He ACTUALLY thinks a Ph.D. is more valuable than a M.Sc. degree for a career in industry!

>He ACTUALLY thinks a Ph.D. is more valuable than a M.Sc. degree for a career in industry!

fucking L-O-L

>he's an industry wagecuck

I'm not seeing any science in your post.

Of course it is more valuable: A PhD is a higher level than a MSc

If a company interview's two candidates they will pick the one with the higher qualification dingus

Check the lineup for Facebook AI research, Google DeepMind, Google Brain, etc. They're all very well paid jobs in industry FULL of PhD.


You're going to reach a promotion cap if you don't get a Ph.D

There's no difference between a BSc and an MSc.

>believing this ever
No company would hire a PhD over an MS. They see them as too expensive and untrainable

Nah ops right actually. Ph.D. Is for research. Outside of research jobs, masters, and sometimes even bachelors is better for typical industry jobs.

Well yeah if your life goal is to become senior code monkey, you obviously have no place in academia

PhDs are generally best for research, health, teaching and specialized history careers.

Outside that MSc + certifications/experience is usually preferred over PhD.

>he thinks managers are PhDs and not MScs
I can feel your jimmies are rustled. No need to show your insecurity about your choices, we got that already.

>let the guy who knows hands on how to carry out superior research projects, apply his knowledge to practical applications, and publish his results stay in a teaching position. We want the guy with advanced theoretical knowledge only. surely this will bring our company to the top!

experience trumps all, but you're fucking kidding me if you think a PhD < Msc. MSc is a glorified bachelors.

Well it depends on what you're doing. If you want to do research you should probably get a Ph.D. If you want a career you can probably move right along with an MS or a BS.

Maybe if you fags had an experience in the industry you'd know that.

Depends on the industry. Most financial services industries won't accept you with anything less than a PhD. Not that it matters this is just a shitpost.

>Don't reply to this post
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>Sage, hide, report.

>any better than code monkeys
i'm talking to people who are interested in intellectually gratifying lives

That's just because of title inflation and devaluation of education level. Today's bachelor is like a highschool diploma from two decades ago. Similarly, MS is like old BS and PhD is like old MS.

>MSc is a glorified bachelors

its also the best ROI you can get in terms of pay and promotion opportunities.

i'm not arguing that a PhD is going to be more knowledgable in his field, but the problem is that the only room for them is in big ass companies at the very top of the research pile.

PhD programs are often also very specialized, meaning if you don't apply for jobs directly related to your specialty, the guy with the masters probably knows just as much, and nobody is going to under employ a PhD like that because of the cost. you can flex with a masters, PhD locks you up, and with the current career precedent of working 3-5 years and moving companies, thats not a good thing.

A PhD is basically saying "my mom didn't want me back home, I didn't know what to do so I tried to do things but not too hard"

what's harder than a PhD, pray tell?

being successfully self employed.

Except that's wrong you retard. You can go back 40 years and they were still wanting PhDs.

>source: my mentor has been in the industry for 40 years or so and says the only thing that's changed is them wanting applicants to be able to do more.

>everyone wants to be self-employed

no. especially not in chemistry

you asked what was harder m8. i told you.

bro you can do web design or software consultancy or something while being self employed and making a decent wage. that's not hard

mind you, i don't think doing a PhD is the hardest thing ever. i think it's harder to be a successful researcher with worthwhile contributions in a worthwhile field

This is my reality. I'm sure its similar for a lot of other people but I cant say for certain. This is a very common online job application for a chemist.

>getting on scientific fields to make money
You're dumb as fuck m8

>Salary:25-30k per annum.

Makes you want to hurt people doesn't it.

maybe in europe. in the usa senior scientists usually start around $75k - $85k, I've heard higher.