Where can I find an accurate 3-D model of the molecular compound of methamphetamine?

Where can I find an accurate 3-D model of the molecular compound of methamphetamine?

For a highschool assignment, i need to research the compound methamphetamine and then construct a 3-D model of the compound displaying the relevant components clearly. Was just wondering where I could find the most accurate model. I've tried googling but am getting variations betweens the models i've found so far.

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Actually just need to make a model

Did you even TRY to look at wikipedia?

Yes. But as I said it conflicts with other models I've seen. Also the bonds look very large??

>the bonds look very large
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Okay so why are the hydrogen atoms joined directly to the carbon atoms in this model?

That's supposed to represent one bond you retard

Because its a model. A mere representation of the potential structure of one molecule. Considering the formula is 10 carbons, 15 hydrogens and one nitrogen it should be relatively easy to figure out what is what, which goes where and how the thing fits together.


Thats what the bonds look like in hybridization models.

>doesn't know the difference between a sigma bond and a hydrogen bond

>thinks hydrogen bonds are somewhat directly related to hydrogen
The carbon-hydrogen bonds are sigma bonds retard

Define "most accurate". This is a good place to start:

download VMD and find a PDB file of the molecule online.

load it in VMD

A what in a what???

use chemspider or sigma aldrich
or scifinder

Close but the steric clash of the methyl group just before the nitrogen makes this conformation highly unlikely.

Guessing based on this, the side-chain off of the benzene is most likely rotated 90 degrees to the left of where it is in this image.


Thanks for the responses I am using a ball and stick model found here,Another question. How would I describe the spatial orientation of the atoms in compound methamphetamine??

Methamphetamine is a racemic mixture. Thus, OP needs to construct both chiral pairs or risk getting points off.

scifinder is proprietary and not available for normies

Not always, moron. Depends on the method of production.

Semantics, but Wikipedia says
>Methamphetamine properly refers to a specific chemical, the racemic free base, which is an equal mixture of levomethamphetamine and dextromethamphetamine in their pure amine forms.