Does Veeky Forums see it?

Does Veeky Forums see it?

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Its saturn

I like to cross my eyes twice when looking at those

It looks like a small saturn in front of a fat one

crossing has strange results here.
it's made for parallel

If you focus right its a single saturn

Same thing :^)


It's a funny bird

This dinosaur

it's supposed to be some dinosaur


The face of an insect?

Three intersecting rings much like a celtic knot.

Celtic knot? Looks kinda like a bunch of rings.

Crosseye babby detected.


Spring spiral. Damn that was hard. My eyes did not like focusing on it.

A spiral or thick spring starting in the front left and circling clockwise to the right and back.


A shark facing left.

A 'lil harder now

Some sort of birds perched on a tree I believe. I'm having a bit of a hard time with this one. Am I wrong? I will keep trying though. I see the bottom half well but the top half gets difficult.

yeah, it's some vultures on a tree

Nifty. Perhaps my screen is too small I can only see it in two sections the top half and bottom half. I'm having trouble seeing the whole scene at once. I'll save it and look on a larger screen. Thanks.


Cute. An anatomically correct one would be funny with miniature cartoon hearts instead of roses.

yeah. I didn't make these, but I'm learning how to do them. Will look into your suggestion


.gif had me worried for a second, lol. Could you make these move or would that me too difficult for us to see them? Maybe the teapot could tip and pour tea into a cup on a saucer. I've always enjoyed these. Thanks for the ones I haven't seen.

After your eyes are fixed on it it's pretty to easy to follow, even if it moves.
So, I think it's possible.
Am not sure though

Last one for now, I need some sleep.

I see an old three mast sail boat. A schooner?
You'd have to animate the base picture which could cause a harder time seeing the "popout imagine" as your attention would be drawn back to the base.

That base imagine is nice. Good night, user. Thanks for the fun.

Don't know which exact kind of boat.

I'm gonna look into the animation thing, maybe there is some way to do it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, good night

It's like the non-illusion version of borromean rings.

They got googly eyes too.



Thanks, user. That is pretty cool especially the link with the standard braid.

Kek, I'll have to look again.

Lion Party confirmed.

Anyone else with glasses get a kind of 3D effect when seeing an image with blue and red? I was reading a page on I think IR astronomy, the red and orange blobs move across the blue background when I shift my field of view a little.

its clearly uranus

icant see shit, what am i doing wrong

from a stereoscopic 3D rip

am i the only one who never learnt how the fuck these worked?


hey beavis, you better watch out for the klingons near uranus

no, pirates can't either.

I see a ringed planet

How they work or how to see it?

I only see a big mess of colours, nothing more. Are you all high?

They are magic eye puzzles. You have to go sort of cross eyed to see the image

Google "parallel viewing"
If you do it right you'll see these objects "flying" over the ground, just like in a 3D cinema


Only righteous Christians will understand the true nature of this image.

This will trigger Veeky Forums

Actually you can watch every 3D movie on blu-ray like this.
Pretty awesome, full 3D experience without these stupid eye-cancer glasses.

I see a dead kike on a stick

I can't see anything, i am a fucking autist or im doing something wrong ?

Nevermind i figured it out

Go cross eyed and try to focus on the image

How do I go cross eyed

Hold up a finger about a foot in front of your face and focus on the tip. Then slowly move your finger until its touching the tip of your nose, focusing on it the whole way

But this is wrong here.
You'll see things that should go front in the back and vice versa
You have to put your eyes parallel. See

Yeah, and I find that the easiest way to do it is to go cross eyed then try to focus

Cross-eye is the exact opposite to parallel viewing.
These "magic" pics here are made for parallel viewing.
There are others made for crossing

Yes, and once again, I find that the easiest way to parallel view is to slightly cross eyed and then try to focus

My IPD is too damn small for some of these parallel-viewing ones. I can view them in negative with the crosseye-viewing technique just fine, though.

maybe this is a dumb idea, but what happens if you mirror it?
does it go positive when you cross?
i can't cross yet, so i can't try it

I see Saturn.


But then how do I change my focus to the screen again while remaining crosseyed

Why the fuck do they make these for parallel and not cross-eye?
Everybody can cross, while many (most?) people can't go parallel.
Elitist bullshit.

>what happens if you mirror it?
The result should be mirrored, but not positive when crossed.

I dunno how to explain it, just keep trying and it should eventually "click"

You sort of relax back to being not cross eyed while trying to stare THROUGH the image

You just made me realize that I can do that.
I took it one step further and saw 1 in front of 2 in front of 3.

>But then how do I change my focus to the screen again while remaining crosseyed
Personally, I focus on my finger, and catch the image in my peripheral sight.
Well, not really peripheral, since it's right in front of me, but the same kind of thing.
Keep focusing on your finger, but just kind of notice the image.

Ive been doing these since i was a kid. I can get the shapes to pop very quickly using the cross eye method but i generally dont see details like some other anons can.

Start slightly cross eyed with your phone very close to your face, slowly move away and closer until it focuses into shape

>tfw can't see shit

I'll help, which image are you trying to look at?

>Why the fuck do they make these for parallel and not cross-eye?
That's good question, I'm wondering too.

I can't cross, for some reason it hurts so fucking much that i have to stop immediately, but parallel is fine.

Your brain has a sort of autofocus when it detects what it thinks is a stereo image. Once your eyes are lined up right, your brain will take over, your brain will think you're looking at an actual 3D scene but with fucked up focus, and it'll just click into place.

Weird, this one was, actually the easiest for me. I think the way the lines actually outlined the objects in the final 3D view really made it more robust and easier for my brain to hold on to.



perv !

nice cat :3



Please do not abuse the power to make 3d images.

>can't cross eyes
Well fuck.. is there any other way to see these?

crossing is wrong anyway.
try parallel viewing

Are you capable of looking at your nose?
If yes then you're capable of crossing your eyes.

> parallel viewing
Google says this is "stereophotographs"

I can see one side of my nose at a time. I asked my partner if I'm going cross eyed when I tried it but they said no.

Can you figure this one out?

I had to make it a bit smaller to see it. That's meant to be watched parallel, but it was too big to align properly.

Another animated one:

If you cross your eyes rather than go parallel, it's really disorienting with this one.


This is not working at all.

what am i supposed to see here? i mean, other than a 3D view of the board

nice one! so it is indeed possible to animate them

it is. it's a shark making swimming movements

Parallel viewing is when you make your eyes look in the exact same direction, you can achieve this by defocusing your eyes until what you see splits, and it should all be a little blurry.
If you do this in front of a stereogram or stereographed image, then you'll get the proper effect.

it is for me. i see a shark swimming

This one is pretty sick.

Does anyone know of something that gives this effect but without crossing your eyes? I remember when I was a kid the optometrist had a small metallic plate with a noisy pattern on it and I'd see shapes jumping out of it just like in all these, but I don't recall having to do anything special to see them.

Parallel 3d a shit, crossview is where it's at