We gonna be immortal anons:

We gonna be immortal anons:


pic. related is the woman who injected herself with the gene therapy and extended her life by 20 years

it's real anons

are you happy that you'll be still alive in 2100 ?

All the billions that died..

Enjoy your cancer

Broken cell death mechanisms != telomere preservation

We don't know the effect of this yet, as the article said, she is patient zero... Also, this story is months old, why is it getting a lot of coverage on Veeky Forums now?

Finally, this

Medicine can have side effects.
Should we not use medicine as well?

He means that even if you prolong your life by a few years, cancer will inevitably get you after enough time. Nothing to do with the gene therapy itself.

If you prolong your life the chances that science will find a cure for your illness increase

The two events have no correlation. Cancer gunna cancer

Actually cancer is more prevalent in the elderly because of their weaker immune system. Normally your immune system can detect faulty cells and kill them. Of course, people who are shit out of luck and get cancer at a going age will still exist.

with consistent exercise and a near-perfect diet I already know I'm living until 2100, even without gene therapy

Oh dear god no. Just no. The immune system is weaker yes BUT the real reason old people get more cancer is because of the increased time in which mutations that cause cancer can accrue. You need something to the tune of 10 mutations to make a cancer cell so after 100 years it's likely most of your cells have at least 6-7.

sounds like a slovable problem

Getting pretty triggered by that missing apostrophe.



>mfw I get to live forever but my mum is gone

Science is ruined, ego freaks will never die and there will never be progress.

t. Max Planck

you sound triggered

Why do I feel like this going to end up like Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos?

easy, only certain people can live forever. make people take a test over their cognition, morality, creativity, productivity, genetic (dis)orders, in order to make sure the best humans are the only ones who earn their immortality. build oneil cylinders to house the overflow population. with infinite time comes so much potential for the human race, but first we gotta cull the shit out of our genepool. cant risk having immortal gimmedats on forever foodstamps. but just imagine a human race with the ingenuity of the best we have to offer and with all the time in the world to make whatever they plan happen.

fuck your offence. whiny babies like you would never pass the immortal test.

Careful now, you might trigger somebody. Luckily the Chinese will do exactly this.

So what, in healthy people, cancerous cells exist too, the immune systems takes care of those. You can whine about muh probability but if you have a good immune system cancer doesn't get a chance.

All the more reason to study biotech so you can do this to yourself.

Its going on to go on sale for 100k or something, its a company, not a Veeky Forums-NEET wet dream.

Probably the attractive blonde with great PR and news surrounding her. Literally the same "look" when you're reading about the way the company is framed, but let's hope this one keeps its legitimacy

The only news on this is the fact that they managed to make an advancement on the project. The idea of genetics allowing us to live forever is extremely old and not newsworthy.

I'm not really vibrant about the idea of living as a LITERAL FOREVER ALONE kissless hugless virgin.

>successfully reverses BIOLOGICAL aging
>wanting to look like a 2000 year old with the mind of a 40 year old

id honestly rather just die

Look at those handhold fag feeling superior.

did you want to reverse mental aging too and revert to your childhood state of mind?

this has to be clever bait, right?

That's not how capitalism works you idiot.

This is a perfect type of research to end up creating a weird zombie virus to end the dreadful existence of the human race on this planet.

can we have one fucking thread anywhere on Veeky Forums that isn't about blacks? We find something amazing and the first fucking thing anyone thinks is "OMG MUH MASTER RACE". I'm fucking sick of it.

>goes to a neonazi website
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I'm more interested in the comments section.

Matt Faraday is an hero

>>goes to a neonazi website

Make it against the law for people over, lets say, 70 years old to have children.

one can only hope.


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what about the people under 70?

We can already extend telomeres in mice, and have been able to for some time.

You'll note mice aren't immortal yet.

Just stay inside, close all blinds and eat your noodles for a week until most of em have starved to death and you'll be fine.

But the user you replied to never mentioned blacks.

Are you just baiting the thread to cause derailment?

What about artificial uterus? Would a person making a child from scratch be considered as "having a child" even when technically thanks to the dna, the child has no direct father or mother?

Have they even attempted to make mice immortal?

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Mice multiply so fucking fast mane don't want one of those immortal furry motherfuckers to escape.

no problem for you, your mind is already gone

>But the user you replied to never mentioned blacks.
>he talks about how we need to get rid of the dindus and gimmedats
It was clearly about niggers. Veeky Forums is literally just /pol/ with a calculator

Good technology eventually spreads.

