Why are molecule shiny?

Why are molecule shiny?

Because you use shitty rendering software.

Cause they look cooler when you render them that way.

This is just a visualisation. Speculiar highlighting helps reinforce depth perception, and as such improve the clarity of the model.

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I hate this cartoony fake look. Is there a software that shows molecules in realistic colors?

Someone plz answer him. I have no clue

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Is already is moron. Carbon is black. Hydrogen is colorless, so they did the best they could, otherwise they would be invisible. The red element must be bromine, which is red.

Try using your brain sometime.


Is it not?

>It is a dense, mobile, slightly transparent reddish-brown liquid

The red is oxygen tho

Impossible, because oxygen is colorless. It's either bromine or blood.

>element blood


If I had a big bowl of pure DNA in front of me, how would it taste

like a bunch of phosphorus, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen got mixed up in your mouth.

In all likelihood, maybe a bit sugary-sweet due to the ribose.

actually, wehenever you eat a plant or meat, you're technically eating a diluted bowl of DNA, so i guess DNA tastes like the organism it came from.

>reddish-brown is red
t. monochrome eyes

> i guess DNA tastes like the organism it came from.

This indeed triggers me. And I know shit about chemistry

Holy shit that picture.

> (OP)
>I hate this cartoony fake look. Is there a software that shows molecules in realistic colors?
> mol├ęcules in realistic color
> mol├ęcule color
What you are saying doesn't make sence there is a reason we can't use light to visualize small structure, they don't have color per se

There are NO "colors" at molecular level.

What we understand as "color" stops making sense once we "zoom in" down to the order of magnitude of visible light wavelengths. Our brains perceive different wavelengths of light as "colors" when things are spectated "zoomed way out".

In the end, there is no such thing as "color" as an intrinsic property of a material, it boils down to what wavelengths it absorbs or reflects, and that in turn boils down to other physical properties of its surface which become apparent at nanoscale and below. "Color" is just our subjective sensation and our brains' representation of that.

Satan has spoken. Don't forget bromine's abhorrid stench also.

You can't predict taste or smell like that. If you mix two things which on their own taste good, sometimes the result also tastes good, while it can also taste like shit. Same goes for smell. It's all subjective and empirical.

Nothing is small compared to photons, not even molecules.

Read again. "Colors" represent different wavelengths of a certain bandwidth of electromagnetic radiation, not photons per se (whatever you might want to mean by that). Thus, "color" necessarily stops making sense once you "zoom in" close enough, just as "pitch" of an aural sensation stops making sense once the oscillation is slow enough for you to start discerning individual peaks/troughs.

What if there was a molecule whose color was a wavelength shorter than an atom? It would always have color. All atoms might possess this, we just can't see it.

Oxygen is slightly blue actually. At least liquid oxygen is.

Sure, if you say that all electromagnetic frequencies are colors (and we can only see a limited amount of them), then every atom has a distinguishable color.
But that is not how colors are defined, so no, single atoms are colorless.

What group is blood in on the periodic table?

Is that fucking balloon dna

Since when are X-ray bands "colors"?

"Colors" represent wavelengths between about 350 to 700 nanometers, while atom radii are between 25 and 260 picometers (i.e. the average atom is a few thousand times smaller than the average visible light wavelength).

Indeed. How else would they live?

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Things are shiny if they are smooth, its not shiny when its bumpy

From what would you make the bumbs on a molecule? its already the smallest thing you get

Thus shiny.



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Yeah, cause really it works by magic color fairies, a not-so-distant relative of the taste fairies that work hard to give food flavor on your tongue.

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Are there any other qualia fairies?

You fucking retard, what are diamonds made of?

Diamonds are actually black structurally but the atomic arrangement is like a window screen to let light pass through and you can't see the black structure cuz it's microscopic.

Its so black its transparent.

There's the touch fairy and the smell fairy and the sound fairy
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