

OP here. I think I might go for Benadryl.

Should I still go for 150-250mg? Is it as powerful as Nytol?

Do you not understand the concept of active ingredient vs. brand name?

It's all diphenhydramine. Just as strong.

150mg of Benadryl is equivalent to 150mg of Nytol.
it's all diphenhydramine.

Okay. Thanks for all your help.

One last stupid question:

Are all Benadryl products the same strength? Like 50mg per pill?

Is any of this OTC in the UK?

just read the thread, sorry. i got it now


Benadryl is an anticholinergic that has been linked to alzeheimers. I would stay away from overdosing on that stuff. Many people report losing mental sharpness after heavy dosages for ''tripping purposes''. (700mg+).

What hasn't been linked to alzheimers and cancer?

Consuming semen.

What is that even supposed to mean? Almost every report I read on people doing Benadryl at high doses complain about the issues with mental sharpness, memory and even pseudohallucinations (seeing stuff in the corner of your eyes) for a very long time after the tripping.

I take it OP wants to sleep, not fuck his brain up.

am i the only one who thinks that OP is either trying to kill himself or drug someone to rape them?

How considerate, at least he does not want the victim to suffer through it consciously.