Sentinel 1B launch from Kourou Spaceport in French Guiana:


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Event starts Fri, Apr 29 2016 4:40 PM EST


>Delayed for the 3rd time

Fucking yuros man

streaming starts in 7 hours and a half

streaming starts in 3 hours
why Veeky Forums doesn't care?

Because they have been delaying this shit since day 1.

Will keep the thread up for now if it's actually launching in 3 hours.

> why Veeky Forums doesn't care?

dota 2 update

Arianes don't explode.

it's a Soyuz

Is it actually happening this time?

it's just an ordinary satellite launch, doesn't seem very exciting

They are rivalling SpaceX with their cockteasery:

Yesterday the stream countdown reached zero and then kept running for about 10 minutes before they actually revealed the launch delay

>My blue balls when

plz based god make it happen tonight

why do they need 2 of these satellites ?

big dick contest

>A piece of machinery which is filled with chemicals that go boom and vrooom when ignited.
>A piece of machinery that uses that boooom and vrooooom to launch even more complex piece of machinery in stable orbit around Earth.
>not exciting


>inb4 delayed again

>jew ruler over the europoors

It's streaming live now:



14 minutes

it's because a part of the mission is to measure the "global warming" -__-



hee wee goooo

>These translators

can't watch, did it splode?

how much does this rocket cost

T minus 1:30

hasnt launched yet
catch it quick

1 min left till launch

about 5 euros


>that sonic boom

>this french fuck talking about the short life of the boosters

at least ESA used a soyuz instead of some garbo rocket

>Dat synchronized quad booster shedding

I am rock hard

that was nice

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lol euros

is stream dead?

its over

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flight video: