ITT: We write a script for a Vsauce episode sentence by sentence

ITT: We write a script for a Vsauce episode sentence by sentence.

Hey Vsauce, Michael here.

Today we're gonna derail this thread

, was getting caught part of your plan?

Speaking of plans, have you ever had plans... FALL THROUGH?

all accordingly to plans!

A big guy once said

Did you know that I love big black cock?

you see, when plans "fall through" they aren't actually "falling through" per se. plans technically arent objects and can't fall through anything.......right?

actually, plans can fall through things. plans can fall into the wrong hands or the right ones. For instance, if I write "plans cant fall through" on this sheet of paper and wait 100 years for my great great grandson to find it, my plan to have my note fall into my great great grandson's hands worked and thus fell into something while NOT falling through....but wait a second. what did I just say there? havent we just stumbled upon a paradox? Actually we havent, because if I planned for my plans to fall through the entire the entire time and i died of old age before I saw my plans NOT fall through, then from my perspective my plans may as well have fallen through the moment I deemed them to!

Op is a faggot

*awkward 9 second stare*
it's not
*6 second stare*

>jump cut to a picture of infinity

But did you know what happens if we add all the natural numbers: -1/12
Weed is also natural
So, 4/20 = -1/12

Buuuut.... where does this all fall into place?
The word "fall" comes from the norse word "fall," which roughly means "fall." But what if the leaves from a Norwegian oak.... never fell?

today we're gonna talk about nipples, specifically *points both fingers at camera* YOUR nipples

Hey guys vsause here. I would like to talk to you about black holes. You see black holes can actually be used as euphemisms for asshole. Take your mums asshole for instance. It's gape reaches across the galaxies. Galaxies are actually a collection of a bunch of stars. Collection coming from Latin word collectus meaning "to collect". You know what else is fun to collect? Stamps. Originated in England they actually were first used in France by Napoleon to order mail brides from Russia. In Russian empire there are these things called babushkas. They are dolls with many layers, each containing a smaller version of itself. According to a new study, the universe could also be made up of such layers. In one layer I could be cock juggling clown having a cock for a penis and you could be straight. But how do we define straight? What Is a line in mathematics? A line goes on forever. Forever is a wonderful concept which is difficult to graps with out tiny brains. According to new research from neuroscience your brain is actually finite. But accoriding to an ancient Greek philosopher. If you were to spank me, you could never actually do it, since your hadn has to travel hakf the way to my voluptuous bottom, and then a fourth and an eight, and so on. Speaking of Greece did you know that they had a steady decline in culture and economy for the past few thousands years, culminating in the poverty that they live in now. Did you know that povery actually originated in the ancient Mesopotamia? It was invented by the aristocracy to keep the man down and impose obedience. Aristocracy did a lot of weird shit. Such has proclaiming themselves to be gods in ancient Egypt and in doing some force themselves to mate with each other, since they couldn't mate with normies, in doing so inventing incest. Inventing was invented in England during the industrial age, and it gave birth to the computers which run on Quantum Mechanics. Quantum luctuations are what gave birth to black holes.

Nice pasta

I got that Fiji water and that OG

I'm smoking loud like "fuck the police"

What's with his whole 'going on a tangent' thing? Why can't he ever give a straight answer?

And as always, thanks for watching.

This is all nonsense. Right? RIGHT? I mean no one could ever think ANY of what I just said made sense.
Or is there?

So why exactly DO people shitpost?

I actually saw the vid play right before my eyes.
Now, come on, user. Admit it. You are Michael.
Don't be scared.

This was super

Thread winner right here boys and girls!

Fuck off Michael. I'm not doing your work for you.

Hey Vsauce, Michael here.

But, you? Who are you?

But, what is you?

Hey think about this:

What if you are not, you?

"Time - Hans Zimmer" starts playing.

the universe is about to end, it's about vacuum collapses

But before we get to our main point, here's an interesting fact. Did you know that niggers are genetically predetermined to be less intelligent and more violent than other races? Racist? Maybe. False? Unfortunately not. In an anonymous survey of the world's leading population geneticists and biological anthropologists, a whopping 68% agreed that intelligence is primarily hereditary, anywhere from 60 to 80% of intelligence being determined by lineage alone.

While this totally sounds shocking, it isn't all that bad... Right? Well maybe, unless you like the idea of war.. race war.. War. Did you know wars have always been a net positive.