Why does it seem like a lot of people hate EE? I'm about to start uni and I want to major in it...

Why does it seem like a lot of people hate EE? I'm about to start uni and I want to major in it. Has anyone here done it? What is it like? If it's bad, what should I do instead?

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Stop browsing /r9k/

Who cares what some meme on Veeky Forums says user?

basically, pure math and physics are the only two majors deemed worthy of respect on this board

EE is future
fuck Veeky Forums, bunch of unemployed math/physics graduates whining because EEs get all the good jobs & fresh pussy while they get to masturbate all day then surf Veeky Forums hurr durr we do real science haha EE is the fucking future take a hike down sillicon valley nigga

>If it's bad, what should I do instead?

Nice contribution to the thread, dumb faggot.

Because it's full of meme tier people who think they're smart despite only being good at regurgitating ideas and only caring enough about understanding things for their 350k starting. That said do what you want. There's nothing inherently retarded about engineering, it just attracts retards.

You're asking Veeky Forums to pick your major for you you fucking mongoloid.

I'd say in terms of jobs (at least in yurop) and knowledge gained, EE reigns as the king of degrees. EEs can go on to do master's degrees in physics in relevant fields thanks to the math-heavy curriculum, and they can go into nearly any computer-electricity related field to find jobs. Extremely versatile. I'm not even EE but from what I have seen, you can't go wrong with that degree. A lot of people here hate engineers, so don't take their "advice" at face value.

Almost every version of that meme which I've seen has EE at either God tier or Great tier

>knowledge gained
Not really.
Rest is mostly true though

>EEs can go on to do master's degrees in physics i

not in condensed matter physics though, and that's the most significant field right now.

>improving batteries
>improving superconductors

you can't do that with just EE knowledge. you need to understand gain boundaries of different materials, and a ton of theoretical physics and spectral theorems. to me, EE is good for job prospects, but a physics honors program covers way more material that would be used to advance stuff that isn't available to an EE. you might get the masters but it's going to pertain to experimental areas of EE like circuit designs due to your courseload and knowledgebase. it's good but i wouldn't want to do that. it's too specialized. i would wanna take circuit theory on my own terms then try to get the hang of CPU architectures like RISC V and then implement superconductors to it.

Only rich kids can afford to get a degree in a non-engineering field. For us lower to middle class people it's all about getting the well paid job. Don't let a meme chart distract you, OP.

How is medicine god tier. It's shit with long hours and a massive amount of dedication needed it's only god tier if you really like it. You'll be well off but never mega rich.

This. Engineering was always for people wanting to advance to the middle class (or to keep their feeble middle class status). They are the workhorse of society.

but actuaries and accountants make more money than most engineers will ever see, and they're mostly mathfags.

Why is biology worse than chemistry?

Where did I say engineering is the only way? Many people study engineering because they had to start working early in something related to what they study.

Where's Geology?

Where does Mech. Engineering fall in there?

They didn't make it.



Every time someone says that I remember my first year in EE, we had a class named mathematical methods for engineering and physics students, it basically gave intuition and physical explanations, the main focus was about solving complex problems in a short time using all sort of methods, that year third year math majors were allowed to take this course as an extra, most of them of course thought "Gotta be shit tier, easy grade boost", the third year math majors ended up getting ~10 lower average than the the first year EE's.

When it comes to it, 99% of the math majors are just wankers while the other 1% goes on to do some real shit.

As much as Veeky Forums likes to push it, I really don't think intelligence is inherent to whatever major you're in. There are losers everywhere, at all levels.

Exactly. If a fucking math major ended up going to a 'for engineering' class you already know they are barely passing with low Cs and are really desperate low IQ faggots.

Except it's hard to be stupid to graduate with a physics degree.

Unless you buy it.

No it's not, I had a teacher in highschool, double majored in physics and math, she wasn't dumb but she wasn't smart either, which I guess is why she couldn't get a better job because it was obvious that she hated us and teaching altogether. What degrees you hoard doesn't matter, it's what you end up doing.

>any kind of engineering below ok
shit chart senpai

So, for the sake of not being a "workhorse" you'll risk getting a degree you may not be able to get a good salary in? I was born upper middle class, but I don't see how doing engineering makes someone a workhorse.

>you'll risk getting a degree you may not be able to get a good salary in?

protip: if you don't have talent, you aren't going to get a good salary.

nobody tells these freshman engineering majors how competitive it is and how most end up doing mindless cubicle grinding that you could have done with a tech degree from a community college.

Why the fuck is medicine at the top? - What kind of retarded chart is this?

Literally the same with every major.

true, but for some reason engineering degrees are treated like job coupons.

>you'll risk getting a degree you may not be able to get a good salary in
Engineering: $600k starting guaranteed

Every other major: working at Starbucks

>math-heavy curriculum
they literally use lookup tables to do optimization problems without calculus.

Glorified tradesmen above actual scientists kek

>mfw people reply to this bait

Wtf are talking about

You're aware semiconductor physics is considered an EE discipline, right?

ladies and gentlemen, we have an EE over here.

physics asshole talking out of his ass, confirmed. lol at you taking "circuits class" and learning how to do anything worth 1 shit in the very mature field of CPU design let alone "implement semiconductors to it"

physics honors program lol faggot

It probably depends on weather their used to teaching themselves things or not. If they've gotten used to teaching themselves math then any engineering course will be a breeze as engineering books are trivially easy to read compared to math books. I know this both from personal experience teaching myself both (I'm an engineering major) and from watching math majors who elect to take engineering courses.

