Lets start a convo

Lets start a convo.

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Free will doesn't exist.
Enjoy your +300K starting replies in 20 minutes

Its as likely as any other kind of magic

How are you, OP?

this is the redditest image I've ever seen



It's why I posted it. I took an autistic picture posted on another autistic site and put it up here to laugh at their autism.


>>>/reddit/ is that way

What is cosmos though?

>watching Cosmos by Neil DeGrasse

shiggy diggy

I did actually :3
Episode 10 is dope!

Science dumbed down for highschoolers and pseudointellectual fedorafags

It's a science television show, on the same level as Through the Worm Hole With Morgan Freeman, that caters to normal people, making them think they're smart.

I had to google it. I think it's about torture.

The Carl Sagan version was good, the new one with Niel Degrass Tyson isn't.

Ah ok. Is it particularly bad or just simple?

They're both shitty pop-science for plebs.

It's just simple.

its not particularly bad but its used by redditards to claim they're scientst smart, when they don't have highschool level scientific knowledge

The Sagen one is still better. The environmentalist agenda is intolerably heavy-handed in the Tyson version.

Alrighty then thanks guys

The "environmentalist agenda" is "intolerably heavy-handed" in everything that deals with the future. It's 2016 and the environment has become a large part of the common narrative.

Either you're posting from a third world country or you're purposely trying to be an edgy fuck. Either way, get bent, dickhead.

But it pretty much called for us to stop using fossil fuels. That's just unreasonable and impossible.

>It's 2016
I forgot that today was the current year! Thanks for the reminder user-kun~!


>It's unreasonable so we shouldn't even hear about it. I don't even want to search for alternatives. This is just the way things have to be.
top kek