Every board is just /pol/ with a different quirk. Just the way it is.

Great, now the boomers will be around forever.

Galaxy colonization bro

look, just be a neil dgt or someone like that and you wont have to worry about getting your future visa approved.

or, be like the statistical average black american and be left behind in the dust of a dying world as your immortal cousins usher in a new era of interstellar transhumanism.
your choice

i know. just sucks a little tho. think of all the einsteins were gonna let die of old age because they couldn't afford a pill/injection/dose or whatever.

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>Veeky Forums is literally just /pol/ with a calculator
bait, right? or are you memeing?

>therapy is real but expensive
>rich live forever, poor are normal
>rich turn into elf overlords who's mannerisms, habit, diet, etc barely resemble normal humans but because they are human, they're extremely arrogant about it as well as their inevitably myriad accomplishments
>rich mistreat those not like themselves
>poor kill the rich
>technology destroyed forever, anyone researching it would receive jihad-like response

>he talks about how we need to get rid of the dindus and gimmedats

Except he didn't and you were the main one who projected blacks as the ones being implied here.

Seriously stop with the bait bullshit, what user was saying wasn't some coded racist talk bullshit. Do you believe whites and asians don't have their own "undesirables" that would be phased out from user's proposition too?

Neither; it's a fairly accurate first-order approximation.

To second and third orders you have to include contributions from /r/science and /r9k/.

Veeky Forums is one of the most left-leaning boards dude, one of the few boards that hasn't been overrun with /pol/acks. Spamming racebait (and genderbait to a lesser extent) does not make the people on this board /pol/.

Last I checked it would require continuous supply of whatever drug they concoct to make people immortal, surely you wouldn't need to take that shit every week or year but you would still need to regrow your telomeres once in a while.

People will have decades to get money to buy the drug, one application and that whore's cells got 20 more years and we are still giving only the first steps on this field. Besides I'm sure that countries like china, japan, brazil and iran will give a big middle finger to those power drunk patent driven drug companies if they ever attempt to enslave the whole human race.

We do have to worry about other things however, we need to find a new way to produce energy and find a way to bypass the physical space for ftl communication and travel BEFORE we get to the point where physical space becomes an actual scarcity and we start to live in a real world coruscant.

I have never understood the "only the rich" argument.

Taking apart all the economics counter-arguments, just suppose that something like this already existed. Wouldn't you fight with everything you have to get access to it? People are braindead, I get it, but there's no way the rich can keep it for themselves without massive riots and civil wars happening.

Muslims and Christians reject treatment because, obviously, death is the only salvation.

>buy a gorillian years supply
>bury on north or south pole, frozen
>use all that time to master reproducing the stuff

Also, the rich wouldn't keep it to themselves for a much simpler reason:

There are more than a hundred times as many people willing and able to pay $10K to live longer than people willing and able to pay $1M to live longer.

The rich like making money. That's why they're rich.

>We do have to worry about other things however, we need to find a new way to produce energy

Fusion is currently a meme but even the most pessimistic people in the field believe that we'll get practical reactors not further than 2050-2060

>and find a way to bypass the physical space for ftl communication and travel

it will likely never be possible. But Earth carrying capacity can increase by many orders of magnitude, once we have the right technologies to sustainably support the growth (like asteroid mining)

>Wouldn't you fight with everything you have to get access to it?
Evil companies actually exist and they put the equivalent of a year dose needed by people in the house of millions of dollars, they only manage to get away with it because patent laws that the government created to protect them.

The actual limitation is given by those companies, not by the resources needed to produce the drugs or the time it takes.

Nothing is stopping them from doing the same thing with this treatment.

Is biotechnology a shit major? Is medical school the only way to go if you want to research life extension?

>it will likely never be possible.
I personally don't believe that, ftl while trying to use the laws of the macro universe is impossible, but perhaps in the quantic universe we'll find a better answer since it doesn't follow the same rules.

So far all I said is on an area that's more akin to fiction than theories, but a person's telomeres being actually increased seems to be just as impossible.

Genetics and epigenetics are the fields of the future, once we get to actually be able to indefinitely expand life, we'll look into bettering our bodies whether by robotics or genetic manipulation is the real question. Probably a fusion of both.

Those things aren't similar. These diseases only affect very few people. What they want doesn't matter. An immortality drug affects everyone. If everyone wants the drug for free, they'll get it for free.

>Nothing is stopping them from doing the same thing with this treatment.

The most ancient, burning desire that lied at the bottom of the heart of every human that has ever existed. That's what will stop them.

