Is there a connection between one's intelligence and the shape of one's nose?

Is there a connection between one's intelligence and the shape of one's nose?

Has there ever existed an intelligent person with a snub nose?

jidf detected

girl from my algebra II math class in hs seemed pretty smart and she had hella snub.
too bad she died though she was cute af


inb4 jew jokes

one day, a naked jew with a boner was running in the streets
All of a sudden he hit a wall.

He broke his nose.

Why is Veeky Forums obsessed with Jews? What started that fixation and why jews?

White or asian?

>Why is Veeky Forums obsessed with Jews? What started that fixation and why jews?
seriously, you that blue pilled? Jews control banks, media, science, america, europe and even fucking JEWelry.

I'm well aware of that. It's common knowledge. That doesn't mean that there's a secret Jewish society that seeks to control everything.

You also didn't answer my question.

of course there is, they don't magically get at the head of everything on their own.

And because some people on Veeky Forums hate israel, some others hate that people are being forced into believing the holocaust happened, others just don't give a fuck but go along.

Stop thinking Veeky Forums is an entity.
It's just anonymous people.

I think the geometry speaks for itself

This image prompted a question in my head:
Has Veeky Forums ever tried to get into the MOMA?

Seems easy enough.

Satirising /pol/

Yes. Wide noses tend to have significantly lower IQs while large hook noses tend to have somewhat higher IQs.

There is a correlation between nose shape and IQ. People with large hook noses tend to score well below average, whereas wide noses score slightly above.

>"wide" and "large hooked" is mutually exclusive
When making shitty pseudoscience, at least try not to sound like a retard

>Wide noses tend to have significantly lower IQs

>what are asians

Wow user, what about boobs, do big boobs make you smart?

> /pol/ meme
everyone criticizes jews...

Is it Putin at the far left of the pic?

>What started that fixation
Ages ago (2004-2008) people on here used to talk about niggers and Jews just to be plain offensive. I don't think anyone actually meant it, but we did it because it pissed people off and it was hilarious. It got out of control and some retards ended up believing it and those retards spread, so m00t had to make them a containment board so they'd shut the fuck up and stop calling people nigger-Jews on boards like /an/ and /out/. Unfortunately, the retards fancy themselves crusaders, so all mootles did was give them a base to organize themselves in and launch their campaigns of retardedness from.

da, tovarish! Putin iz eevriwere.

The nose, specifically the length of it, depends on the climate of the home land of an ethnic group. More specifically it depends on the humidity in the air.

Cold, dry Nordic and high altitude African climate climate makes for long, long noses.

Warm, wet with a lot of humidity like in Japan makes for petite buttons.

So unless you can tie intelligence to climate (which I have never seen, even in here) there is zero correlation.

Nice abstract happy merchant you got there

oh shit, you're people?
I regret all the things I've said now, oh no


obviously, common knowledge


go back to JIDF you self righteous faggot. you will get criticized. Deal with it.

How did anti semitism ever take root? Jews are the greatest contributiors to mankind.

We don't need your pedophilia and child killing contributions you racist zionist shit.
Leave Veeky Forums and go back to your shithole.

>Has Veeky Forums ever tried to get into the MOMA
i think we should make this our mission

>John von Neumann

If Jewish, then why an English first name and a German (with "von" posing for nobility) surname? Why always the masquerading?

>Jews are the greatest contributiors to mankind.

Jews are responsible for devising nuclear warheads. What a contribution...

because we're the master race and whites ale below us :^)

He's basically hungarian-austrian that lived in Germany and attended to a church-run school. He's as jewish as the pope

the thing is this criticism has no logical basis.
and being offensive for no reason is reserved for pol. stupid fat useless american (how does it feel twat)

jidf pls go

> it has no logical basis because you're criticizing jews
It's clear you're just another zionist shithead who is under the impression that rest of the world are not allowed to criticize jews, but we are and we will.
And don't bring up that you're offended, it's not really a point you can insert as an argument. You getting offended is your problem and nobody elses.


>what is "Jewish" as ethnicity and how is it separate from "Jewish" as religion

>He's basically hungarian-austrian
And mice born in a stable are horses.

> confusing race and religion
You think islam is a race too retards ?

>why Jew obsession

You have a lot to catch up on, user

Example related

So how do I officially join JIDF, guys?

I'm not a Jew, but I really like them and already post pro-Jew posts all the time on 4chins.
I also support Israel and am a Zionist.

Where do I sign?

thats relating to jews how ?

so they CONTROL YOU?


>Blast proof constructions in the US
Say, do they execute people with massive pressure blasts in the US? Might as well use plain air. One appears to be on rails, are the others meant to be air dropped??

You could try a kibbutz for a year. A non Jewish girl in my class did. Gives you a lot of insight from the grass root level.

Thank you for this :^)

your mom has to be jewish for you to be jewish.
Nothing shows your ignorance as much as that post.

go say things on /pol/, they'll contact you soon enough. Be sure to attach your email number

ashkenazim have 90% middle-eastern Y chromosomes and 50% middle-eastern mitochondrial rna, so, seems a lot more paternal to me.

