Hello students or graduates

Hello students or graduates

What have you sacrificed in order to continue your education, and was it worth it?

The reason I ask is because I am in a dilemma and I need some advice and hopefully someone here could relate.

I turn 25 in May and I work at a call center making $16.00/hr. Pay is decent but I can't stand the work. I really want to go to a local University for Applied Math. In the meantime I've been attending CC for my generals so I can transfer to a University. Now that I have enough credits I can transfer, my courses in math at the CC have fueled my motivation to continue my interest in maths.

Now my job won't let me work part time and keep my current pay. I'd have to get demoted and make $12.00/hr. I had to live in a studio and stretch my money.

Or I can move with my uncle who has no kids and 40 acres of land. He would let me live rent free just help around the farm. I can get this part time job making $12.00 and would work with my classes. That would allow me to make some money to save it and apply it towards school.

At this point at 25 is it worth it? Or am i too old and just become a low level wage cuck and pray for a miracle?


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its never too late id say,also the farmlife doesn't sound so bad.

>At this point at 25 is it worth it?
Worth what? Learning math is a great experience in itself and you can always learn programming and find such kind of job (I mean it's more interesting than call center).
I'd, in any case, go do some learning in your live, even if it's unrelated to a job - that's my perspective.
PS: Don't move in with someone else, it's a step back, I'd say. It's also not cool to bring chicks over, I suppose.

yeah i know i been living alone since 20 it sucks ass. My girlfriend is cool with me moving with my uncle she loves the farm and the animals anyway. I can probably buy a camper and put it on his land

Interesting question. I wouldn't say sacrifice but there are certainly things that I don't have that I could be having. I'm a freshman in pure maths.

First, one of the reasons I dumped my past girlfriend was because I wanted to have more time for pure mathematics. She would come every weekend and I knew I was not going to be supporting that anymore, and she would also expect me to text with her a lot and I just considered a waste of time.

Second, I am also working part time for a company that I assume could afford me and would prefer to have me full time. If my assumption is correct then I'm literally earning half of what I could be earning so to be a future mathematician I am technically giving up thousands of dollars.

I've actually thought about this. That now that I am inside the industry I could just keep going and forget the degree, rising only with experience, but then I remember than doing mathematics feels better than earning money.

>What have you sacrificed in order to continue your education

i went from making 180k$ a year to 70k$ a year.

> and was it worth it?

fuck yeah. i get a comfy desk and get to poop in a real toilet.

I've got a friend who works on his parents' farm while they pay for his tuition and all that, along with another job he has. He has said he enjoys working on the farm.

My opinion would be that if you think you can manage a course load that won't take forever while working the part time job and the farm then why not. I think it really depends how much you're expected to do on the farm

Dude. 25 is literally nothing.

>What have you sacrificed in order to continue your education,

Very little desu, I took out the standard loan for my undergrad (and the reasonable repayment rates), got a scholarship my masters and then got a nice 18K stipend for my PhD. So yeah it's been worth it, I got to learn under some of the leading minds in my chosen field, fuck a load of undergrads and now I've got an incredibly good city job lined up for when I've finished my PhD. Life is good right now.

I haven't really sacrificed anything.

I never had lots of friends or was massively social so studying and academia hasn't been a great shock in that respect.

I make friends in the office and like to drink but apart from that I spend most of my freetime thinking about science and working.

I was lucky to get my PhD but it wasn't a financial issue because they pay quite well in the UK. Now I am qualified and have some money in the bank.

Only regrets are the ladies - very few girls in STEM and I can't approach girls unless I see them daya to day at work etc. (All my previous gfs have been from the same department as me)

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Sounds based. Where do you live and what do you study.
And most importantly to me: What's you life philosophy?
(I'm )

I moved back home to go to college at 24. I'll finish my degree in two more years. I don't get free rent, but it's cheaper than an apartment anywhere within about 30 miles.


Union mechanic. Nights and sundays were double time. That shit is a young man's game though. Things were starting to ache a bit more and it got intellectually stale.

lol, now i'm a comfy 9-5 CAD monkey engineer.


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