Have you seen how many billions of dollars are spent yearly on "anti-aging" products, which are currently pure snake oil?

The laws of physics prevent ftl travel from happening. You can invest $ 2000000000000000 on trying to build an ftl spaceship and you won't succeed. Nothing prevents immortality from happening.

Have to admit this would be cool but you know they'd just ammend their 'documents' to support whatever they want to do. The old ways work for them because they're inherently conservative and what the conservative wants to conserve above all else is himself. They only focus on preserving their way of life and laws now because they cannot preserve their own, actual life. Once they can that's all they'll actually want to do, if they can have their religions primary promise in the here and now they will take it. In fact I would say this development is what will finally kill off religion.

Meaning the proletariat jihad to destroy this technology and the people who use it will likely primarily be a religious venture, this new religion will teach precisely what you imply: that not returning to one's creator is the ultimate sin.

Considering FTL is impossible and this is why there are no aliens even though there's almost certainly aliens. Nobody ever leaves their home system because by the time they had the technology they'd realize the economics and ecology work out such that one planet is as good as anothing. Mining the asteroid belt or maybe TNOs for platinum group metals is probably as far as we'll ever bother with or any species in the entire universe has bothered with.

I hope you're ready for thousands of years more of struggling with religion, for aliens to never happen, for immortality to be illegal and focus on the fact that fighting off new-age luddism is probably our most important task before whatever new religion pops up decides the only way for humans to live in peace is for there to be 99.9% less of them. Before the new order puts us into Dunbar's number-sized tribes that never accomplish anything but fucking and infighting that distracts them from the few elf overlords secretly breaking the law and running everything from some ivory tower.


It's really happening, isn't it?

1. AI more powerful than ever, progress happening literally in front of our eyes.
2. One step away from immortality.

This is what Eliezer Yudkowsky has prepared us for.

Everyone in this thread needs a reality check.

You mean like HIV? Haven't you heard of that time a while back when a retarded CEO increased the price of the most used antiretroviral to the point where people where actually worried about dying?

>The laws of physics prevent ftl travel from happening.
You mean the CLASSICAL laws of physics, last time I checked those rely on the workings of the quantum field which are wildly different.

If you had actually informed yourself you'd have realized that there was a lot of misinformation going on in that case.

In any case, not at all like HIV. Who even has HIV? I've never met someone with HIV. But I have met a lot of people who would vote for the guy that promises to give everyone free immortality.

>In fact I would say this development is what will finally kill off religion.

Please do explain what's physically impossible, then. I mean, I'm sure you have something in mind and aren't just being a contrarian faggot, right?

Wow a MS paint graph, you sure showed us.

>regrow your telomeres once in a while
first its an experimental drug, then its an experimental treatment. i doubt people would have to keep taking pills for too long, it would turn into some kind of synthetic organ implant or other before too many centuries.

jesus christ everything about this post gave me cancer

>its impossible to sail around the world
>its impossible to make a heavier-than-air vehicle fly
>its impossible for a human to break the sound barrier
>its impossible to get a man into space
>its impossible to split an atom
>its impossible to stop human telomere breakdown
>its impossible to achieve friendly artificial intelligence
yup, weve finally found it. the first true impossibility. this ones different from all the others because user's graph says so, silly head.

You're preachy but retarded and detached from reality.

he posted it AGAIN!

then you checked some sci-fi blog.

also stop using the word quantum.

you're a retarded faggot.

now we're 1:1 ad hominem

so guys, does this mean that shes going to live 20ish years longer than previously expected, that shes essentially 25 again, or neither?

will we have to wait until shes over 120 to know if this was all just some bullshit or not?

My insult wasn't an ad hominem, you penis craving cocklord.

>Reversing aging is impossible because I say so

Wew lad

Biotechnology is really the practical application and implementation of various fields of life sciences, which is what her company does.

It's not a bad major if you're interested in stuff like the OP.

She has the telomeres of a 24 year old.

Can you explain to a retard what that means?

She got new shock absorbers for her car.

The telomeres are like caps at the end of each chromosome that protect them from deterioration.

Aging-related diseases are caused by telomere shortening. Telomere shortening is one way by which cellular aging happens aswell.


No user, I'm not ready, I taking the next bus to mars. Let the fools have their earth.

>by the time you save up 100k they go bankrupt



>stop saying quantum
It's a relatively new area of science that uses different laws, what you are asking me is to talk about medicine without saying genetics.

>tfw anti aging technology will be widely and easily available by the time we've already died

Is this the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind?