Does anyone else sometimes experience euphoria during the night...

Does anyone else sometimes experience euphoria during the night? I get this occasionally and never experience it during the day. I also tend to feel more awake and motivated during the night than I do at day. Anyone the same as me?

I know that feel brah

same, does anyone know what causes this?

i only feel euphoria after an epic dream

I feel euphoria when I'm enlightened by my intelligence


Explain this faggotry

Never have I felt anything that I would describe as Euphoria


take some ecstacy, you will feel it

I can suggest myself euphoric anytime, and at work i often doit to fool the "me" to think the job is fantastic.

Yes, I also feel as certain parts of my brain suddenly activate and my ability to picture things or hear things in my mind increases massively. Masturbation is god tier also.

Aside from this, I also get these weird abstract feelings that are somewhat overwhelming when looking at certain objects, lights or colors. I wish I understood what that is all about.


Sounds like mania tbqh.

looks like somebody isn't enlightened

>looks like somebody isn't enlightened

Sorry, Mania/Schizophrenia*

Wait, is feeling happiness when looking at a sunset a sign of mania?

Delusions, bursts of energy and motivation, lack of sleep are all tall tell signs of mania, bi-polar or schizo-effective disorders.

Probably see a doc before it gets too bad.

That isn't what you said. You basically said that I'm not enlightened because I explained that you have the early symptoms of a mental health crisis.

Get some help, not even trolling. Been there, done that, so I know you wont listen.

Euphoria is a more energetic feeling than happiness, which to me is a more calm state, just like content.

Also, you feel happiness looking at the sunsets? I usually get annoyed when my eyes get dry.

I (sunset question guy) am not the same guy who called you unenlightened (troll).
I don't understand. Could you elaborate on what you mean by delusions?

Well, you don't have delusions. But the other guy clearly does. My bad.

Yeah, the colors and just being outside next to the water give me a light sensation of euphoria. You can avoid getting dry eyes by blinking.

Delusions are often characterized by false purpose. Ideas having false meaning. As if the bursts of energy happen for a reason. That it can be controlled for euphoric purposes..

That shit is delusional. This guy is just naming symptoms of the onset of a psychotic episode or break of some kind.. Best idea is for him to get help. Fuck, I just did it myself. Doctor gave me some hydroxyzine for anxiety. May start Celexa.. iunno. But I thought I was going to kill myself from anxiety for weeks. Feel a lot better now!

Fuck medication. Isn't there some underlying cause like shit diet or lack of a social life?

Yeah, but medication can be beneficial to someone like me that has spent 5 years trying to do it without help managing it. I tried for as long as I could to not accept the facts, but, I really want to go to school and do what I want to do with my life. If that means taking medication to help stabilize my mind, fine.. That's worth it.

What I'm trying to say is, I have good intentions, but I get so focused in on myself sometimes that it destroys everything I try.

I eat good food, and I love to be with people... but sometimes you lose who you are, and all your intentions get thrown out the window. You lose your confidence and forget how to ask for help.. convinced that you will change for the better, one day, that your delusions will get your out of it.

Nah, you have to know when to get off the fucking ride, and just do the thing. A lot of it also has to do with having a grand vision in life, and direction. I have that now, which gives me reason to do everything I can to assure my endeavors are accomplished.

Maybe it has something to do with bimodal sleep patterns