What does Veeky Forums think of Starshot?

What does Veeky Forums think of Starshot?

Will it make it to Alpha Centauri?

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seems like a meme
suppose there actually is aliens there? Could get us all killed

That cripple trying to destroy the world

not in our lifetime :(
They stated that building the laser itself will take atleast 20 years. And they're not even sure if they will get the permit/budget for it.

>not in our lifetime :(
What are you, 80?

They say they hope to launch in 20 years, let's say 2036.
Then at 0.2c, let's say 22 years to Alpha Centauri, that's 2058.
Four and a half more years for the signals to reach Earth, that's 2063.
I'll be 99 by then, but assuming you're about college age now, and given sufficient advances in medical technology, there's a decent chance I'll still be be banging your mom.

The fact that the face of the endeavor is a bunch of memelords does not bode well

nooo no no no
They said that they can build the laser in 20 years minimum. Reaching alpha centauri will take longer than that. And yeah we will be waiting for the signals to come back.
Only our children will live to see what starshot will deliver...unless you wanna freeze yourself for 500 years and just teleport to the future to see it urself >:)

ahahaha cuck I'll only be 71. I'm gonna see alpha centauri and you aren't. How do you feel?

I feel like you didn't read his post where he broke down the numbers and then zinged you

Anyway, what's wrong with doing things that only our children will get to enjoy? Isn't that a big part of life? leaving something good to your children?

>tfw even if we survive that long, all humanity will have accomplished in our lifetime is taking pictures of other star systems
>not colonising planets or intergalactic travel

Depressing as shit tbqh

>nooo no no no

Hawking is actually a gigantic idiot whom people throw themselves at because of the "misunderstood/tragic/conquering hero" bullshit.

- Wrong about black holes
- Uses fallacies
- Has proven nothing
- Pretends to know the cosmos

He shoots his technologically assisted mouth off, and everyone swoons.

He's not taken seriously by cosmologists nor astronomers.

Go ahead, other than egotistical ranting, what has he contributed to?

Probably wont work, and fairly pointless even if it does

There are no signals coming back

you will grow old too one day, stop being such a dumb faggot

[spoiler]and I will be 69 by then[/spoiler]

>There are no signals coming back

For what purpose? If I wanted an experiment I couldn't verify I'd join a religion.

>Hawking is a hack
This is pretty common knowledge, user. Why are you so angry?

Most intelligent scientists appreciate that he is a great publicity tool for increasing public appreciation for space science.

Because we cant make a transmitter capable of sending a detectable signal lightyears weigh less than a gram

Why was he wrong about black holes?

>Grandpa pls go

The idea to send micro-spacecrafts at extremely high speeds to interstellar medium is old as fuck. There has always been a lot of scientific interest, and a clear science case, for a mission like that, and if it hasn't been done yet, there are fucking good reasons to it, both financial and technical.

But now a bunch of Silicon Valley memesters are saying "whoaaa dude let's go interstellar! so awesome & innovative!!1!", suddenly everyone thinks it's feasible. The technical difficulties haven't magically vanished. 100M is a good amount of money to start a space mission but it isn't even remotely close to what would be needed. A good planetary mission these days (e.g. rosetta, mars rovers) costs about 2-3 billions over its life cycle, here we are talking an order of magnitude more, at least. But then again, if its newspace internet entrepreneurs (TM), everything is possible right?

tl;dr: SpaceX mars colony-tier meme.

Yea and it will not be able to return any data. Whoop dee doo. It's a cute idea though.

I was just messing with him. I could die before 71 I know this.

Hes just messing with you friend

>- Wrong about black holes

How so?

This is fucking retarded and exactly the reason why scientists are not world leaders

>fairly pointless
My god, do you WANT us to be cooked on this hellbound rock?

Not coming back??? You ARE kidding me? I thought they were slingshot ting and our grandkids would have pictures? He'll what's the point then?

Why would it come back ? It transmits its data through electromagnetic waves with light speed. If you wait for it to come back not even your grandchildren would see it. And you cant use that same laser to turn it back