Doesn't matter, that statistic is meaningless. Get educated.

socrates famously had a snub-nose

Do you have a source for that?

Jews score high on ambition

If you think the word jew is offensive you need to get yourself checked

How do you measure contribution to minkind?

Charity work
Extra curriculars
etc etc

Nobel prize winners. Ashkenazi Jews make up about two percent of the population and win 20% of Nobel prizes. 25% of Turing and Fields medals.

>That lack of reading comprehension

He was born in Austro-Hungary. His Jewish name is Yonah. It's quite common to take up a name in the local language and one in your native tongue.

> the only jewish circlejerk bullshit is what shows the most contribution to science
0/10. Not only that was terrible, Nobel prizes are notoriously racist and sexist.

Jews hold 25% of all Nobel prizes. Hmm you might be on to something OP.

of course they do, their religion basically unlocks everything for them.

I know I am.

Bar Asians, can anyone provide a photograph of an accomplished scientist or mathematician that has a snub nose? The answer is no. Now I don't think genetically they are less intelligent but something about the upbringing makes snub nosed people dumb. Perhaps it's a subconscious understanding that society has and the snub nosed silently accept their fate without realizing it.


Jews are smart, of course they contributed the know-how. Its the white gooks in gubment who decied to actually drop it.

Dont blur the lines

So fat people are smarter

What wait wait wait

This was a race bait thread all along

It wasn't. But now that you're desperately trying to make it so...

People with FAS usually have stubby noses but other birth defects with cognitive impairments tend to result in protruding noses. So, idk really. Do a study and find out.

I was wondering why there's such cancerous thread full of autists but then I realized I accidentally got on Veeky Forums

my bad guys i didn't mean to interrupt in your pissing grounds

Yeah occasionally you have Jews who did some good shit, but most of the time they're fucking up countries for personal gain, like shaving gold coins, and being shocked when the locals get pissed off. Almost every civilization in history has thrown them all out for that shit.

Is nose shape a direct indicator of bloodflow?

>no secret jewish society that seeks to control everything
Yes there is, it's called Judaism

>he thinks he is superior

Is this the same guy, who asked if laughing correlates with low intelligence?
My answer to that question is Laughing requires intelligence, pic related.

Are you on PCP?

If their religion wasn't so insular or ethnocentric people wouldn't hate them. Compared to the rest of us, they tend to be genetically inclined to be more successful and ambitious. All the pogroms and oppression throughout history have only improved their genetic stock, as only the smart, shrewd ones had the foresight to bail from their homes early enough to survive persecution by the locals.

Their success and historic willingness to prefer eachother over gentiles (and to prefer their religion over loyalty to their country) has always made people angry at them, and they're never going to stop being as insular as they are because of their long memories of persecution from non-Jews throughout history. I can see why people years ago might've hated them in places like Europe, though, when they "falsely" integrated into a country's society and took all the best jobs / made all the money for themselves while speaking Yiddish to eachother and mostly only associating with eachother. It naturally made the local people jealous and outraged.

Nowadays, a lot of ethnic/racial minorities in countries are about as insular and ethnocentric as people consider Jews to be, yet they dont have the genetics to be successful at everything so they are not considered "evil" like Jews are.

You'd be ethnocentric too if your people were smarter than everyone else.

We should make this a thread for rating anons' intelligence based on their noses.
Post your noses please.

No. You might lose more heat through your nose if it is smaller, though. People from hotter environments typically have shorter, wider noses

this isn't /soc/ fuccboi

what a stupid fucking question

go study phrenology you fucking retard

Veeky Forums history in a nutshell.

we acted like retards, and it attracted retards who thought they were in good company.

they are alright. Important to shedding pagan ideals, and could have been extremely great at limiting nationalism, except Europeans who happen to be Jews basically formed the most psychotic nationalist religious state and have too many American weapons.

Jews are great. Except for all the European ones fucking shit up.

that doesn't even make sense

pretty sure most people are annoyed by jewish treachery, deceit, pathological lying etc. and not their lack of intelligence.

there is no contradiction between disliking a group of smart, antisocial, malicious, two-faced liars and thinking they rule everything.

nice try though.

That equation is ignoring mimicked behavior. If you're in the middle of a conversation and everyone starts laughing you laugh as well even if you don't get the joke.

The real question is whether or not behavioral mimicry a sign of low intelligence. I believe the answer is no.

I'd say Koreans and Indians are the new Jews. The only reason they're here in the first place was for cheap as dirt middle class labor. Now their kids are becoming adults and they're going to much better schools on average than whites.

This. Lmao.

No one is the new Jews, okay. Indian Americans are the top 1% of Indians, which makes their achievements here that much less impressive. Korean Americans actually have a lower average income than white Americans, believe it or not.

You're an idiot. Japan has tropical to temperate climate.

jew noses are better at filtering because they are adapted to sand, and snub noses can get more air pollution into the lungs and then into the body