Lol medicine at god tier... please. My ex-gf was in med school and it was shit tier along with her colleagues. The debt racked up was incredible and she showed me some article that said a public school teacher would make more money than the average doctor by retirement age. But really, most doctors are autistic shits.

>actuaries and accountants make more money than most engineers will ever see
do you unironically believe this

accountants make like 60k average

do you think there will ever be an accounting major at any top school? accounting or actuarial "science" cant even qualify to be a meme major, because they dont exist in actual institutions

There are literally books of that shit:

Chemistry is more fun desu.

and how is this somehow bad? is it bad because you're some math major and don't realize that engineers have to not fuck up because they're actually a professional degree that can possibly get people killed if they do fuck up? no shit they use lookup tables. having some dick measuring contest about using vs. not using lookup tables is the least of their worries.

What do you guys think about biophysics?

What do you think about stem studies? I study the sexism and how it's developing within STEM.

I had to do it for first semester of med school. It was the most bullshit subject I have ever encountered. Hardly much relevance to the actual medicine but some topics are fairly interesting. It does have good potential in the research field, combining physics and biology and is like a bridge for those two subjects.

Medicine isn't a major, lol. Medicine in undergrad is generally either biology, biochemistry, or chemistry.

If you notice, almost nobody is agreeing with this iteration of the meme. Chem E, EE, CPE, Mech E, etc. are almost always god tier or great tier.

> unemployed math/physics graduates
U wot? That's not really a thing.


I miss the old Veeky Forums. now it's just a bunch of people circle jerking at the thought of their stem degrees

>not majoring in finance
>not fucking over the unwashed masses economically


The world is literally ran by these people, why not join em? Suck you have to convert though.

Finance is a joke of a major, lol. I actually wish I majored in it (my gpa would have been a lot higher), but I can do all the same stuff with mathematics that I could with finance.

c-convert to what user?

Not him.

Actuaries are the best paying job in my country, they earn at average 110-150$ k

Ironically more EEs in my school end up in finance than actual finance majors.

Why would I convert , im already jewish

My accounting teacher would always tell us actuaries make bank, easy money degree. Idk what the hell they do though, never bothered looking it up. Something to do with age?

I hear Brendan Fraser recommends it if you want to become JUST.

If you need money go for CS you dumb fuck.
You can get 100k a year while hating every aspect of your life.

If you need a lookup table, either you do not understand the math (and thus have not engaged in a "math-heavy curriculum) or you don't trust your ability to do the math (and thus do not understand the math), or you don't want to take the time to do the math (and will thus lose your grasp on the understanding from lack of practice).

Of course, we wouldn't want to get into a dick measuring contest about which is the "king of degrees," would we?

No joke, if you browse there stop and watch your mental health regenerate significantly.


in the kek-tier

So I guess computer engineering is just too high up to fit on the chart?



pic reminds me of the russel my jimmies meme
what happened?

It's for the kids who are too dumb to study biotech because the chemistry is hard.

It's risk management, completely unrelated to accounting. They have to have a pure math or stat degree

>if you're not interested in what i am interested you are basically retarded
1/10 bait, made me reply

Everytime I see a new one of these (one I haven't seen before, atleast) the first thing I do.

>If pure math is god tier then
My nigga

>If pure math is not god tier then

Good on you, my nigga.

You messed something up there. Engineers/medfags should be on the right.

>separate from biology
you can really tell this chart was made by an inbred medfag

Is pure math such a great degree though? I'm headed toward that path and considering switching to CS because there will always be a market for them.

when you take the genetics out of biology what are you left with? literally useless lets identify some plants and memorize their anatomy bullshit.

It is the greatest the degree for someone like me.

No labor work, no homework, all comfy hard thinking with a pen in your hand. I was already promised by the faculty a scholarship to get a masters degree so the path is already laid out for me, all I have to do is keep going.

Because of the low amount of people here, it really rewards talent, there is no way I could get such a scholarship in a degree like business where there are like 500 people in a classroom. My Set Theory class has literally 10 people in it.

If you are smart, even if just above average, pure mathematics is the best degree for you.

But what can I do with it?

>says medicine is god-tier
>puts dietetics, biology, biomed, and nutrion in okay-tier

what kind of autist made this

Research? Computational Science? Statistics? Finance? Quantitative analysis? Teaching?

this desu

Comp. Sci majors are one of the most intelligent type of people I met.

Who would know better?

Don't tell me this is just something you can google.

For me it's medecine students

Your mom


>My mother

Why not, user?

She knows you better than us. Also, do not pick a major that will make you look like you have a big dick, pick one that you love.

I'm pursuing aerospace right now but it could be that I am not near the competence. It's just for how I like aircraft and all that shit.

Maybe I should look into one of those engineering technology.

And how the fuck would I know what I love? I may know when they have me in the major but that is far gone and transferring could be a huge pain in the ass.

>And how the fuck would I know what I love?

By not being an autist and trying things in life. Science isn't the only option.

This post makes no sense.

Fuck, Veeky Forums should be nuked.

>Fuck, Veeky Forums should be nuked.

You must be new


nice comeback XD

go back to freshman calc 2

I do not see what problem be? Electrical is good engineer disciple

- Guptaplesh Mahadaradadi

It's not bad for an academic standpoint, but good god does it have some of the snobbiest students I've ever seen
Not a knock on you OP, if the material interests you go for it. Just be a nice guy and it's all good

Literally anything. You just stress transferable skills (problem solving, quantitative skills, etc.).