Where does the past go?

Where does the past go?

It stands still, we age forward.

It continues into another dimension only accessible by warping spacetime via the reversal of earth's spin.

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You don't need the earth's spin to time travel. Time space and gravity are all you need.

Where does the future come from?

Who can say where the day goes

Thats like asking where the first 3cm of an objects 8cm of width went

>humans achieved rudimentary time travel through writing, art, photography and video

We obviously capture the past op.

Eventually it goes into a black hole and becomes spaghettified. Hence the term pasta.

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you need to capture deez nuts in ya mouf boi

time keeps on slipping slipping slipping

into the future

The past is both anecdotal and subjective.

Any records are subjective as well.

people who love to think in time have not been able to answer this simple question.

time people bfto!!!

The past goes away.

Is that really all there is to it though ?
What is time even in the first place.

Away, in another dimension

Philosophy: Stupid questions that are surprisingly difficult.

Past and future don't exist. All we see are changes to present moment

1. The time (past or present) doesn't go, but happens. The future will happen.
2. The time (past, present or future) doesn't occupy a physic place into the universe, (therefore, it is a nonsense to ask where it "goes"), but, rather, is a variable used to define the characteristics of a certain space itself.

You are wrong.

Please elaborate.

To the future. That's why we get deja vu.

He's talking about quantum spin

Time is a human construct and technically does not exist.

We observe entropy.
Entropy is a rate of change.
Change only happens over time. It cannot be instantaneous, because Calculus.
Time is most def not a construct, we observe it constantly in the form of change.

>entropy is a rate of change
you mean entropy can be described according to equations that can be used to describe a rate of change over time
you have to assume time exists before you can prove it exists
ergo it is an axiomatic construct

>we observe
>all functions are continuous because calculus
>time is not a construct because we construct concepts related to it