Ok, so I started to watch those nicola tesla BS magic videos from those new age youtube retards

ok, so I started to watch those nicola tesla BS magic videos from those new age youtube retards.

But then I got an idea, what if someone made a sort of modem but for energy it receives from traditional energy sources and transmit it to other devices like wi fi internet.

what if this modem sent energy wireless to some small receptor that power your normal electronics?

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>transmit it to other devices like wi fi internet
>some small receptor

the only retard here, is you

I'm basically talking about making a wifi device that transmit energy wireless.

I know exactly what you are talking about, but do you?

care to explain why I'm a retard?

I'm not a science guy.

Do you even speak english?

You can transmit power via 'wifi' if you have a strong enough transmitter. Unfortunately, you need so much power that you'd cook people. And I mean literally cook. Wifi operates at the some of same frequencies as a microwave oven.

At the power density you'd need to power shit like fridges and TVs, you will cook stuff. Second, you can't just do what wifi does and beam wifi every which way, because that'd waste a lot of power. You'd have to steer an antenna and shit.

answered your own question chump

oh wow.
thanks m8.

what happened then in those tesla photos of wireless bulbs being on?

because you are using and making up terms you have obviously not fully understood.

define sort of modem
define transmit
define it
define other devices
define small receptors

A wifi like device would lose power with the 6-cube of distance. So for example if you double the distance between the receiver and the power source you get 1/64 of the amount of power you were getting. That's incredibly wasteful.

I'm talking about those tesla photos of the guy holding bulbs that are on without any cable connected.


what happens then with wifi?

Tesla used capacitive inductive coupling. This is only efficient at very small distance relative to the size of the coil transmitting power. So this either means you need to waste massive amounts of power to do it over even a small distance or you need the coil to be gigantic.

No one cares if you waste radio waves.

Wifi transmits information not power. With a decent antenna and modern electronics we can sense the minute amount of power we get at the receiver.

oh, that's cool then.

I had another idea after watching those dumb free energy.

what happens if one of such devices is powered by human energy, similar to those bikes that have a dynamo to produce energy.

what happens if you build a magnetic motor that takes human energy/input.

would that provide energy output?

Yes of course. They are quite common. Ever seen a windup flashlight/radio?

they seem low energy and cheap to make.

wonder if you can make money making them as toys or cheap energy motors for people that goes to wild areas or in case of disasters.

Many companies already make them. Good luck competing with the Chinese on cheap electric doodads.

was planing more on making them as toys for little kids desu. sempai

They already do that. Go back to Veeky Forums.

They already do that. Go back to Veeky Forums.

come on sempai, don't be so harsh.

how bout a bike that has a dynamo and takes the energy generated to power a small rotor that help you be faster?

I know this is basically an electric bike, but wonder why I don't see them where I live.

if it's not doing regenerative braking it will only slow you down

you could still powered it by traditional means or have a phone battery or some solar cell of those that charges phones.

Then that's an electric bike. Those exist. Solar cells are not worth putting on electric bikes. You don't generate enough power to be worth it.

what if someone powers a magnetic motor with a solar cell?

how much energy will it produce?

why I don't see them being shilled on TV?

it will produce less mechanical POWER than the electrical power the solar cell provides.

Electric bikes are sort of a niche market

It's possible to build a non retarded magnetic motor?

I'm not talking about infinite free energy, just something comparable to traditional motors.

I was thinking on energy generators powered by human effort.

I was thinking they will be cool as some form of green energy for poor people in remote areas.

Humans can't output much power. A healthy well fed worker can sustain a maximum of 75 watts mechanical power out over a period of 8 hours. That's like fuck all.


It's there a way to mix such human output to sustain a generator that is aided with other energy sources like solar into something that isn't retarded?

Nope. Cause again, human power gets you shit all for a pretty high price.

In remote regions we typically use solar panels to power stuff

Please take a thermodynamics class.

thank bro.
can you tell me a book to read?

some intro to that shit for normal people?

So solar power is the best shit?

again, I ask again.
how much energy could a magnetic motor produce if they could work IRL.

Oh you mean a perpetual motion machine, those don't work.

I know they don't work.

I'm talking in theorical terms, how much energy could produce those dics that has magnets at their borders and twist around at fast speed.

how much energy could they produce in a magical universe?


I mean this.

how much energy could this in theory produce if it magically could work?

Any amount you want, it's magic.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if 1+1=3?

I'm sure you could tell some realistic number that makes sense.

there's youtube videos that analize magic using science and comes to interesting conclusion.

No, you don't understand how logic works. You can't just break reality and be realistic at the same time.

>you can't deconstruct magic and fantasy using science for fun

You are confusing something which does not exist for something which can't exist because it breaks the laws of physics. It is conceivable that a dragon-like creature could exist. It is not conceivable that magic free energy exists.

I'm not asking about free energy dumbass.

I'm asking how much energy can you harvest from a shitty wood dics that has some magnets and spin.

can't you even read?

None. Can't you read a physics textbook?

nigger, I'm talking about a stupid wood disc that contains some magnets and you hire some african nigger to keep it spining.

how much energy should it produce?

fucking niggers can't even read.

Retard, the video you posted doesn't show that, it shows another magnets are magic hoax for idiots.

yeah, I know.

I'm not asking about the video.

I'm asking how much energy should that device make if you hire some nigglet from an african village to keep it spining during one day.

how much energy should produce.

fucking STEM faggots, they think they're super smart and can't even comprehend a fucking question.

That's not what you asked, retardo:

>I mean this.
>how much energy could this in theory produce if it magically could work?

yeah, I asked how much energy could that shit produce if it could work.
now I gave you an example of what I meant.

can you answer the question?

No, because the question is stupid. Now answer my question about the woodchuck.

nigger, don't be a jerk.

I'm asking you a question.
how much energy can you get from a fucking wood disc with some magnets and some nigger spining it during a day.

that shit doesn't break physics.

None, unless someone who actually know what they're doing makes it. Now fuck off.

nigger, I know the laws of termodinamics.

how much energy can you harvest or get if you attach a dinamo to this and get a dumb nigger worker to spin it during a day.

fucking dumbass nigger can't even think for himself.

Even if you have someone turning it, it still wouldn't produce more energy than the energy expended by the person turning it. Magnet motors do not work.

Now if you are really asking how much energy can a human generate in a day:
As has been pointed out before, a human can at best provide 75 watts for 8 hours. 75 watts * 8 hours is 600 watt-hours. This is the max energy we can get out.This amount of energy cost like 5 cents in the US.

so a human turning it around for a day could get 75 watts per hour?


I still think those magnet motors could make great toys.

I was now thinking it of mixing a magnet motor with a praxinoscope.


I'm sure that could make a fucking popular toy today.

A human turning a perfect generator could generate 75 watts electrical power for 8 hours. The magnet motor would do nothing and would only serve as a source of friction which would reduce the amount of electrical power we could get out.

Magnet motors do not work. In fact it would be worse to use over just a really good bearing

Here is some stuff on why magnet motors do not work:

thanks bro.

I'm not some stupid new age believer or some low iq nigger, I just lack the proper education on physics and science.

When I see all that shit, I start to get random ideas, some of them seems great.

I'm glad you told me they we're stupid dumb shit and explained why they don't work.

I still think a magnet motor can be a fun device for kids.

I'm sure they could make millions as kid toys.